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matt tan of montrealSurrey , B.C.Since February 11, 20122 Reviews
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3 (3.1)
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Fleetwood Arms Pub, The8410 160th Street, Surrey
Impressive first time at Fleetwood Arms
Submitted Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 3:02pm [Dine in]

Receipt Feb 6, Stn P0S3 #29832 waitress ASHLEY. 5.30 to 6:44pm
I just came from Montreal , and being a photographer, enjoy my solo pubbing with great expectations.
Down time , to me, means quality time on my ownsome over a pint of Guinness and some hot wings or calamari. This time, I was actually not planning for a pub, as I had been to one already a couple of days ago, lol
But I had just left the library and it started to pour. So, I thought it makes a fine excuse to get in out of the rain to check out this place called Fleetwood Arms.
The ambience is nice, quiet to my taste, with decor suitable for the older set. There were a couple of younger gents there , but it wasn't noisy or packed, so it suits me fine, as I do enjoy placing myself in front of the giant TV to watch my tennis . At this time, they only had basketball, so it was fine with me too,so long as the chow and drink are up to expectation.
The waitress, (Ashley, from my bill), served me with fine rapport. She will prompt, articulate, and very fine looking :)
The Guinness came stat, and the hot wings was delicious. I took my own sweet time with it, as always in any pub, no one rushes this old chap. The waitress confirmed with me to ensure I was ok. And when I needed something else, she was quick to notice . Big points there for the fine waitress.
At the end, I paid for my sup, and the waitress was once again very quick to attend to me. She was very polite and I have to give her a 4 for Outstanding service. Excellent rapport, and personality. She was wonderful to everyone there, as I could overhear them enjoying her fine catering excellence.
What more can a bloke ask for? Would I be going back to have another pint and hot wings? I definitely would, and I will no doubt find the spot where Ashley will be serving me.
Fleetwood Arms, nice quiet place to be. It's going to be one I will surely show my face often , and to wet my whistle over a pint of Guinness.
See you there too, if you enjoy drinking on your own . We can watch tennis together :)
Cheers Fleetwood Arms, and thank you for the lovely service Ashley ( I hope that is her name, as the bill said so)... A fine service all worth mentioning, for sure ! I will be back.

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Baselines Pub8233 166th Street, Surrey
Baseline Pub is fine with me!
Submitted Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 2:32pm [Dine in]

I am visiting from Montreal, and have been more or less worked and travelled all over this land, as far west as Victoria to most recently as far east as Halifax. I enjoy pubbing on my own, as being a photographer and artist, quality time for me alone means big time to me. That being said, my review may conflict with those who dine as a bunch and expects a little more than this.
To me, a pub is like most typical pubs in UK, (i lived there too, yes), it is a place where people don't bother you, and the waitresses and bartender keeps you to mind your own business, until you ask for another.
This is my kind of pub. I am not interested in a waitress coming to me every now and then to ask if I want another pint of Guinness or whatnot. If I want more, I'd wave.
For this reason, I give Baseline Pub a good Solid, thumbs up. The wings , if I am not mistaken , is cheaper on sunday. The waitresses are young, not spoilt brats or anything that; they are lovely sweet girls who served me with enough class and poise. They're fine looking girls, and the Guinness is good.
I could expect more, for being one who has travelled all over the land and more places in UK, but you know what? We go to the pub for a quiet retreat, even when the kids are screaming and watching your other type of football, lol. As I said, the Guinness and hot wings are good enough, and I do go back there to see the lovely gals. You do the same if you like to be left alone with just your wings and stout. Cheers !

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