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LK80North Delta, B.C.Since November 7, 20103 Reviews
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2.5 (2.3)
  • Food2 (2)
  • Service2.5 (2.7)
  • Value2 (2)
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Sakura Sushi6390 No 3 Road, #4, Richmond
Best Yam rolls Ever!
Submitted Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 2:47am [Take-out]

Only ordered here once so far. My brother just moved a couple blocks away so I picked some sushi up for us on my way to help him unpack.

I ordered the Yam Tempura roll, and Sakura roll. The sakura roll is good - it has all kinds of good stuff in it. The Yam roll really impressed me though - they don't just stuff the roll with yam tempura - the yam tempura is on top and the inside of the roll is filled with something else - avocados and cucumber - I think. It was delicious.

My brother got the roll combo - I think it has a spicy tuna roll, dynamite roll and salmon roll. They were all pretty standard, but good.

Prices are not super cheap but certainly not expensive. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to sushi (there is so much good sushi in and around Vancouver) - and I feel this is great value.

I can't wait to try more from here.

Service was also great. Cheerful hostess and friendly vibe.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Hakkasan2188 No. 5 Road, #110, Richmond
Surprisingly Disappointing and Expensive Experience
Submitted Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 2:37am [Dine in]

My brother read the good reviews and heard from a friend that this place is supposed to be pretty decent. There were 4 of us there for my Mother's birthday. The service was fine - the hostess and waitress were very friendly.

Decor is fairly sparse - but neat and clean. I felt that they were trying to make it a higher class, trendy restaurant.

Unfortunately they fell flat with the food. Tiny portions, bland, fairly tasteless food and very expensive for what it was.

We got the 5 course meal for $29 per person. If I made the same food at home, I could have made all (except the bland lobster which we would have been just as happy without) for all 4 of us for under $10. (But I wouldn't because my food would probably taste better) This is what it consisted of:

Appetizer meal - all pretty bland. : 1 small (palm sized) green salad, 1 meat ball (covered in some kind of tomato/spice flavored sauce - tasted like premade meatballs you can get at superstore) 1 small piece of cantelope with whatever that bacon type meat that is commonly used on appetizers - sorry I forget the name at the moment.) and 1 tiny little pastry cup (about 1 1/2 times my thumb nail size (I have small woman hands) containing a single baby shrimp with some kind of dressing.

Soup - a double boiled soup - I think she said it was beef and papaya with snow fungus - it was a bit salty but the best thing that we ate. I think it was supposed to be salty so no real complaints there.

Half a lobster with garlic. Sounds great - but the lobster was pretty mushy/rubbery. I haven't had lots of lobster, but never had it like that. It tasted really bland - the garlic sauce/covering didn't seem to actually give the lobster much flavor - and I LOVE garlic.

Then we had a choice of a rice dish with a salty chicken, a beef or pork. Everyone else got the beef (which wasn't bad - but not really that good either), and I got the chicken just to try it - and basically got bones with a tiny amount of meat and skin (so really mostly rice)

Dessert was a pretty typical mango pudding. I've had worse, it just doesn't seem like something to make a fuss over.

We had a bottle of inexpensive white wine (Liebfraumilch) and a couple of beers to go with dinner. For $175 (including taxes) We expected to have something tasty not bland, something a little different or special. Each dish was a let down and definitely not worth it. If portions are small but really unique, tasty enjoyable, $29 would be fine. In this case even the Keg would've been less expensive and we'd have been full at the end.

My brother lived and traveled in Asia, and I've also traveled there (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan) and enjoy the food. We were hoping to introduce our parents to some of the food we like and hoped that because it has a western twist it would be more enjoyable for them than throwing a bunch of odd looking dishes at them. Too bad that wasn't the case.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Samba Brazilian Steak House1122 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Hopefully we went on an off night -
Submitted Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 8:18am [Dine in]

I'm usually pretty forgiving, but I was so extremely dissapointed that I felt I must warn others. I went last night with a group of 10 adults, all of us in our early 30s. We had made reservations the night before.

Food and service: Cold salad bar, with wilted lettuce very bland food. The guys serving the meat came around once every 5-10 minutes with meat on a huge skewer. They came around once with some kind of bird, (only had 3 small pieces for our table of 10). They came around a couple times with lamb and we people at other tables got ribs (or what looked like ribs) but it never made it to our table. A couple of the guys at our table asked a waiter that came around with the sirloin that we're waiting for ribs or something and he came back with a couple small plates of some shredded meat - and seved the meat to the 2 that actually asked. They did come around with the sirloin a few times - but it was cold and enough for only a few of us, never did they come by with some wonderfully smelling meat and serve a bunch of us at once.
I love food and the meats tasted like salt sticks. I can't complain too much of this, since maybe that's how they eat it in Brazil - I haven't tried brazilian food before. It just seems that if they used a really good sirloin, that so much marinating or salting should be unnecessary.

To improve service, or even just make it acceptable, they could have made sure that they brought the food out to our table first once in a while, while it was hot (I'm assuming that's the way it should be eaten). We had booked the night before, so it would have been nice if it didn't seem like they'd run out while we were there.

Ambiance: None. I rated it a 2, since it's clean enough. It seemed pretty empty, the tables were well spaced so easy to get around. There was nothing special on the walls or in the decor. The entertainment - i.e. dancers, were ok but unenergetic. I think they danced a total of maybe 15 minutes the 2 hours we were there. There was a dj that was fine - reminded me kinda of a set-up for a wedding, without all the excitement. We weren't in a good position to watch since we were seated far to the side of the stage which extended slightly past a wall that was in our way.

Value: POOR POOR POOR. I can't believe I spent 52 dollars there for dinner (a poor salad bar, 1 small bird leg, a sliver of lamb and 2 thin slices of oversalted sirloin, a glass of wine, a coffee and a 15% tip (already added into the bill). Usually I'd leave less for a tip for such a poor experience, but in all honesty I didn't speak up to anyone. Perhaps if I'd asked the waitress or waiters to bring a bit more meat around, the service could have been better, but I was there to enjoy the time with friends that I haven't seen for a long time.

You'd be better served going to the Boat House, or the Keg. I'm not the biggest fan of either but at least you will get a decent hot meal in a place that works hard to feel a bit more upscale and give you value for your dollar.

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