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maleficusBurnabySince August 19, 20072 Reviews
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Eatery, The3431 W Broadway, Vancouver
Great Promise - Poor Follow Through
Submitted Friday, July 18, 2008 - 1:05am [Dine in]

The menu for the Eatery certain sounds exciting, and as a sushi lover, the different combinations peaked my interest. Unfortunately the food did not deliver.

We ordered the chicken wings to start - unfortunately "hot wings" were just drizzled with a generic "asian chili sauce" that can be bought in any supermarket. Then came the sushi: I ordered a standard spicy tuna roll and the Bob Marley roll. The "spicy" in the tuna roll was unfortunately that same generic chili sauce as used on the chicken wings, and did not compliment the sushi at all. Fish was not very fresh - disappointing quality. The Bob Marley roll was interesting (avocado and mango with tuna on top) unfortunately, the drizzle of "cucumber wasabi mayo" on top was actually a cheap store-bought ranch dressing with a touch of wasabi mixed in. I had to ask for a new roll as the sauce was inedible.

Service - pretty decent; the waitress handled the poor sauce thing well. Unfortunately, she did not inform us that one of the items we ordered was unavailable until about 25 minutes after we were waiting for the food. However, she did say the kitchen didnt tell her until just then, so it likely wasnt her fault. She really seemed to be trying her best.

Ambiance: Dark; candles stuck in Dad's root beer bottles on dark wood tables with old wax stains. Cheap pub like atmosphere.

If you're looking for great sushi - go further east on Broadway to Sushi Yama instead. They have fantastic fresh fish, extremely fast service, and excellent value. They also offer a variety of different and exciting rolls that vary from the everyday California.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Sanafir1026 Granville Street, Vancouver
Amazing Atmosphere, Subpar food
Submitted Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 12:01pm [Dine in]

I visited Sanafir on a very busy Saturday night as a party of 12 and we sat in one of the upstairs booths which was gorgeous and nicely lit. The restaurant is really beautiful and the cushion chairs are really surprisingly comfortable. Valet parking on busy Granville is definitely a plus. Unfortunately, the food and service did not live up to the amazing ambiance.

Our server barely came by and was rude and dismissive when we asked any questions or asked for food or drinks. However, I do believe that it may have just been the one particular girl, as a really nice male server did pop in a couple times. We were also there for an hour and a half before they even took our tapas orders.

We started with drinks and the grilled naan and hummous which was actually very good. The drinks were tasty, but you dont get very much alcohol. At $9 a pop, you would expect them to be at least 2 oz martinis, which is fairly standard. However, one reviewer's comment that they were "kool-aid" is pretty accurate. I had a "Red Sea" which was about a tablespoon each of vodka and Alize passion combined with about an oz of blood orange juice and lots of ice.

The tapas are great in print, but the actual dishes again didnt deliver. Everyone ordered at the same time, but our dishes were received about 20 minutes apart from each order. I had the prawn trio which was served to me stone cold. You would expect that if we're waiting for so long between dishes that they would at least be served warm. In addition to being cold, the tempura roll had already gone soggy by the time I got my dish. I barely touched my plate and the server did not even ask how the food was or why I had not eaten.

Maybe worth a try on a less busy night, but I would definitely not go back on a Saturday.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance