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midnitejazzGrandview, VancouverSince February 26, 20082 Reviews
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Hakata Sushi887 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Horrendous crappy food at Hakata Sushi
Submitted Saturday, March 15, 2008 - 9:56pm [Dine in]

My family and I just came from there. Let's see if anybody will be warming the bench or praying to the porcelain goddess tonight. The food was ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! The service was just as worse. You'd think the word "sushi" is in the name of the restaurant, so you'd assume they'd know something about making it! NOPE!! I could rant and rant but here are the clip notes:
- we waited forever for our order to be taken. One person to take all orders and be cashier. So what if the sushi guy is just standing there doing nothing and the bus girl is NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE ORDERS! Where is the common sense? And sad to say, it wasn't even busy!!
- the maki sushi tasted fishy and suspicious;
- I know I'm not a sushi chef but I know a Dynamite Roll is not supposed to be a California roll with a sad dehydrated shrimp tempura fried thingy smushed into it with a weird sweet taste to it!
- the soya sauce wasn't even real japanese soy used specifically for sushi. It was soooooo SALTY!! They must be using the regular CHINESE soy used for cooking!
- the wife ordered off the robata (grilled) menu and later to learn with much regret. Well one bite of the beef rib and she nearly hurled. It was dehydrated jerky, tasting like freezer burned meat going bad covered up in a brown sauce! Disgusting! We sent it back intact with 1 bite mark. Did we get a replacement for the ribs or maybe an offer to take it off the bill? HECK NO!! We were ignored and billed full price for everything! Nice touch on customer service hey?
I want to rant some more but I gotta now make a run for the bathroom!! Don't go to Hakata Sushi!!

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Pad Thai Cuisine132 E. Broadway, Vancouver
Delivery Service is horrendous!
Submitted Tuesday, February 26, 2008 - 1:10pm [Dine in]

We have ordered food from this place for over a year and in most cases the service and the food has been fine. However, the last time we ordered food for delivery we were treated very poorly. So poor that I had to join this site to vent out my frustration and anger.

When we ordered our food we were told that it would be delivered within the hour. We waited until it was an hour and 15 minutes before we called to see why we did receive our food yet.

The first response we got was "Would you like to cancel the order?"
I replied no because our kids were hungry and it would take more time to re-order food somewhere else. Then I was passed onto the manager/owner who said that our order had not been started yet. At this point, I was p*ssed off. I asked if she would give some sort of concession given the circumstances. She outright said no. At this point, I was forced to tell her that she just lost our business.

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