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mikeowenVancouverSince April 25, 20092 Reviews
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WaaZuBee Cafe1622 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Why do I keep going here?
Submitted Saturday, April 25, 2009 - 5:09pm [Dine in]

First off, the good things:

Waazubees is one of the last of a few restaurants I call "pre-douche." Vancouver is changing. I hate to use the word "gentrifying" but that's the most appropriate. People from the burbs want to try out living in the "big city" and with them come their different tastes. With them, comes "douchey-ness." You know, "lounges" with one syllable names and uncomfortable chairs, fruity drinks and people who honest to god drink wine out of stemless glasses at a bar. Waazubee has stuck to the same formula that they always have. Decent, somewhat interesting food, beers on tap, weird decor, etc. It looks almost exactly the same as it always has. It's a good thing in this rapidly changing city. The Irish Heather is gone (yes, it still exists I know, but not in my universe), The Morrissey is changing, and the Dover Arms is owned by the same people who own The Plaza and Caprice Nightclub. It's hard to find cheap, divey drink joints in this town. Robson is littered with lame chain restaurants, and Granville is basically nightclubs with a few exceptions. Even Havana isn't the same anymore. Waazubee is still Waazubee. A place where suburban types may hesitate to visit or where they will go for a little "adventure." Anyway, I'm glad they are the same, and I'm glad the bathroom area is still filthy (no, really, I am).

The bad: The service has been getting worse, and worse over time. So bad, in fact, that I think I am done with this place just for that reason. I can live with slow service if drinks keep coming and if the waiter is pleasant. Honestly, I don't mind 45 minutes. An hour and a half for an appetizer? Then, bringing the wrong one? The place was empty too, I should add, and the waiter kept avoiding eye contact, to the point where I had to go ask the chef myself. Not good. Then they brought the wrong dish. When the right stuff finally arrived, it was so-so. Edible, but barely. The server did manage to return to ask how everything was, and we mentioned that the ahi tuna tasted dry and as if it something was wrong with it (it tasted disgusting, but we didn't want to be too harsh). The waiter, to his credit, said he would mention it to the chef. He did. The chef looked at our table, shrugged, and went back to peeling onions, or whatever he was doing. No mention of the tuna was made afterwards, and it was on the bill, full price. This type of stuff is bad, even in a dive place. After something like this, I almost wonder if it's really time for this place to go away. I'm not sure what would replace the location, probably another Money Mart, but Waazubee has finally hit a point that my friends and I, who have been going there since it opened basically, are unable to look past the bad stuff (the service, inconsistent food) it for the experience (weird decor, location, etc). I do think part of the problem is that most of the staff are either on drugs or coming off them. People seem a little "on something" more and more when I visit this place and wonder what's up behind closed doors.

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Morrissey Irish House, The1227 Granville St, Vancouver
Not as good as it used to be...
Submitted Saturday, April 25, 2009 - 3:07pm [Dine in]

The Morrissey has been a haunt of mine since it opened. The food has always been great with amazing Bangers & Mash, Lamb Stew, Fish & Chips and other pub classics that somehow tasted contemporary. The menu has changed. This place calls itself an "Irish House" but has removed all of the above items and instead replaced them with things like a "La Migra" - a Latin American inspired chicken burger. Huh? Do we need more deluxe burgers in Vancouver? As well, they are now using ugly plates that are worse than the ones my grandma has in her cupboard.

A sign mentioned they are doing renos, which frightened me as it always frightens me in Vancouver. That usually means, like the Irish Heather (RIP), that they are changing a cool place into a douche bar/lounge. When we arrived the lights were really bright and I wasn't used to seeing what the servers actually look like, not to mention the clientele. The music was still good (the only place I have heard The Last Shadow Puppets playing in Vancouver) and the servers have always been nice. The beers have gone up in price though. $7.25 for a Guinness? When did The Morrissey become Earl's? They have replaced the old fireplace with something really plain, but to be fair, maybe it wasn't finished.

Is it wrong that I don't feel like going there again? I have a friend coming in May from Edmonton (he moved there from Vancouver last year) and the first thing he wanted to do was hit the Morrissey but I think I'm going to suggest someplace else until I'm sure what the owner is trying to do with that place. It's easier to just head to Moxie's, Earl's, or Milestones on Robson rather than walk all the way down Granville to be disappointed.

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