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misterchillWest EndSince November 11, 20059 Reviews
Average Rating
3 (3.2)
  • Food3.5 (3.6)
  • Service3 (2.9)
  • Value4 (4)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.7)


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Salsa & Agave Mexican Grill1223 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver
A pleasant surprise
Submitted Saturday, October 3, 2009 - 5:10pm [Dine in]

My wife, 2 year old daughter and I checked this place out for lunch on a Saturday. It looks like a typical take-out restaurant, and has a standard ambience to it too, but the quality of food and friendly service, as well as fair prices, makes this place a great value!

The three of us ordered a trio of fried Tacos, a Torta with carnitas (pork), and Carne Asada con Chilaquiles. We shared each dish with eachother and it was really hard to determine what was the most delicious.

The Torta was fantastic -- simple yet delicious. The pork was flavourful, cooked slowly and perfectly. The bun was crusty and soft, and the vegetables were fresh.

The three tacos were a decent value for $8.50 --- not very large, but again nice and fresh with good fillings. The potato taco was interesting. I'd compate this value to any other taco joint -- from the Taco Shack to la Taqueria.

The carne asada con chilaquiles was the nicest of the surprises. We liked how it sounded on the menu but didn't know exactly what we were getting, but what it was was a large platter of tenderized steak, smokey spanish rice, refried beans and the DELICIOUS chilaquiles -- slightly crisp tortillas with a wonderful green sauce, onions and cheese. My wife, kid and I all couldn't get enough.

All this plus some nice taco chips and salsa to start, with a warm salsa that had flavour different from anything I've had before. Everything tasted fresh and homemade, and with some spicy heat but nothing overpowering. We were full but not stuffed.

And to the reviewer with many opionions, who called the cheese "feta", perhaps you should try some more traditional restaurants and stores and learn about "queso fresco".

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Vera's Burger Shack1181 Denman Street, Vancouver
You can't eat Vera's raw meat
Submitted Friday, July 6, 2007 - 11:03pm [Dine in]

I've had good times at Vera's on Davie, but have never had a good experience in Denman. Today I ordered one burger and it took at least 20 minutes to arrive, and it had all the wrong toppings. They even omitted my fried onions that I paid extra for. I wouldn't have complained, but about 1/3rd way through my burger I discovered it was TOTALY raw in the middle. I mean chewy, stringy pink.

So I went back (I was at the beach with my family) and asked for a new burger. After waiting for four other orders to go through, I got my burger and again, it was with the wrong toppings. And raw.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
La Bodega Restaurant & Tapa Bar1277 Howe Street, Vancouver
Best Spanish in town (so far)
Submitted Friday, April 7, 2006 - 11:19am [Dine in]

What a nice place, why hadn't I gone here before! The service is friendly, the back room made me feel like I was in San Sebastian again, and the food was well done.

Gambas al ajillo is always a must, so my gal and I started off with that and a jug of Sangria. Great start! The potatoes were superb and had a great gravy-like sauce. The paella was actually the first I've ever had, and it was dee-lish! A nice smokey flavour. Finally, pimiento relleno, full of pork and veggies, was pretty tasty too.

The 4 tapas, a jug of sangria, and a cafe con leche came to about 60 bucks. And both of us were very full at the end. 3 tapas between the two of us would have sufficed. The sangria itself is almost 20 dollars but large, so this place is rather inexpensive.

I am definitely returning.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
New management
Mr Mikes Steakhouse & Bar2991 Lougheed Highway, #32, Coquitlam
Submitted Sunday, March 12, 2006 - 8:59pm [Dine in]

Mmmm mmm, was my chicken oscar ever tasty! They served us as a group of 12 in the lounge area, which was very nice of them. But you could tell the server was a little agitated.

The food quality is what you'd expect from a mid-range chain-style restaurant. But the selection is better. The Big Creek salad with chipotle-ranch dressing knocked the socks off my lady.

