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lindaroseVancouverSince November 26, 2007172 Reviews
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2.5 (2.7)
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Boonie's Southern Soul6465 201 Street, Langley
Kids menu okay, rest of food disappointing
Submitted Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 8:13pm [Dine in]

We were out in Langley for a prior engagement and I had decided to check out dinehere.ca for some decent grub in the area.

Unfortunately, I did not have as good experience as I would have liked.

The restaurant is located in the Quality Inn. I found the tables and general interior to be a bit sparse. Yes, they had some southern kitch here and there, but hard tables, hard chairs, hard floor. I don't know - it just wasn't particularly warm or inviting.

We ended up sitting outside on the patio. Resin table and resin chairs. Patio umbrella. It wasn't particularly inviting - but the weather was warm and the patio seemed more relaxed than the restaurant interior.

The server was friendly and prompt. No complaints about the service. It was good.

The children each had the southern mac and cheese. It came with a corn muffin. The mac and cheese was good. Definately several notches above Kraft Dinneresque stuff served at other restaurants. The corn muffin was quite tasty too.

Hubby had the jambalaya. It was good. I found the shrimp a tad overcooked, but it was fairly solid.

The disappointment was with the ribs. I ordered a full rack (intending to share some with the rest of the family). I guess I was expecting the rack to be freshly grilled or possibly bbq'd. It looked and tasted like it was pressure cooked and then drenched in sauce. Wet Wet Wet.

I have had much, much better ribs at Tony Romas, Dix and even The Cellar in Vancouver. These ribs were just yucky. There was no value at all with the $24.95 price tag on these sloppy things.

It was really too bad. The kids meals were good and were excellent value. The service was very good. If the ribs were up to snuff - I would return if in the area.

The ribs were quite sub-standard and I will not visit again.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Galaxy Bakery5729 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
Little Bakeshop with the standard products
Submitted Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 11:27am [Dine in]

I picked up some items for my family's lunch after having some x-rays at Grieg and Associates across the street.

The place is small and is a bakeshop. There is no tables or table service. Buy what you want and take it home or eat it while walking...

Anyways, I ordered 2 ham and cheese hot dog buns, 2 regular hot dog buns, 2 pizza buns, 2 ham and corn buns, 3 sugar donuts, 1 rice and egg sweet ball, 2 spice and salt rice pancakes, and 1 red bean rice pancake. We also picked up 4 cans of Nestle ice tea. The bill came to $15.65.

The items were nice and fresh tasting (we did pick up at 9:30 AM). The items were standard Asian bakeshop fare - nothing spectacular, but tasty. I especially liked the spice and salt rice pancake - I found it quite tasty. The donuts are only so-so. I usually prefer to get Asian items and not pseudo - European items at Asian bakeshops. If one wants good donuts - go to Duffins. If one wants good Euro pasteries and cakes - go to Bon Ton or Bon Bon or another Euro bakery.

However, for hot dog buns, little pizza buns with weiners used for toppings, rice pancakes and such - this place was pretty much on the mark.

The staff were friendly, the place was cramped and crowded, but was clean enough.

I'll return if I'm in the area.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Sushi Oyama5152 Kingsway, Burnaby
My new destination for Japanese and Sushi
Submitted Saturday, August 21, 2010 - 8:32am [Dine in]

I decided to try this place based on the positive reviews on Dinehere.ca

I am sooooo glad that I visited!!

I'll start with the ambiance. I loved the old house. I know that it use to be a funeral home (I have a weird sense of humour, so I actually like the history of the structure). I imagine that it might have been a merchants private residence at one point. It appears to be a Victorian era mansion, complete with stained glass windows and period lighting on the outside. Combining with this old world British charm, there is Zen like decorating on the interior. It is an unusual combination - but I liked it.

We sat on the porch, which was huge (one little warning - there are lots of stairs so people with disabilities and people needing strollers take note). It was a pleasant evening and my whole family was comfortable the entire time.

We ordered Chicken Teriyaki with rice ($7.80) to be split for the kids. We also ordered Assorted Tempura ($6.50) and Prawn Tempura ($7.50) and an order of Assorted Sushi Combo ($11.99). Hubby and I also had an order each of the Gomae (spinach salad). My husband and I had Japanese beer and the kids each had a pop.

The Gomae was very good. The spinach was done right and the sauce was lighter than many places (tasty, but not overpowering). The chicken teriyaki was tasty. The Sushi pieces were HUGE and very nice. The Tempura was the best I had ever had. Light batter, not greasy and very tasty. The sauce for the tempura was also very, very nice.

