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microwalnutVancouverSince April 21, 2009Favourite List (1)4 Reviews
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3.5 (3.5)
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  • Service4 (3.8)
  • Value4 (3.8)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.3)


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Wakaba1641 Commercial Drive, #185, Vancouver
Fantastic hidden restaurant.
Submitted Monday, January 9, 2012 - 5:20pm [Dine in]

These guys are great, the food is fantastic. I've eaten here several times.
They aren't very busy yet because they've just opened up. Be sure to start a conversation with the people that work here. Mr. Kamida really knows his stuff!

I ordered the Salmon Tartar for a quick lunch, and it was exactly what I needed. Keep in mind, this place doesn't serve north american portions. The serving size is just what the body needs. When I ordered I was asked if I wanted to have a choice of Wild Salmon or Farmed Salmon. Awesome! I loved that I had an option. The wild salmon is obviously a little bit more, but if you know the difference you know its worth the extra dollar!
The meal came with a cube of brown rice, wasabi, and of course the salmon. (which of course, was great)
I asked about the mint leaf that was served with my meal, which was enormous for a mint leaf. Apparently its a special Japanese variety. "You should eat it" he said. "Very good for the body and health, just like Wasabi, ginger too".

This place is somewhat hidden, and so they are not too busy. Wakaba is inside the Mercato building at 1st and Commercial. It is worth trying out. I am certain that if more people knew about Wakaba there would be people here more often! Excellent quality and service.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Uncle Fatih's Pizza1685 Broadway East, Vancouver
Best pizza in the universe.
Submitted Monday, April 20, 2009 - 11:29pm [Dine in]

No one orders pizza and then sits down in the pizza store and expects good ambience, so obviously it gets a poor rating there. But the PIZZA. Its amazing.

I have introduced everyone I know that didn't know about this place beforehand, and they have all said the same thing. "This is the best pizza I think I have ever had". And come on, for 4$ for two massive slices of pizza and a pop?

It is a pizza parlour, so if you order pizza that looks like It has been sitting there fore awhile, it probably has. As far as freshness goes on the whole, Megabite is better, but as far as taste and quality goes, Fatih's beats megabite hands down. Just don't be stupid and order the extra cheese that looks like cardboard. USE YOUR BRAIN.

Fatihs is best in the evenings between 3PM and 11PM. Weekends, obviously later. The main variable in quality depends on the time of day, and the freshness of the pizza. If its fresh, its good. Ask if you really can't tell.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Istanbul Topkapi6838 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Fantastic, fresh, cheap!
Submitted Monday, April 20, 2009 - 11:03pm [Dine in]

I have to admit, from the outside this place looks shady! There are no tables outside, the foyer is also empty, and you can barely see inside the place without a bit of effort.
But man it was worth the risk. Why? BECAUSE THE MOST EXPENSIVE DISH WAS 7.99$.

When we first walked in, no one could be found, but we sat down anyway. There were no customers! It only took a minute till someone appeared, and then another. We assumed they were the owners, they were very informative about the dishes we were asking about, and he made a few recommendations of his own. I highly recommend his recommendations, haha.

All the food was super fresh and delicious and well displayed. For such an empty restaurant, seeing such wonderful greens, seasoned chicken on tasty rice displayed so neatly before me was a relief. This was followed by a dish of Manti, which was like a really doughy perogi without the potato, instead ground lamb and beef, in a sauce of garlic yogurt, sundried tomato I think? There were other spices too.

By this point we needed something to cleanse the palate a bit, and he told us the tomato salad was on special, he explained it to us but I couldn't understand him through his accent, but we were so impressed by the previous two dishes that we quickly agreed.

I always forget how simple, uncooked food can often be the most savoury, most flavourful and most satisfying. Fresh cut tomatoes with parsley, cayenne I think...I might be getting my spices mixed up, and turkish Samuk. I need to figure out what that added zing is, the same one finds when eating tabouli.

Thats a nearly a 3 course meal with dessert for two! Unbelievable. The price, which was a significant incentive to risk an otherwise empty restaurant, was unbeatable. came to 12.50 each, thats including tax, without tip.

Ambience is amusing, and by that I mean empty and sparse. There were no other customers, save for one other who ordered the turkish pizza (wish I had a bigger stomach...ohhh the gluttony), emphasized the fact that this place really needs some good word of mouth spread. This place is amazing, but I fear its lack of interior design and foreboding exterior scare people away! The turkish music was a nice touch though :P

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Best Falafel2013 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Get the Shawarma Plate.
Submitted Monday, April 20, 2009 - 8:37pm [Dine in]

Huge portions, with tabouleh salad, humus, rice and seasoned chicken with hot sauce (I always ask for extra). You can request garlic spread too if you like (garlic trumps all spices) or any of the pickled items. I often get the flourescent pink pickled things.

I go here too much. Why? Because the portions are huge, and even bigger if you get it to go it seems (shh!), its fricken delicious with the extra hot sauce, and its 7.86 total for a meal you can barely finish. If you get it to go, make sure you grab plastic forks. They don't put them in the bag for you haha

Why go to McDonalds when you can go here for the same price, just as much food and healthier!? Sometimes the rice is overcooked, so best not arrive there 5 minutes before close and expect top notch rice. (duh)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance