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melodia agrodolceVancouver (downtown)Since July 26, 20101 Review
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Acacia Fillo Bar & Cafe1103 Denman Street, Vancouver
The inconsistent food has made us decide to not return
Submitted Sunday, July 25, 2010 - 9:10pm [Dine in]

My boyfriend and I discovered Acacia Fillo Bar about 8 months ago, we became utterly addicted to the fillo specifically the brie and cheese, it comes with a small salad and roasted potatoes and yams. At one point we seriously went 5-6 days a week. It was so exciting to find a unique reasonably priced restaurant.

For about 2-3 months we continued to go there, loving to food, service and price. However, early in the year the fillo was unbearably and horribly salty, making it practically unedible. This happened a couple of times in a row so we stopped coming deciding to try again in a few weeks;a few weeks later to our delight it was good again.

Then, the brie practically disappeared altogether and it was rather unpleasant, a huge fillo filled with cooked spinach and a few pecans. Sadly the size of the salad has ALWAYS been a different serving size sometimes (not kidding) we had take out and my salad was seriously 3 small pieces of prewashed lettuce and half a cherry tomatoe. Dissappointed and irritated we again had this happen a couple of times and took yet another break from the fillo bar.

I swore I would never go back because of the constant inconsistent food and for two months we never went back but when the fillo bar is good it is amazingly good and I was craving it so badly we gave it another try. It was spectacular, nice sized portion of salad, nicely roasted potatoes and a fillo FILLED with amazing gooey brie! So we started coming back a little more frequently now that the food was good again, but sadly tonight we were massively dissappointed......

The food took FOREVER to arrive, which we were sort of okay with because we know how great and delicious the fillo is... This had to be the worst fillo ever, the server came with strangely mangeled fillo and apologized for the appearance because they are trying a "new" fillo out but said it should taste the same. Okay...hopefully it will taste the same.....it didn't. It was terrible absolutely horrible, the "brie" was disgusting and did not resemble brie at all, more like the cheapest most flavourless mozzarella from a corner store down the street. It was chewy and stringy and salty. Awful. My boyfriend asked the server if a different cheese was being used he said no but that he would check in the back. When he came back out he said that the owner was in Bulgaria and they ran out of brie so they did use a different cheese, he then asked us if it was a good replacement. We told him no, it was awful and that I would definitely never order this again if fillo stayed this way. He apologized thanked us for our feedback and left the table. We paid (full price, no suggestions as to how to fix the situation) and are more than disappointed.

If they owner is out of town, should the staff not be told where to get supplies from? Is she impossible to reach? Shouldn't she provide them with the required ingredients to run the restaurant???? I'm baffled, the fillo wasn't very good I'm guessing it was pre-made from the freezer section at Safeway and the brie as previously mentioned was terrible. Horrendously bad.

The inconsistent food is not forgivable, insane amounts of salt, no brie in a brie and pecan fillo, outrageously small salads, (random portion sizes), and terrible replacement ingredients have laid to rest our love of acacia. I'm genuinely sad because I know the food can be amazing.

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