I will go again. If dining as a couple, I recommend ordering the Assorted Tempura. There were two pieces of each type served - so this is a perfect sharing dish for two.

My only quibble is that I wish that they would have a better choice of combo plates (like a Bento Box selection) so that diners could have small portions of favourites (including sushi/sashimi and hot food).

There is a smile on my face as I type this review just thinking about the good meal that I had there. :)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Silks Restaurant188 N. Renfrew St., Vancouver
Staff need some training
Submitted Sunday, August 8, 2010 - 10:02pm [Dine in]

I had been to Silks in the past. The restaurant is located at the Hastings Park racecourse. It is built as a terrace so that each table is overlooking the racetrack for an unobstructed view of the racecourse action. It is only operational during racing. Call ahead for reservations - you will usually need them.

I called for reservations, stating that I was bringing my two children (ages 3 and 5). I was told that there was a specific family seating area. This is different than the last time I was there (a few years ago). It is probably due to the gaming devices at the tables and gaming/licensing regulations. I gave my name and was instructed to use the "west elevator" to enter Silks as the east elevator would make my party go through an area where minors were not permitted. "Okey dokey" I thought.

I arrive with my double stroller. Small problem. There are STAIRS leading to the area on the main floor to the west elevator!!! The guest service person on the main floor was useless and different offer any assistance as my husband and I struggled to bring the double stroller down the stairs. I guess no one was really thinking of people with disabilities or parents with strollers - AS USUAL!!!! Shameful.

The "family" section was located by a service area. However, we were out of eye contact for the waitstaff and had to be pretty assertive to get our drink order in.

I was told on the phone that the buffet was $18.95 and that my 5 year old would be 1/2 price. I was also advised that my three year old daughter would be free. The food was reasonable. There were nice salads, a pretty decent selection of cheese. The mains were okay - I liked the ham and baron of beef, which was sliced by a friendly older gentleman. I especially liked the chocolate fountain and fresh fruit and berries.

However, my husband and I ordered two draft beers ( a Stella and a Pale Ale). They were warm. We called the waiter over and explained that the beers were warm. He suggested that the beer had been sitting in the line and that he would have them re-poured. He returned and they were still not served cold enough (note - my husband and I are pretty eclectic beer drinkers and have a good knowledge of beers and the proper serving temperature of the different types ... we know what we are talking about). I couldn't stand to drink this beer warm, sent it back and ordered a pop. My husband, the more gracious of the two of us, decided to let it slide and drink his poorly executed product.

We enjoyed the races. The kids were given colouring books and crayons, which they had fun with. The ambiance is nice (other than being tucked away in the "family seating" section) as the view is really nice at Hastings Park. The track is in the foreground, with the harbour, the port and the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in the background). The horseraces give additional entertainment value.

We received our bill and noted that each child was charged as a "child's buffet" @ $12.95 each!!. My daughter had a few bites of food!!! I called the waiter over and explained that I had been told that my three year old would be free. He said, "Oh, I wasn't told that, but let me adjust the bill." He was gracious enough to do that. I didn't bother explaining that I was also told that my son would be "1/2 price) which would be around $9.50.

It would be nice if the people who answered the phones and took reservations would actually know what they are talking about. They need more education and communication within their staffing mix. I would expect the staff to at least know the prices and give a straight answer when asked.

BTW - I was also told that there would be a $5.00 cover charge for each person. When we arrived, I went to the front area (which is restricted to minors) and announced our arrival. I was also going to pay our "cover charge" and was going to confirm if the charge was per adult or per person (I was going to see about getting my daughter for free due to her age). The girl at the front advised that the waiter would charge this at the end. The waiter did not include this fee for any of us. I didn't remind him. I figured the $15 to $20 was my fee for having to carry the stroller up and down stairs!!

I would like to go to the track again, but I think that I will just pack sandwiches and some cold drinks and enjoy the racetrack on the ground level. It is free to enter here and I don't have to put up with being stuck in a corner, and bother with the inconvenience of stairs. The only down side is that the Silks restaurant is entirely non-smoking while smokers roam the ground area and spew toxins everywhere.

Sigh..... I really wish that Silks would get their act together so I can enjoy an afternoon at the races again.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Pizza Pizza2901 Hastings Street, Vancouver
Playland Pizza - It is what it is...
Submitted Monday, July 12, 2010 - 9:56pm [Dine in]

I like amusement parks.

The food leaves something to be desired .... but I still like amusement parks.

The choices at Playland are limited. There is the Triple O's near the East Hastings Street main gate. There is Pizza Pizza at the East midway. There is Fundunkers Donuts for a sweet treat. There is a fudge place on the north end of the midway which has good fudge. There is cotton candy which is so overpriced to be laughable ... but it is an amusement park.

