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mmmfoooodVancouverSince September 30, 20112 Reviews
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Steamworks Brewing Company375 Water Street, Vancouver
Thank you Steamworks
Submitted Friday, September 30, 2011 - 10:33am [Dine in]

We had made reservations here over a month in advance in preparation for surprising the bejeesus out of our friends with news that we had just eloped. I dealt with the same manager the entire time, and he was more than happy to accommodate us in any way that he could.

My main concern was being able to make reservations for a large group of 20, without having to deal with things like minimum spend, a set menu, or a deposit. The manager heard my concerns and made everything happen that was possible under the circumstances.

Because our dinner event was on a Sunday night, which is usually slow, he gave us our own private room (the wine room!) without issue. Considering the fact that our group is an unusual bunch with certain musical tastes, he suggested that we bring our Ipod and allow him to plug it in for our enjoyment.

As none of our guests had any idea why they were all called there, my husband and I showed up last and were introduced into the room. All of our guests had drinks in hand. As soon as I sat down, our server was there at my side asking me what I would like to drink: "I'll have a vodka paralyser... a double..." . It arrived swiftly and was the tastiest beverage I could have asked for.

Our server was PHENOMENAL. He carried himself with a sense oh humour, grace, and a professional demeanour. He made eye contact with each guest, gave each of us his undivided attention, seemed calm and cool, and served each meal and drink promptly. The dude got a serious tip. And he deserved every penny.

The food was out of this world. My husband and I shared the chicken tandoori salad and a Hawaiian pizza (nuttin but class for our celebratory wedding meal!). The chicken was tender and juicy, seasoned to perfection. The lettuce was crisp and cool. The pizza was elegant.

The management and staff at Steamworks are amazing, the food was impeccable, and I highly recommend this place. This was our first time there, and certainly not our last.

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Britannia Sushi1016 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Horrible and completely lacking in integrity.
Submitted Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 6:54pm [Delivery]

My husband were excited to find a sushi place that delivers. We were both feeling under the weather, not wanting to cook, not wanting to go out, and both of us having colds the idea of pizza didn't sound thrilling. Miso and sushi was what we wanted.

So we found this place and gave them a call.

First thing my husband experienced was the 15 minutes it took to explain our address to them. He spelled the name of our street to them 4 times before the girl on the other end of the phone handed our call to someone else... where my husband got to spell the name of the street to the next person another 3 times.

After placing our order, we were told it would take 30 minutes.

35 minutes later we get a phone call from the driver. My husband spelled the name of our street to him again, and attempted to get the driver to understand that our street was between 4th and 5th. The concept was not something the driver understood. "4th and 5th. between 4th and 5th. No, the streets. 4th and 5th. between them." and spelled the name of the street a final time.

The driver never showed up.

An hour had passed from the time we placed the call and my husband called to see what the hold up was. She did not ask who he was or our address to confirm which order he was speaking of, she just said "on it's way".

15 minutes pass and a girl arrives. I mention to her that we called over an hour ago. She said "yes, we are busy." She made zero apologies. I asked if the food was fresh, was it out of the restaurant for too long and she assured me it came straight here. In the next breath she said that the other driver went back because he couldn't find our address, and that she brought it over... thus: the food was far from fresh.

Tempura: soggy and slightly warmer than room temperature.
Gyoza: same as tempura.
Dynamite roll: really? you expect someone to eat that and *not* get food poisoning?
Beef teriyaki roll: *gag*
miso: slightly above room temperature.

All in all, not edible.

So I phoned Britannia Sushi back and told them that the food took too long to arrive here, and that it was awful. I politely let her know that most of the food was not edible. She spoke with her manager and told me that next time, they will give me 30% off of our order.

Really? Considering the fact that 100% of our food was garbage, I told her that we wanted a refund.

She said flat out "No. That is not our policy."

Just don't bother.

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