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mbellalangleySince April 24, 20092 Reviews
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Martini's Restaurant151 West Broadway, Vancouver
Mixed review
Submitted Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 11:20pm [Dine in]

The first time I went to Martini's I was impressed. For a small restaurant the food was very good. The first time I went was on a Friday night at 11 pm after a get together at a friends place. I order the Stuffed chicken oscar and substituted the greek salad for a caeser salad. My girlfriends had a spinach pizza and the other had nachos, I tried both and they were very good as well. The nachos weren't over baked and the cheese was perfectly melted. At first I thought the food was cooked properly and service was great because my girlfriend knew the manager for many years and he was there. So,I went back a second time with my boyfriend and two other couples and had the same dish, it was still good but this time we went more for the martini's, the cheesecake martini is the best as well as the purple haze ( I think that's what it's called). The third time I went was last Saturday and it was the same. We ordered the Calamari which was very good and large for 4 people to share. I once again ordered the same dish I had ordered the previous two times, except this time the sauce or the stuffing tasted like it had too much dill almost comparable to the smell of pine sol. My boyfriend had the mediterranean stuffed chicken which I though was good but he wasn't impressed. One of friends had a seafood stew, which when we asked the waitress if it was good she said it wasn't the greatest but when our friend tried it, it was actually good. The disappointment was with the side of prawns my bf and his friend had ordered in addition to his dish. The shrimp was gross, it was overcooked, the best way to describe it was like eating shrimp that had been frozen for way too long and then cooked. My boyfriend doesn't normally eat shrimp so he wasn't sure if it was him, so he told each of us to try and his friend was disgusted, he had ordered shrimp too and he said his was bad but my bfs was worst. We told the waitress and she was like okay and walked off. When it came time to pay the bill she had made us pay for the disgusting shrimp and also charged me for the caesar salad, even though the previous 2 times I was there and ordered the exact same thing I wasn't charged for the caesar salad. As I was paying the waitress was nice to our friends and said good bye and what not. Since I wasn't too please with the fact that she pretty much ignored the fact that the shrimp was gross I only left her a 10% tip, I normally leave 20%, she didn't seem to pleased with the tip amount as my receipt printed as I paid with debit,s he looked at it, pretty much just threw me my receipt, turned and walked away without a thank you or anything. I don;t like not tipping as people do need to make a living but I felt like I shouldn't have tipped her at all!! I tip should be based on service. I may or may not return as the previous 2 times were good, I have mixed feelings about this restaurant now. I would advise not going on a busy day

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Coza! Tuscan Grill20065 Langley Bypass, Langley
Submitted Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 10:56pm [Dine in]

We went to Coza for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. The restaurant wasn't very busy and the host and waiter was very attentive. We tried the white bean soup which was very good. My guest and I had ordered a meal salad and a sandwich and decided to split the two dishes, which wasn't a problem with the waiter, as he said the kitchen wasn't busy. As we sat and waited for our food we had noticed that other tables were being served complimentary bread but somehow we were missed. It took about 30 minutes for our food to arrive, while waiting we had also noticed the manager greeting every table but ours. The food finally came, the salad was decent and the sandwich was average. The dressing in the salad was good but the salad lacked ingredients in the description of the menu, ex.it was supposed to have asparagus in it, but it only came with two sticks of asparagus and it was OVER cooked it was like eating a wilted asparagus that was thrown on the grill for too long. The sandwich was okay, something you would find at every restaurant. The dessert was very good we had the neapolitan ice cream.As for ambiance it was very warming and relaxing, since it was lunch on a Wednesday it was very quiet. Overall I wouldn't go back because of the inconsistency of service other tables were being treated better, our waiter was good in the sense the he took our order and checked up on us other than that other tables with the exception of one that I recollect were being served their bread, their food also came sooner and were greeted by the manager.

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