If I wanted to be the food snob that I usually am, I would pack brie and french bread, deli meats from Santa Barbara Grocery, some fresh fruit and a fancy Italian soda ... but I am just not that organized so I am stuck with Playland Food.

Which brings me to Pizza Pizza.

The pizza is okay. I would ask that it be made hot as if the slices have been sitting, they cool down quite a bit. We got some pepperoni pizza for the kids at $5.00 per slice. This was pretty expensive - but keep in mind the crazy mark up at Playland. The pizza is a little greasy, the pepperoni slices are paper thin and the cheese only okay quality, but it serves its purpose of providing some nourishment when we are going full tilt on the rides and attractions. The veggie pizza is actually pretty good and has lots of veggies.

The servers are friendly and efficient. I liked the fact that the server offered to cut my slices into two so that the kids could better handle them. This is good to keep in mind if one only wants a light snack as a large slice can be cut. I had the onion rings once, they were pricey too - but they were actually pretty good.

I NEVER EVER order soft drinks at Playland because they are grossly overpriced. I had the kids sippy cups full of water to drink. Also, if you ask nicely, they will give tap water in little itty bitty cups if one doesn't want overpriced soft drinks or bottled water.

Anyways, if one orders just a couple of slices of pizza and have them split - it comes to $10. If one adds a large onion rings - it will be another $5.50. Drink your own water and after your snack, go across the midway to the fudge place and order $3 to $4 dollars worth of fudge. You can have a light lunch and a sweet treat for four and get away with $20 at Playland for food purchases.

Then go on the Roller Coaster again. The seats at the front and back are the most fun, but the seats at the middle have less of a line up.

YeeeeeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwww! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
New Lakeview Seafood & Wuntun7765 6th Street, Burnaby
Happy with Delivery Order
Submitted Monday, July 12, 2010 - 8:25am [Dine in]

We were visiting family who lived in this area and had decided on Chinese food for delivery.

This restaurant was in the phone book with a full menu available to order from.

We went with the breaded almond chicken, chicken and green pepper with black bean sauce on chow mein, beef and broccoli, and braised assorted deluxe vegetables.

The phone book menu says that it is free delivery for orders over $15, but I think that my family member was told that it was free over $20. Double check with the restaurant before ordering for delivery as to the charge.

The food arrived within the estimated delivery time and was still hot.

All of the food was reasonably tasty and the portions were generous. There were four hungry adults and two children. There was plenty for all and there were still ample leftovers for lunch the next day for two adults.

The vegetables were done nicely - they weren't overcooked, which destroys their flavour. The beef and brocolli was tasty and had LOTS of beef. The shrimp fried rice was full of medium sized shrimp which were perfect texture. My son LOVES shrimp and there was plenty for everyone in this rice dish.

I had to rate the ambiance as two because there is no option for take out or delivery reviews where the ambiance is not applicable.

If we have another get together, we will happily order from here again.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
FunDunkers2901 Hastings Street, Vancouver
Wanted - HOT coffee and HOT donuts
Submitted Monday, July 5, 2010 - 8:06pm [Dine in]

Went here a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day for enjoying Playland, but being the amusement park loving family that we are - this didn't deter us.

I love those silly little donuts that one can get. It's a bag fill of wonderful bad-for-you sweetness that is warm and yummy.

I approached the shop and ordered a two bags of donuts and two coffees. I saw the girl grab a bag from under the heat lamp. I asked when they were made. She said that they were made "a few minutes ago." The thing with little donuts is that they are only good when they are fresh. I don't really believe that they were made "only a few minutes ago." However, they still felt warm and were to be gobbled up by my family within minutes so nevermind.

I took the two coffees which she poured and headed under cover of the midway to get out of the rain.

The coffee was barely lukewarm. She certainly did brew this stuff "a few minutes ago..."

I took it back and politely, but clearly asked for replacements. Crikes, it was a cold, rainy day. Hot coffee was wanted, not lukewarm swill.

Happily, she took it back, admitted that she was pouring from an almost empty urn and offered to give me fresh, but it would take 10 minutes. I came back approximately ten minutes later and indeed she gave me two fresh cups of hot, good coffee. Only now my donuts were cold. Argghhh!!

Playland's concessions should be thrilled that there are visitors on a day like that. At least serve us amusement park diehards hot coffee and donuts - yeesh!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Triple O's2901 Hastings Street, Vancouver
Playland Triple O's
Submitted Monday, July 5, 2010 - 7:57pm [Dine in]

This restaurant is located right inside Playland, near the front entrance off Hastings Street.

