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LovemyfoodVancouverSince September 6, 20102 Reviews
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Mongo's Stir Fry Grill2897 Broadway West, Vancouver
Poor service followed by insolent argumentativeness by manager
Submitted Sunday, February 13, 2011 - 9:30pm [Dine in]

This restaurant, formerly known as the Mongolie Grill, has recently changed hands and changed names.
We have gone there a few times since the handover, when the place was not busy. Apparently, the maximum load limit for this place is exceeded by having 20 people arrive at the same time--we know this because a large party arrived just before we did tonight.
After selecting our food, we waited a half hour before it was cooked. This was while the cook chose to take orders from members of the large party ahead of us, even though they had chosen their food after we did. I watched this happen four times.
When all 20 had finally been served, the second cook decided to leisurely scrape and wash the grill. I am glad he did, because it was disgusting. However, the wash job occupied further time.

Then, when business resumed, in spite of having 7 orders lined up, take out orders were first onto the grill. We made our objections known, clearly and instantly, and the cook went ahead with the takeout orders anyway, telling us that they had "several" that they had to clear.

After we finally received our meals, and ate, we went to pay. The manager assured us that he was "sorry for our inconvenience" but he was sure we wanted to eat from a clean grill. We told him that being told about the grill cleaning would have helped, but nonetheless, it had taken a full half hour to receive our meals in this fast-cook noodle place.

To add insult to injury, we told him, it was clear that a takeout customer has more value to this restaurant than an eat-in customer, as they get preference, whereupon the manager assured us that this was "only fair" as the take out customer was standing and we were "seated and not going anywhere" so we didn't have a problem.

I told him in no uncertain terms that it wasn't his business what we were doing with our lives, and that the issue was that the take out customer received preferential treatment, while the eat-in customers waited.
This situation then devolved into the manager attempting to justify himself and explain away all our issues. He concluded by telling us that we were "making too big a deal" out of everything.

Seriously, who in the world is the manager of a noodle joint to tell his customers how big a deal poor service and bad management should be in their own opinion?

As result, we told him that since takeout customers are his preferred clients, and we don't do takeout, we will be removing ourselves from his customer list. I am sure he's just as happy about this as we are.

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Kettle of Fish, A900 Pacific Street, Vancouver
On the downhill slope
Submitted Monday, September 6, 2010 - 8:53am [Dine in]

A Kettle of Fish used to be *the* seafood destination in Vancouver. It still has a lovely setting, a nice interior, and pretty decent food. It's not the fabulous food it used to be, though the seafood is still fresh and a good value, with both a reasonable price range and a good selection.

Where KoF is hitting the skids is in that insidious manner that happens to so many long-term successful restaurants. the service is mediocre at best and appalling at the worst, and they don't even seem to realize how bad it is, nor care very much.

Extensive waits between courses are to be expected. Nearly any request leads to extensive discussions on the part of poorly trained staff who don't seem able to figure out how to do their jobs without consulting on every detail. It's as though they believe they you are there to participate in a fun behind-the-scenes restaurant experience. This is not the Food Channel. Please just do what you should have been trained to do. You are not my friend and I don't want to get to know your quirky personality.

Requests are forgotten. Missing cutlery does not appear. Courses are brought in a haphazard manner that nearly always is missing some key component. When a lack is pointed out, much astonishment ensues, and the fault *may* be correct. It may be forgotten. Diners at some tables sit attempting to get wait staff attention, while the servers notice and please potential big tippers at heavy liquor tables.

The smooth even service that one used to be able to expect at KoF is no more. One wonders if there has been a change of ownership over the past few years, as the manager doesn't seem to particularly concerned. There is now a distinct "Earl's" vibe to Kettle of Fish these days.

So if you *must* have seafood and you're nearby and you don't mind terrible service, you could have a decent meal here. If you're going out for a special evening, don't torment yourself by making this place your destination.

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