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MARTIANSURREYSince August 4, 20062 Reviews
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American Grille Restaurant7571 Westminister Hwy, Richmond
A Solid Restaurant
Submitted Saturday, August 5, 2006 - 12:26pm [Dine in]

A solid restaurant - that's how I would describe this local Richmond eaterie. Friday night - A quick look in th Enterainment Book and there we were at the Marriot Hotel in Richmond walking into the restaurant.

The service at the American Grille I must say is very good. Right away we were greeted by the service staff and seated at a table. It took less than 15 secs for the waitress to greet us and filled our water glasses which never saw the bottom of for very long the whole night (it was hot that day =) ). After giving us some time she took our orders and brought out some bread and even gave us a refill when our appetizers came out. She did all the regular waitress stuff like letting us know when the food is coming without us asking, checking on the food to make sure everything is alright, and just being around but not being intrusive. And this is with her having about 3 or 4 other tables in her section. It seems like the service you get in restaurants now are very subpar and either not much time is spent on training or the waiter/waitress just simply doesn't care. Well that's usually what you get anyways at those "chain" restaurants (you hear me Earls?).

Now for the food. We had the mango crab meat spring rolls with a spicy thai sauce for appetizer. While the portions weren't big (it was truly an appetizer) it was an interesting taste. It came with a little salad with a mango flavored dressing. The thai sauce however was a little overpowering and all you could taste was the sauce which means that it tasted like most other spring rolls I've had. For dinner I had a medium rib eye steak which was nicely cooked but it just lacked a little bit of flavor. My girlfriend had the Grilled Salmon which was the same thing, nicely cooked but no flavor. She was actually looking for the salt cuz it was that bland. I'm not looking for bold flavors or anything but just a little bit of taste would've given this restaurant a higher score.

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  • Ambiance
Wings7124 King George Highway, Surrey
Winging It
Submitted Friday, August 4, 2006 - 4:09pm [Dine in]

My girlfriend and I have gone here many times and so I feel like we have a pretty good handle of the quality of Wings overall.

Well from the name of the restaurant you can pretty much gather that their specialty is wings. That's the reason why we go and most of the times it doesn't disappoint. If you do venture out to beautiful Surrey (THAT WAS A JOKE) try the Salt and Pepper, Honey Garlic and the new Greek flavor. The Buffalo is good as well but it probably tastes the same as most other places. The thing that makes the wings so good is that they're a fair size and they're juicy. Yes there have been a couple of times where the wings have come out dry but we just chalked that up to brand new cooks.

As for the other things on the menu, we usually get fries or caesar salad on the side and those are quality. We've tried the calamari as well and it is what you expect from a non-Greek restaurant, it's all right.

As for the service...*sigh*...it's hit or miss. It seems like they're constantly getting new waitresses as everytime we go it's always someone new. Sometimes they're reeeeaally slow and sometimes they're good, but we've never gone away saying "wow that was great service." The ambience looks like your typical sports bar.

So if you really love wings you should go. On Sunday's they're 39 cents per wing (used to be 35 cents actually) which is not bad considering how good the wings are. In the downtown location it's 39 cents everyday from 3-6pm. Wing lovers check it out!

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  • Service
  • Ambiance