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Lorna-JeanKerrisdale,VancouverSince February 15, 20092 Reviews
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1.5 (1.6)
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Salt Tasting Room45 Blood Alley, Vancouver
Why Bother?
Submitted Sunday, February 15, 2009 - 2:15pm [Dine in]

I went to this resaurant this past week before seeing a show at the Firehall Center. With our friends, and one other table of 4 we were the only ones in the place and yet we were almost late for our show ,the service was so slow in serving wine and deli items of cheese and sliced meat that we were wondering if they had to run out to buy it first. If you are hungry do not go to this place. It is not a place for dinner but rather just to have a glass of wine and some nuts like any other bar. The bill was outragious for what we got. Between the 4 of us I think the bill was $170.00. I had 1 glass of wine, my husband had two tastings of wine as did my friend and her husband had a bottle of beer. The bits of food was an absolute joke. So little , so late , won't go again, you can be sure . And that does not say anything about the location with the drug addicts fighting in the dark lane.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Sitar Indian Restaurant8 Powell St., Vancouver
Valentines Dinner to forget
Submitted Sunday, February 15, 2009 - 1:57pm [Dine in]

This is one of the worst Indian restaruants I have ever been in. From the beginning, I admit I hesitated in immediatly going into the restaurant, when I saw only one other couple. It was 6:20pm and all the restaurants in the immediate area of this reastaurant in Gastown were absolutly full , and we had tickets for a show at 8:00 pm so reluctanly we went in . I can assure you that had I the insight I do now I would turn around and leave and go to McDonalds. In fact I told my husband that I think I will wait to go back to London some year before I ever try Indian food again.
Both of us ordered something that looked exactly the same ,although one was lamb and the other dish was a vegetarian. They both looked like diarrhea and they both tasted the same except one had some chuncks . The first plate that was served to us was a plate of cripy rice that looked and tasted just like yesterdays rice pot scrapings . We were tossed a basket of some crispy flat things that the waither served at the same time as Naan bread. We did get our beer first but it would have been nice to have had something to eat along with it. The waiter was so uninterested in providing us at least the mimimal of service I can only say he hates his lob and should find another. Although it was Valentines Day there was no reference to the event in any way, not even a single fresh flower. The food was expensive for what we got. The owners/managers must just kill them selves laughing every night after ripping off people for the poor quality ,disinterest and horrible atmosphere they provide to their customers. I will lnever ever go there again . Just the thought gives me the heaves.

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