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MG2Vancouver, BC CanadaSince May 5, 20102 Reviews
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Bearfoot Bistro4121 Village Green, Whistler
Stay away: Service:Poor, Food:Average
Submitted Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 11:11am [Dine in]

We arrived in time for our 9PM reservations and had placed our order by 9:20. I wasn't fond of our table as it was right by the entrance with guests swishing by and near the ICE room for vodka tasting. I did notice there were two nice tables behind us that would have been better.... Who were those saved for?

We ordered some virgin pina colada's and received 9/10 ice with approximately 1/2 to 2/3 cup of pina colada. It was way more pineapple than coconut (acidic) - in general a disappointment.

The bread came and before we got our first appetizer around 1 hour in, we had consumed 4 baskets! It was now 10PM and we were starving - what was the problem? The 6 oysters came finally and then, our soups and salad. The mushroom soup was ok - I've made better myself but I enjoyed the mini mushrooms within. My daughter had the salad which arrived with a hair in it so we had to return it. The salad itself had these interesting dried / fried carrots which were tasty but the dressing had no vinegar / lemon juice - it was just oil. A salad with oil and no vinegar is not very tasty so aside from the carrots it was a failure.

Now it was 10:30 and we were starving! The chef sent us some mini (about 1/2 tsp) lamb and tapenade pate's which were more style than substance but it was apparent something was wrong in the kitchen and they wanted to make up for it. At this point we would have appreciated an apology or explanation but even after mentioning it to our waitress who was avoiding us like the plague she evaded us and offered nothing - not even I'm sorry - there's been a delay etc...

Finally, my husband got up to talk to the manager and they said our meals were forthcoming - finally at 11pm we received our main course. It was steak and prawns with potato and vegetables. The steak was tough - I really wanted to like it but it wasn't very good. The prawns were ok as were the potatoes but I couldn't chew through my meat and left 1/2 on the plate. My daughters were falling asleep at the table.

Finally, dessert - it matched the meal - not very good - panne cotta - a watery, gelatinous custard in a mould - not creamy, not rich at all - just a very watered down custard with a lot of fancy small decorations - no substance here at all. My daughters enjoyed the coconut snowball dessert which was essentially ice cream with coconut.

The bill came and they gave us half price on my daughter's meal as well as the oysters on the house due to the problems. That was nice but no-one offered an apology to us - It would have been nice if someone just came over and said sorry but we were made to feel unwanted in the restaurant (bad table when good ones were available), and ignored when things went wrong.

I thought perhaps it was because we weren't drinking - I don't know but for $190.00 for 4 of us - it was definitely not worth it.

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Cafe Ami855 West 12th Ave, Vancouver
Terrible food, Poor service - Lucky Location
Submitted Tuesday, May 4, 2010 - 7:32pm [Dine in]

With a sick relative for 10 weeks at VGH I have the habit of stopping in at CAFE AMI regularly for coffee, lunches or snacks during my visiting shifts (4 or 5 times per week). I always dread going to Cafe Ami because for meals the food is not very good. Their panini's are mostly bread with very little filling. Their Tuna sandwich has some type of vinegar taste that was a one time try. The best thing on their menu is the Gobbler sandwich which is cranberry bread with turkey and apple - quite good and they grill it so the cheese melts. If they don't have that sandwich I will go for the other turkey sandwich which is a pale cousin but will do in a pinch. Don't go for their panini's - they are NOT good - evidenced by the fact that they are always available morning noon and night. \
Today I went there for the gobbler - alas they did not have any so I went for the old faithful the plain turkey sandwich with cheese. As usual, I requested they put it on the grill for me. They refused. I told them I had purchased the sandwich grilled many times before and said - I've been coming here for 10 weeks and they've always grilled the sandwich for me. One of the 3 servers answered "I've been here for 3 years." I asked politely again stating I would like it warm. They refused. Finally one of them mentioned they grill the other "gobbler" sandwich but not this one. This was so ridiculous that I decided to let it go and not get the sandwich.
I am curious though... What special properties did the one sandwich have that made it ungrillable?

So, here's my advice. Pass right by the cafe ami - the food is terrible and they have only survived due to their location near the entrances. Their smoothies are so sugary they should be illegal in the hospital. Their frapuccino's are watery - barely any ice. Their cookies are dry and stale. I once bought a bar there that was so sweet there were sugar crystals.

If you are at VGH, go to the 2nd floor Sassafras cafeteria. The coffee, selection and is much better.


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