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maddyjaydeltaSince March 13, 20092 Reviews
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Anton's Pasta Bar4260 E Hastings Street, Burnaby
Four meals in one!
Submitted Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 3:18am [Dine in]

My friend and I went to Anton's tonight - first time for me. We knew of the extraordinarily long line ups and were prepared to wait our turn, but arriving at about 6pm we had no wait at all, even though the restaurant was quite busy.

Seated near the window, there was a table right behind me (my friend sat at the window side) and one to my right. At first I thought it might feel very crowded, but I found that it felt a lot bigger than it looked. No bumped elbows or chairs being shoved from behind :)

The hostess asked if we would like anything to drink, and brought our beverages to us promptly (we didn't order anything fancy, just pop.) The menu looked absolutely wonderful - lots and lots of choices! Great vegetarian section, but I felt like a chicken dish tonight. The waitress arrived at just the right moment to take our orders - gave us enough time to thoroughly read the menu but not too long that we felt ignored.

To start, my friend ordered the Anton's salad (large size cos he wanted to take some home) for 8.95, and I ordered garlic bread (2.75). For our main course, he ordered the Fusilli Al'Indiana (with chicken and peas in a curry tomato sauce) and I the Fusilli Alla Toscana (with chicken, mushrooms and white wine in a pesto cream sauce). Each pasta dish was 14.95.

Our starters came fairly quickly, but in the meantime we marveled at the neighbouring table's meals - they smelled and looked absolutely divine! I tried the salad and it was SO good! The dressing, Anton's house dressing, was amazing but hard to pinpoint...almost like a ranch, but with more hints of lemon and vinegar and perhaps some white wine? Anyway, it was delicious. As for my garlic bread, I was a little disappointed - a six or so inch long roll, cut in half and spread with garlic butter and toasted. Not very much garlic butter, and the texture was far too...I want to say crispy, but more like stale. I expected a little more for almost $3.

While we were savouring our starters, we noticed the line up outside getting progressively longer, and praised our luck at arriving just before! By the time we left (about 730) the line up was at least 20 people long, most in groups of 2 or 4.

When our pasta arrived, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I was warned about the size of the meals, and had seen a glimpse of others' meals but this was simply amazing. Enough to feed four people quite comfortably.

The Toscana plate that I had was divine. Nicely tossed fusilli with plenty of pieces of chicken, and lots of mushrooms. I was impressed that the chicken is tossed in, not just 'artfully' arranged on the top of the plate.

My friend's meal smelled awesome - very curry-y. I tried a bit and was pleasantly surprised at the perfect fusion of curry with Italian style tomato sauce. Not too spicy at all, but just the right amount of flavour.

We both took the majority of our meals home with us for leftovers, and I can hardly wait for lunch tomorrow!!

The only thing I would possibly change about the meal is the density of the pasta itself - I prefer a little more on the al dente side, but at least it wasn't mushy!

I strongly recommend Anton's to anyone wanting a great 'comfort' food with leftovers to spare!

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Toby's Teriyaki Bowl2671 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Toby's makes me happy :)
Submitted Thursday, March 12, 2009 - 6:59pm [Dine in]

Was introduced to Toby's through a friend who frequents there quite often. Now we go there at least three times a month if not more!

I usually get one of their box dinners (box Ume - mix tempura, rice, chicken or beef teriyaki, california roll, green salad and it comes with miso - $8.95) and add an order of gyoza (always perfectly steamed and pan fried!). For a filling and cheap meal, I'll opt for the chicken teriyaki bowl (4.95) and my friend and I will split an order of yam tempura roll (sooooo yummy!).

As you can see, I'm not terribly exotic in my choices, but my friends who I dine with here vary their orders through the udon bowls and sashimi choices, maki and various other rice bowls and are RARELY disappointed.

I will agree with other reviews regarding the lack of decor and somewhat crummy service, but I've been there when it's slow and when it's crazy busy and it's at least *consistent*. And they might want to invest in a water filter or something, because their water tastes very very stale. I usually just drink the hot tea though :)

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