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llgvoaCoquitlamSince September 16, 20151 Review
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Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House403 North Road, #302, Coquitlam
Wait staff scolds frequent diner for thinking the avocado smoothie doesn't taste as it usually does
Submitted Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 2:39am [Dine in]

WOW. This is my first experience EVER of having a wait staff scold me and give me a lecture out loud. because I thought their avocado smoothie tasted weird this night.

I was a frequent diner and I always order the large meatball pho and an avocado smoothie. Always that combo. The food are usually ok, and not so expensive, and they're open til midnight, I eat dinner very late, that's why I kept coming back.

Tonight, I ordered the large pho first. After I ate the pho, I was not that full yet so I decided to order the avocado smoothie. When it arrived, I noticed the color looked off, you know when an opened avocado is exposed to air for too long and it turns brownish? It looked like that. Plus there were small particles in the smoothie, like red bean particles. I told this to my friend and she said maybe I should try it first. So okay, I tried it, I had a sip. It tastes weird. Either the avocado used was not fresh or for some reason a read bean went into the blender with the avocadoes and ruined the smoothie. But it tasted really different than the usual.

So I went to the counter, brought the smoothie and told them politely that I do not want the avocado smoothie anymore because it tastes weird. The other staff took it and said that's fine if I didn't want it.

When I came back to my table, this wait staff lady just approached us and humiliated me in front of everyone in my table and the other tables around us. She started lecturing loudly that next time, if I didn't want something then I should not order it. She kept insisting there's nothing wrong with it, the avocados are fresh. I said, no it doesn't taste right. She said, "no there's nothing wrong with it and you should not waste food". I said, it didn't really taste the usual. She said, "there is nothing wrong with it. Don't order anything if you don't want it. You are wasting food. Don't waste food, It cost us 4 dollars". I said, you know what I'll just pay for it, don't scold me. She didn't stop. Her voice was loud like she wanted to make a scene and humiliate me. She said, no she won't charge me for that but I shouldn't order it if I can't eat it anymore. She pointed to the large empty pho bowl and said if I am going to eat that much then I should not order an avocado smoothie anymore. WOW. Really? You are going to say that to a customer. A customer who always orders the same thing: large pho + avocado smoothie. I know pretty well I can consume it. At this point I was really pissed off, I tried to say I'll just pay for it, she said no, and then lectures me again about how I should not waste food etc etc. The other people are looking at us already but she would not shut up. She had to give her lecture!

Needless to say I AM NOT going back to this place again! She's lucky she was a lot way older than me, and just out of politeness I did not humiliate her back.

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