I submit this review with slightly lowered expectations as it is located in an amusement park which is known for so-so cuisine (you got a choice between pizza and triple o's basically).

Anyway, the food is okay. It costs $10.75 for a double triple o classic (two patties, served with tomato, lettuce, onions and a pickle). My husband and I each had this combo. For the kids, we got them each a cheeseburger for $6.50 or so. The kids could share our fries. The total bill came to $35.00. About par with other fast food places out there.

The service was okay. The girls took the orders and smiled. I would have preferred that the wait staff got our drinks ready before the burgers and fries came out. She did it backwards, letting my burgers and fries sit there, getting cold, while she finally did the drinks.

The fries were not as hot as I like them, but otherwise tasty. The burger would have also been better served hotter - but was otherwise a typical White Spot triple O's, slathered in mayonnaise and that red sauce. Tasty.

I would choose this place over the pizza place (located in the midway section of Playland). The food is better and it is better value.

I am not thrilled with the lack of washrooms in the place though. Unless there is a washroom that I am somehow missing - I had to take my three year old daughter outside the restaurant, down some steps and over to the outside public washroom. This is very inconvenient, especially for families with small children (who have small bladders...)

All of Playland really needs to improve in this regard. More washrooms are needed. Extra "Johnny On the Spot" style washrooms are needed (especially for men) and family washroom are needed for parents of either gender to take their young children of either gender. Get with the program Playland - it is a family amusement park - have family facilities.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Keg Steakhouse & Bar, The2142 West Railway Street, Abbotsford
Good Steak and Prime Rib Dinners
Submitted Monday, July 5, 2010 - 11:47am [Dine in]

My husband and I were visiting Abbotsford. We usually like to dine at stand alone places (i.e. non chain restaurants run by local people), but we decided to go to the Keg as we had a gift certificate and we were both hankering for some solid steaks and roast.

The Keg does not take reservations on a Saturday. We arrived fairly early in the evening and were seated right away. The hostesses and waitress were all friendly and professional.

We ordered cocktails. I had the Mojito, my husband had a martini. I was very pleased with my mojito - the perfect balance of mint, citrus and sweetness. My husband liked the flavour of his martini, but would have liked it served colder.

We ordered Keg Classic Dinners. We like these because they come with salad to start and veggies with the main course. I ordered the prime rib - medium. The prime rib came hot and cooked perfectly to medium. They were happy to substitute garlic mashed potatoes instead of a baked potato. The garlic mashed and the broccoli, carrots and mushrooms that came with my entree were all delicious. My husband ordered the fillet. It was very tasty, done perfectly medium rare and came with bernaise sauce to dip. Delicious.

We both had a BC Syrah to go with our meals. It was tasty compliment to the beef.

We ordered dessert. I had the creme brulee - delicious and a generous portion. My husband had a mocha cake - also delicoius. I had a two ounce speciality coffee and my husband had a black cofeee.

The bill (before tip) came to $150.00. For what we received - I thought this was excellent value.

The outside of the restaurant did not look very inviting - sort of ordinary. However, the inside was a classic Keg style which was comfortable and enjoyable.

For a chain restaurant - I was very satisfied and would return.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Cheers Bar & Grill2814 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford
Boring and Ordinary
Submitted Monday, July 5, 2010 - 11:37am [Dine in]

My husband and I went here on the dubious recommendation of a family member who lives nearby. I should have been suspicious as this same family member also suggested ABC restaurant and Red Robbins (my husband and I prefer stand alone, non-chain restaurants and specifically do "destination dining"). Anyways, not knowing the area - we gave it a try anyway - what a mistake....

We entered the pub, there were maybe one or two patrons. The staff seemed disinterested and were unsmiling. It took a while to even be acknowledged. We sat ourselves.

The waitress brought some menus. There was no drink menu. My husband went to the bar area to see what was on tap. I noted a beer that I had not yet tried, Murphy's stout. I asked the waitress what this beer was like. She shrugged her shoulders and grunted, "I don't know." My husband had had the beer before and gave me a bit of a description and I went ahead and ordered a sleeve.

We decided to split and appy platter (at $19.99) and to split a reuben sandwich at around $8.50 with a $2.00 extra charge for a Ceasar side salad.

The appy platter was boring and ordinary. It was poor value for the price point. It had some odd tasting, sparse chicken wings with some sort of sweet bbq sauce glopped on. There were some "Cheers chips" which were just thinly sliced potatoes deep fried. There were a few very generic tasting mini spring rolls with a scant, almost flavourless filling. There were some dried ribs with very little substance, a few raw veggie strips. The only okay thing about the platter were the chicken strips and the deep fried zucchini - which were okay. The platter came with three boring dips - boring plum sauce, boring mustard sauce and boring ranch. Their was also ketchup available.

The sandwich was okay tasting - a bit greasy on the outside - I know that it is a fried sandwich, but there seemed an excess of oil used in this product. What I couldn't understand was why it was cut so lopsided. We stated that we were SHARING the plate. The sandwich was cut so that it was divided into 1/4 and 3/4 pieces. I just gave my husband the bigger piece and nibbled on the scrap that was left.

The bill came to approximately $50 with tax. The sleeve of Murphy's was $6.50 (before taxes). No bargains in the sticks of Abbotsford. I get a similar price point in downtown Vancouver (for both food and beverage).

The ambiance was also very ordinary, some tv's showing sports. Generic tables and chairs. The ambiance was really pulled down by the dour looking staff.

If we step out to Abbotsford in the future - this pub will certainly be a miss.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Minoas Greek Taverna3823 Kingsway, Burnaby
Pretty house, pretty sad about the rest of it...
Submitted Monday, June 28, 2010 - 10:47am [Dine in]

I have lived near Minoas for many years .. despite it's proximity to my family home and current home - I don't dine here after several meh meals over the years.

The house is pretty, well decorated and would make an excellent dining venue if the service, food and prices were better.

The food is a soggy mess. In my last visit (my husband INSISTED on trying it even after my protesting) we ordered calamari. They were expensive, a small portion, served cold and were soggy.

I ordered the roast lamb. It was served "wet" like it came out of hot water in a pressure cooker. My husband was unimpressed with his entree as well.

My husband had called ahead to have make sure that there was room and inquire about making a reservation. The person on the other end would not take his name and simply said, "there is plenty of room." We arrived less than 15 minutes later and were required to wait for 20 minutes to be seated!!!

The server, a female in her mid thirties to early 40's, never smiled once.

There are much, much, better Greek Restaurants in Vancouver. I would drive the extra distance to some of the wonderful places along Broadway (e.g. Athenes, Kalamatas) which offer much, much better value and better food.

The house is pretty, but the food, service and value at Minoas isn't!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Elephant & Castle3500 Cessna Drive, Richmond
Ho Hum
Submitted Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 4:08pm [Dine in]

We only went to this restaurant because family was staying at the hotel attached. Why they even chose to stay at this hotel is beyond me. The only advantage was its proximity to the airport where they arrived. They were leaving for a cruise the next day leaving Burrard Inlet. Why not stay at a decent hotel downtown and have a choice of excellent, destination restaurants...

I digress. I were there to catch up with family and the Elephant & Castle at the Delta it was...

Ambiance. It was okay. It is on the harbour with water and boat views, which was nice. The decorations were sparse in the restaurant. There were some old single rowing boats (like those used in racing). Even with these, it seemed barren. The ceilings were very high and I guess I would have liked it more if they did it up like the Canoe Club in Victoria (see my review). Also, I found the tables a bit cramped together in our section. We had trouble getting to and from our chairs as we were almost back-to-back with another party. The washrooms were tiny. Awkward.

Service. I had to rate the overall service as poor. We were promptly seated (we had called ahead letting them know that 10 of us were coming). However, the waiter (who's English was not very good) asked us our drink order right away. We were trying to seat ourselves and get the children (ages 5 and 3 settled). I asked for a drink menu. The waiter looked confused. He asked for the children's drink order again. I stated that I would like a menu again. He looked irritated. He said, "We have pop, we have Shirley Temples, what will it be??" I ordered the kids Shirley Temples.

Later, after he served the children their drinks, he brought me all the menus (including main menu, children's menu and a drink menu). I noted on the children's menu that their meal would include a pop. Gee - that's why I want to see a FRICKIN MENU BEFORE ORDERING!!

My son had mac and cheese and a coke. My daughter had chicken strips and a coke (the waiter almost did not take their drink order - even though it is included in the children's meal - I had to remind him). I ordered a Union Jack burger with a side order of a prawn skewer and my hubby had the Bangers and Mash.

My sons mac and cheese looked and tasted like Kraft Dinner. My daughters chicken strips were only okay. My burger patty was dry (there was a small amount of mayonnaise on one side of the bun - the other side was bone dry). The prawn skewer looked and tasted like someone had taken a few shrimps from a generic frozen shrimp ring and put 6 of them on a skewer over a grill. They were small and tasteless. The fries were only okay - kind of soggy. My husband thought his sausage (banger) was okay, the mash was okay, but was unimpressed with the beans - which he thought flavourless.