Decent franchise beers are served in novelty glasses, kind of like Fogg & Sudds. All in all, this is a decent place to hang with the friends for a burger and a pint.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
New York Grill Steak & Seafood948 Denman Street, Vancouver
Worth the money, which isn't much at all
Submitted Sunday, March 12, 2006 - 6:45pm [Dine in]

This place is one of our regular weekend breakfast spots. For 4 bucks you get lots of sausages/bacon/ham with eggs, toast, and really crispy fries. And quickly.

And hey, why not a $2 kamikaze shooter for hair-of-the-dog while you're at it. Drinks are very cheap here.

The service is always cheerful and speedy. It's a wonder how they can charge so little, like 10 bucks for a (decent) steak dinner, and stay open. Whenever I walk by it looks pretty empty, so why not try this spot and help support the little guy.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Vina Vietnamese Cuisine851 Denman Street, Vancouver
I want more, dagnabbit. MORE!
Submitted Friday, November 11, 2005 - 8:17pm [Dine in]

Low-level lighting and candles make this place just plain nicer than your standard Vietnamese Pho restaurant, although the cheesy muzak leaves the only fowl taste in any part of me.

The service is okay, but don't expect to receive anything promptly. I mean, your dinner will come quickly enough, but if you ask for tea or something, they'll come to you when THEY are good and ready.

It's the FABULOUS food that you come here for though. The "Touch Of Everything" combinations at the back of the menu are flavourful, fresh, filling, and fairly reasonably priced. Included in those combinations are their most delicious items: different type of meat brochettes, pork papillon, and there tastiest treat, vietnamese roll dip. Crispy, savory, just downright perfect!

This is one of the West End restaurants I go to most often. I just can't get enough.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Stepho's Greek Taverna1124 Davie St, Vancouver
M, E, H. Meh.
Submitted Thursday, November 10, 2005 - 11:20pm [Dine in]

There's nothing in this place that leaves me wanting to come back again. Sure, the food's good, but you can get the same quality from almost any take-out Greek place. It's not that easy to screw up good Greek.

The ambience? Well, you're crammed in there. You wait in line only to be cattleherded through your meal as well.

My suggestion? About two doors down to the east is a GREAT Greek (Cypriot) place called Takis. The food is higher quality, the room is a lot more quaint, the service is respectable, and the price isn't that different from Stepho's. The difference I guess is that you wouldn't be carrying styrofoam home with you.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Soho Bar and Grill1184 Denman St, #203, Vancouver
Great neighborhood joint
Submitted Thursday, November 10, 2005 - 8:19pm [Dine in]

The West End really lacks a place to kick back and have a cheap beer, but this takes up a bit of the slack. Big red banquet seating envelops your group of 4 to 6, and TVs overhead break whatever awkward silences there may be.

The appetizers are tasty and are portioned quite large, and the pub fare is just above standard. A little bland tho.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Rodney's Oyster House1228 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Happydesiac Hour
Submitted Thursday, November 10, 2005 - 8:10pm [Dine in]

Went with a gang to enjoy a plethora of Oysters. We got there before 6 so we could get them for a bucks a piece.

They serve 7 different kinds daily, so we ordered 10 of each, along with a couple other yummy appies to share.

The beer's good, and they serve it promptly in a nice chilled glass. The ambience is okay; a little blase compared to what I was expecting though, and quite small.

The food that came first was a pile of mussels, which were the best I've EVER had, and pan-fried oysters. Again, these were fabulous. Great flavour, nice and light, and cooked to perfection.

The oysters were from all over the place, Fanny Bay, PEI, all shapes and sizes. Decent. The selection of sauces were good and the fresh grated horseradish was a yummy plus.

BE FOREWARNED THOUGH: there is only ONE kind of oyster in the happy hour special, and they switch it every day. When the bill came to almost 300 bucks for the 6 of us, we were a Depends short of pooping our pants. After a, um "discussion" with the server who initially insisted he informed us thusly, and also with the manager, they cut the price down a tad. We were quite non-confrontational; our bellies were full and we had a little buzz, so we just paid the bill and left.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance