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Masaki.KevRichmond B.CSince May 31, 20102 Reviews
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Copa Cafe1175 Johnson St, #300, Coquitlam
Are you kidding me?!
Submitted Friday, September 23, 2011 - 10:08pm [Dine in]

I have been to Copa Cafe on Cambie St Vancouver a few times and their food and service was fine to me. This was my first time to visit the one in Coquitlam, and my experience was a 5 Star... MINUS!!!

The environment is more to the high-end decorated, which is comfortable. I ordered a "afternoon tea menu" of laksa with deep fried pork chop, which is $9.95! If you have been to many other Hongkongese style cafes, you should know that those "afternoon tea menus" are commonly priced as $6-7, or $8 maximum. For a $9.95 afternoon tea dish (not dinner) in Coquitlam (not Vancouver DT), I expected the dish shouldn't be bad at all. However, very ridiculously, the soup base tasted salty but nothing more, and it smelled a tiny bit of rotten coconut. The bowl only contained plain thin rice noodles (vermicelli) and some bean sprouts and green onions, but usually there are dried bean curds in laksa, some have boiled egg in half too. The pork chop didn't over cooked, yet it's very lean and non-juicy (not the usual bone-in type). The iced tea with milk ($1 extra for the iced beverage) tasted no tea at all but like water with milk. A male server (dressed like a manager, with glasses) came to collect the empty bowl with a strong scent of cigarette smoke!

Was that my problem or what? But I will never go there again!

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Brock House Restaurant3875 Point Grey Road, Vancouver
Very unprofessional service!!!
Submitted Monday, May 31, 2010 - 12:26pm [Dine in]

My wife and I are wedding photographers, and we've been there for so many many times. Consistently, we've been experiencing the same poor, very poor service!!! This review is totally about the service but not the food.

In order to provide an objective review, I'll give my comment in 3 different perspectives.

1. As vendors:
A vendor's meal will be provided to all vendors in a separate room if vendors do not seat with other guests together. While the new couple, wedding party, all other guests are having their bread, soup, and salad, nothing is served for the vendors. "Nothing" means really nothing, no bread nor even a glass of water. Even you ask, or the new couples ask, absolutely nothing will be served. Until the entree being served, usually will be at least 9pm to 9:30pm, then the vendor's meal, which is in the size of a kid's meal portion of vegetable pasta, will be served. Sometimes, when the vendor's meal is served or before then, some vendors were gone already.

2. As regular guests:
All servers are professionally trained for carrying out their basic duty. That is, to serve food and collect empty/used plates as fast as they could. Sometimes when they accidentally kicked or hit on guest chairs with guests sitting on, no "sorry" nor "excuse me" will be heard. Moreover, when some guests (including the parents and family members of the new couples) wanted to get up and go to bathroom or something, they have to yield the way to servers because servers won't stop or pause for whatever they're doing.

3. As new couples:
I thought the servers only being inconsiderate to guests and vendors but actually and surprisingly not. When new couples are doing their first dance, hard working servers still work brainlessly or like programmed robots, walking thru the dance floor to and from with bus pans and trays with used plates as if they didn't see the new couples are dancing in front of them.

The term "inconsiderate" is actually too mild to describe the scenario, "rude" and "uncivilized" might be more suitable. Not only us, many of other vendors who we know have been experiencing the same. If you are a couple considering Brock House as your wedding banquet venue, only if you would like to upset your guests and vendors as well as yourselves, you may please reconsider and find somewhere else.
(Too bad, the minimum rating is at least 1 star. Can I go for minus 10?)

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