I had a Guiness with my meal - at least that was good.

We ordered dessert. I asked for a coffee drink (with Frangelico and Baileys) and some bread pudding. My hubby just asked for black coffee. The coffees all arrived around 15 minutes before the dessert. No refills were offered. My bread pudding was dry-ish. I would have liked some more black coffee to drink with it - but no refills were offered until we were ready to pay.

All in all - it was a poor experience. Notwithstanding the good company, it was difficult to talk as the tables were arranged in a long rectangle. The food was merely "meh" and a the service slow and a bit impatient.

Too bad - with the location, good things could happen with a fresh, innovative chef, a good interior decorator and a good concept. The Elephant and Castle has none of these.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant4598 Main Street, Vancouver
Good Pho, reasonable value
Submitted Friday, June 18, 2010 - 9:19pm [Dine in]

After reading many good reviews at Dinehere.ca, I decided to give Pho Tan a try.

First impression was only okay. I called ahead to ask if they accepted VISA. The woman who answered the phone said, "Hello." This is a pet peeve of mine. I answer "hello" when I am at home. When I am at work, I answer, "Hello (or, better yet, good evening) then state my company name." This is basic professionalism. I asked the woman if I had reached Pho Tan and she said "yes." I asked my question "Do you take Visa" and she answered something unintelligible. I asked again, this time a little slower and tried to be more clear. She stated, a bit impatiently that it was cash only.

Anyways, they have no telephone manners.

I tired the place anyway (and brought cash)...

The place is decorated nicely - a bit more atmosphere than most.

There were lots of people there including lots of families (so we felt we fit in nicely).

We ordered our standard fare (Rare Beef Pho, vermicelli bowls with chicken, minced pork and spring rolls and I had my favourite drink - a salty lemon on soda).

The prices were very reasonable ($7 for a large Pho; $7.50 for the vermicelli bowls and only $2.75 for my salty lemon drink; soft drinks were $1.60).

The Pho was tasty. The bowls were okay - I found the minced pork had a weird powdery seasoning on it. The chicken was good and it was nice that it was completely boneless. The spring roll was tasty. My salted lemon drink was very tasty and had just the right amount of preserved lemon and sweetness. I ordered two of them!!

Our waitress was very pleasant and efficient.

I would go again if I was in the area, but I have another favourite Pho place which I will continue to go to as Pho Tan and my other place are the same driving distance from my home.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Lingering Flavor Express Food3328 Kingsway, Unit 110, Vancouver
Only tried slush - it was not up to par
Submitted Saturday, June 12, 2010 - 8:52pm [Dine in]

My five year old son is hooked on mango slush.

I saw that this place, beside London Drugs, sells Bubble Tea, so I decided to try it.

I asked the lady for a mango slush with milk- no pearls. I specifically asked the server to blend it well so that there were no large chunks of ice (my son likes a smooth consistency to his slush). The server prepared a powdered drink which was not a slush. It was a watering mango drink with large chunks of ice. Whaaat. I handed it back and repeated my order - Mango SLUSH, with MILK. I also suggested that the ice should have been all ground up to make an actual slush.

She took the drink to the back. She came back with a milk mango drink with large chunks of ice. It was not a slush.

At this time, I gave up - handed the drink to my son.

He did not like it,

I had a taste - it was the worst slush I ever had.

Maybe the rest of their food is better.

I won't be back to find out.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ice Baby Bubble Tea4500 Kingsway, Unit 1021, Burnaby
So this is what a decent slush should taste like!!
Submitted Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 1:40pm [Dine in]

I went here after having some Vietnamese Noodle Soup.

I was luckier than Mr. C. The server this time was pretty nice. I was studying the menu and she answered my questions and made suggestions.

The place is just a stand at Crystal Mall, it was clean and bright.

I ordered a mango slush with mango pearls. They asked if I wanted milk added. The total was $4.00.

The drink was delicious. It was smooth, icy cold, but without ice crystals. Mmmmmm good. It was not too sweet and the pearls were nicely textured.

I will return again with my slush loving children!!

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Green Bamboo Vietnamese Cuisine4500 Kingsway, #1230, Burnaby
Pho is Good, but I did not appreciate the substitution...
Submitted Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 1:26pm [Dine in]

I noticed this place while driving by on Willingdon Avenue (there is an entrance off of this street). I happen to like Vietnamese food (I have lots of reviews of different Pho houses) and decided to give it a try one day while in the area.

I was by myself this time. Good thing, because I would have had trouble getting the double stroller into the place (people with wheelchairs and people with kids in strollers take note). Also, since I was by myself, I decided to have some Pho with rare beef and tendon. My dear husband does not like the look or texture of tendon - so I never order it with him. My children won't touch it either, so it is a special treat when I go for Pho solo.

I ordered a small "Beef rice noodle soup) with rare beef and tendon ($6.25). I also ordered the Special Vietnamese Sandwich ($3.25). Unfortunately, they do not serve my favourite Vietnamese drink (preserved salty lemon with iced soda) so I settled for a Coke.

The female server was polite enough, but I would have rated the overall service as 1.5 stars due to the fact that the Pho I received was not what I ordered. When I looked into my steaming bowl of broth and noodles, I saw one small piece of gray ham-like substance and the rare beef slices. I called the waitress over and said that there was no tendon (which I was looking so forward to). She just said, "Oh, we didn't have any so we put this pork in instead... the tendon was still frozen." I was annoyed because I should have been asked if this substitution was acceptable before they served it to me. Frankly, I would have changed my order and tried a vermicelli plate with lemongrass chicken and spring rolls instead of Pho and a sandwich.

Other than the piece of weird pork meat, the soup was good. There was green onions and cilantro in the broth, the noodles were the proper texture, and the sliced beef was tender, tasty and could cook nicely in the steaming hot broth.

The sub came after. It was only okay. It was made with that weird meat that they put into my soup. There were a nice amount of veggies on the sandwich though.

The ambiance is quite simple, just functional. It appeared clean. I did not check out the washrooms.

I might go back if I'm in the area, but I will advise when I order that substitutions are not acceptable and that they must check with me if they are out of any items in my order or I will send the substituted order back without paying. I won't bother with the weird meat sub (aka "Special Vietnamese Sandwich")

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Pajo's Fish & Chips3500 Bayview Street, Richmond
Sit down dining prices for take-out food
Submitted Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 7:05pm [Dine in]

Firstly, I will blog a little about fish n chips in general...

I am hit with my fish n chip craving about once or twice per year. It is not health food (usually devoid of green vegetables and deep fried). It is not well valued food. If the product is too inexpensive - the quality is usually bad. Reasonably good quality commands high prices.

Anyways, onto my review of this Pajo's location:

Arrived at Garry Point on a Sunday afternoon. Looked like lots of people had the same idea. We knew what to expect, so we brought the following:

Plastic picnic table cloth cover so that I would not have my children eating on a surface sullied with birdy-doo.

Duct tape to secure plastic picnic table cloth so that it does not fly away in the wind (Garry Point gets windy and is actually a good place to fly/watch kites).

Plastic or disposable plates because eating out of a paper cone cumbersome (especially for my pre-school age children)

My husband set up the picnic table with the kids and I went to stand in line for about 15 minutes to place our order. Once my order was placed, it was another 15 minutes for them to make my order.

I had lots of time to study the menu while standing in line. I am familiar with Pajos and knew to order one large fish n chips and fries (comes with 2 1/2 pieces of fish and enough fries to choke a horse). I ordered two "just fish" which gave me a total of three extra pieces of fish for about 50 cents less than a second order of fish and chips and fries (more fish for a bit less money and I knew that there were plenty of fries with the one order to go around). I also ordered a cheeseburger without fries. The menu board only lists the burgers as platters (with fries). I asked and the server sold me a cheeseburger without the fries for 60 cents less than the platter. Again, I knew that the large fish and chips had PLENTY of fries to go around. I also order 4 medium root beer.

When I picked up, I checked the order. Everything was okay. I had to request my tartar sauce. I helped myself to ketchup and malt vinegar at the condiment station. My order is placed in a wooden rack which I am instructed to unload at my picnic table and return straight away.

I brought the order to my picnic table, plated the food and brought back the wooden rack and walked back to the table. unfortunately, by this time, my fish and chips were considerably cooled. Notwithstanding this, the fish and chips were good quality and the burger was quite tasty (although the patty was a bit small)

My total bill (with tax) came to about $42.00.

This is pricey for self serve. Hence the one star for "value"

As for service (which I also rated as "one star" - the servers were well mannered and polite. I rated the service as poor due to management oversites: the a al carte burgers were not included in the price list (some people wouldn't know to ask). The tartar sauce is not offered automatically (even if the staff were instructed to ask if the customer wanted tartar sauce as to not encourage waste). I did not like having to bring back my wooden tray while my meal cooled in the windy conditions of Garry Point. Perhaps Pajos can consider a better method of packing the orders without having to make customers walk back and forth (the picnic tables can be the equivalent of a city block or two away).

Also, I know that those paper cones are cute and all - but they really are awkward to eat from.

When visiting Sunset Beach in Vancouver, I go to Stephos (a uber-value place Greek place on Davie Street) and get my order to go. For approximately 10 bucks I can get a huge roast lamb dinner (including vegetables) packed to go along with napkins and utensils. You can see my review at Dinehere.ca

I think I will do the same concept when visiting Garry Point. I will do a search at Dinehere.ca and find a reasonably priced restaurant en-route that does take out. I'll continue to Garry Point, park, unload the kids and be enjoying our picnic instead of standing in line for 30 minutes for fish n chips that will be cold by the time I get to them.

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Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant1246 Kingsway, Vancouver
My new destination for Pho and Vietnamese Food!!
Submitted Friday, May 14, 2010 - 8:18pm [Dine in]

I have been trying Vietnamese Noodle Soup places for a few months now. I find that the soup is tasty and filling and my kids like it. We also all like lemongrass grilled chicken (the kids like it with rice and hubby and I like it with vermicelli).

We found this place on Dinehere.ca and read many good reviews. I concur with the raves.

The place was bright and clean. The waitresses spoke English well. One server who was less comfortable with English promptly alerted another staff member to help me with a question.

We were all offered a choice of hot or cold tea. It being a warm evening, hubby and I opted for cold tea and asked for ice water for the kids.

We ordered a large rare beef Pho ($6.75), 3 lemongrass chicken with rice ($7.50 each), 6 spring rolls ($6.00) 4 soft drinks (1.50 each) and a salty lemon and soda drink ($3.25).

The Pho was served very hot. It was tasty with a generous portion of bean sprouts, basil and lemon. There was no chili pepper, however, there was three kinds of chili sauce on the table if one wanted more spiciness to their broth. The noodles were perfect texture and there was a reasonable amount of meat. There was also a good ratio between noodle and broth.

The lemongrass grilled chicken was generously portioned and very tasty. Each plate also came with ample salad vegetables to nicely balance the meal.

The rolls were small, but served hot and tasty. There was ample dipping sauce for each person.

Even the salty lemon drink was good. A generous amount of salty lemon and it was served nice and cold.

The washrooms were reasonably clean and stocked.

The bill was itemized and computer printed. My hubby payed with the option of adding an automatic 15% gratuity, which he gladly choose.

My only quibble - the lemongrass chicken combo was served with a small side of beef soup. We ordered three dishes - why weren't there three soups. It was not an issue for us as we had a jolly good fill of the Pho, but if the meal came with the soup - there should have been three of 'em.

Anyways, I will return and this has been my most positive Pho and Vietnamese experience in Vancouver thus far.

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Transylvanian Traditions1111 Davie Street, Vancouver
Excellent cakes and service!
Submitted Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 8:28pm [Dine in]

Decided to drop by for a sweet treat after dining on Poutine at the nearby Belle Patate.

The cakes all looked delicious. The female server was polite and patient with my two preschool age children.

When ordering, I asked for coffee. As it was later in the evening (getting close to closing time), the server advised that she was out, but would be happy to brew some more.

The cakes were delicious, not too sweet and with nice texture. MMMMMmmmm.

The server delivered my coffee, asked if I needed cream or sugar and also advised to let her know if it was too strong (she would have made it weaker for me). I happen to like strong, black coffee and thought that it tasted absolutely perfect.

The cakes were generous in size and my husband entered the shop from the patio where we were eating and got a box to take the rest home. The server came out and advised us not to worry about cleaning the table of plates, forks, etc and that she would do that.

The service was excellent, the product was excellent, the value was solid.

I will be back.

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Sunflowers Cafe5125 Joyce Street, Vancouver
Chemical Slush
Submitted Monday, May 10, 2010 - 11:14pm [Dine in]

I still don't get bubble tea - but my kids are hooked...

Tried this new place located just south/west of Joyce Street Skytrain Station (near the Bamboo Cafe).

The interior is quite something. Lots of white and sort of 1970's modern fixtures. It looked a little Clockwork Orange actually.

Anyway, the servers were efficient and friendly. I appreciate that they advised me BEFORE making my order that they use syrup for the flavours we requested (pineapple for my daughter and orange for me). We were served quickly and the girl making the beverage was meticulous in her work.

Unfortunately, the slush was very chemically tasting. I know, I know - they told me it was from syrup - but this was a not-very-good tasting syrup. Also, this slush did not have any milkiness to it. I have been to other bubble tea places were there was milk added to the fruit slush which gave it a nicer flavour and texture.

I gave just one star because of the taste of the slush. However, I noticed that they served food here and the food actually looked and smelled really good. I might go back to try some food - but I wouldn't order a slush again.

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