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lindaroseVancouverSince November 26, 2007172 Reviews
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2.5 (2.7)
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Longwood Brew Pub5775 Turner Road, Nanaimo
Re-Review - needs some tweaking with process - Not a good choice for a special dinner
Submitted Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 4:34pm [Dine in]

I made a reservation for this establishment for 7 for a special birthday dinner a month in advance via e-mail (and received a confirmation e-mail that my reservation was accepted).

Because I know that mistakes happen, I take the time to call the restaurant a couple of days ahead of time to make sure that everything is on track (note - I live in Vancouver - this call is long distance at my expense).

It's a good thing I called to confirm - the hostess did not have my reservation. I read her the e-mail confirmation sent by the restaurant that I should, indeed, have reservations for for the stated date and time for 7 and reminded that it was for a special birthday. The hostess gave some song and dance about the manager having a separate reservation book and that it probably hadn't been entered into the book at the front blah, blah, blah. Either this is a pathetic cock and bull story or the manager is an idiot. Who would have a separate reservation book in their office?? What if someone made a reservation for a specific table and there was a double entry?? Like I said, either it was a lame excuse for incompetence or a genuine description of incompetent management.

My party arrived at the place and were given menus.

The server was great in some ways - meh in others. She was patient with the older adults at the table (one of whom is a very fussy, finicky person - the server actually gave three (3) samples of wine to one of my party - finally she settled on a glass that she could tolerate). Here she was accommodating and patient.

This is where the good service ends.

The appetizers arrived in a reasonable amount of time. However, the mains took forever to get out. We had two young children in our party (ages 7 and 9). They were well behaved, but starting to verbalize their hunger. It was close to a 45 minute wait for our food.

The server did bring out a little bread when asked about the wait time. She brought out 4 half pieces. Um. There are SEVEN people in our party. Could the restaurant not have provided another 3 pieces of BREAD! Usually one is served bread as a standard when ordering entrees in an establishment. They brought out insufficient bread as an apology for poor service. Whatever.

Finally, the food comes out. They gave me the wrong salad. I pointed it out. The waitress (who was otherwise good) argued and told me that I had ordered the one that she delivered. I most certainly did not (I know this because I have a habit of pointing to my order in the menu to ensure that it is correctly communicated). Another member of my party (who usually stays pretty quiet) also said, "um, I heard her. She did not order the salad that you brought out." The waitress reluctantly took the salad back.

After a while, the correct salad was brought out.

The food was good. Nothing outstanding, but solid brewpub fare. I liked the fish tacos. One of my party found the steak a bit tough - so I wouldn't recommend it. The prices were all standard for mid end restaurants (the steak was $24 ish, the salmon was $24 ish, the burgers were $14 to $16 ish).

The waitress brought the bill - she stated that she gave me the (less expensive price) for the salad that they at first mistakingly brought out. A whole $2 off. Whoppee! For the amount of time it took the food to come out - I would have thought they would have given a couple of the appetizers gratis.

Oh - and no one said "Happy Birthday" to the birthday celebrant, offered a dessert or anything.

I would not bother with this place for any kind of special celebration. It is okay for a burger/beer - but nothing more than that.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Mary's Italian Gelato & Ice Cream12240 2nd Ave, Unit 120, Richmond
Chalky ice cream - bleh
Submitted Friday, April 18, 2014 - 8:45pm [Dine in]

Bought the kids single scoops of ice cream. The kids had chocolate. I had butter pecan. The kids thought the chocolate was okay - but my son thought it a little sweet. My butter pecan had no flavour and no pecans that I could discern. I also thought the consistency was chalky.

The ambiance was non-existent. It was uncomfortable in the shop with little decor.

The server was unsmiling and curt.

We ended up going here because of the long line up for Timothy's Ice Cream nearer the water. I guess there was a reason for that. Next time, we will stand in line too and avoid Mary's.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Chong's Restaurant2532 Kingsway, Vancouver
Re-reviewed - the food actually got better!
Submitted Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 2:29pm [Dine in]

I had left a positive review of this little neighbourhood dim sum place almost two years ago. I have been there a few times since then, most recently this afternoon. It was good before - the food this time actually improved!

We arrived at 1200h. There was a line up, but it was well managed as we were given a number by the attending server. We were seated in about 15 minutes. The table was clean, condiments were available.

We used the bilingual (English/Chinese) check list to order our dim sum. The basic items are $2.95 (a twenty cent increase since last year - but food prices have increased - I found the increase very reasonable and the price is still as low as one is likely to find at any dim sum in Vancouver). Specialty items - like the deep fried squid with spicy pepper and the fried green beans were more pricy (around $6 and $5 something respectively). In addition to the squid and bean dishes - we had 2 orders of sticky rice, and an order each of spring rolls, beef tendon, prawn dumpling, egg tarts, sesame balls, rice rolls with bbq pork and shrimp paste in eggplant. All food came in a reasonable amount of time and was hot and tasty. We especially liked that the food was not overly greasy. Even the deep fried squid was perfectly done - not a trace of grease remained on our fingers when eating it.

The room was crowded - but comfortable. The tvs played chinese programming - but the volume was low or off. The place was filled with mostly Asian patrons - families, couples, groups of friends. We are European Canadian - we found the everyone received good service - regardless of race, age, or family status. We were dining with children ages 6 and 8 - we were happy. We saw families with infants/babies - they appeared to be welcome and well treated to. We noted this on all our visits here. We always felt very welcome. Notwithstanding the full house - the place was not particularly noisy - maybe due to the acoustics of the place. The ambiance was good - not fancy, but clean and comfortable.

Our entire bill (including tax and 15% tip) was $46. Please note - like many little places on Kingsway - this is a CASH ONLY establishment.

This is our go-to place for dim sum. It is friendly, good value, good quality food and easy to get to (with plenty of free street parking). Highly recommended.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Butter Baked Goods4321 Dunbar St, Vancouver
Excellent Afternooon Tea!
Submitted Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 5:23pm [Dine in]

Dear hubby took me to Butter this afternoon.

It was like walking into a Laura Ashley store in the early 90's - super feminine, lotsa flours and pastels for the decor. Loved the chandeliers. Loved the genuine bone china place settings. Staff were all early twentish and casual, but neat and tidy.

There was no question in our mind that we were both going to have the tea on the tiered plates for about $28 per person.

Our server offered us a selection of tea - we were ordering two teas so we could choose two teas. I had the Earl Grey Cream. We also had the Butter Breakfast. We each got a medium sized pot and were each offered extra water mid way through. Both teas were delicious.

The tower tiers of tasty treats were also outstanding. The bottom plate had the sandwiches, two each of: a roast beef with basil, an egg salad with pea shoots, a curry chicken croissant and a teeny tiny quiche. My favourite was the curry chicken. I really liked the other - but the bread was just a touch dry on the egg salad - it could also have used some ..... welll... BUTTER on the bread. Other than that - it was all very high quality, homemade and tasty.

The middle tier held two each of two types of scone: cinnamon raisan and walnut. Both were tasty, relatively moist and went well with the devonshire cream and jam accompaniment.

The top tier held the dessert bits - my favourite here was the lemon cake and the lavender and lemon shortbread thing. All were very good.

We were full at the end. It doesn't look like a huge amount of food when considering it is just little sandwiches, scones and desserts - but both hubby and I have healthy appetites and we had elegant sufficiency (in other words - we were stuffed to the gills!).

The bill came to a little over $70 with tax and generous tip.

We will go again for a special occasion afternoon tea. :)

I have been to several tea places both in Vancouver and Victoria - this place ranks the top in Vancouver and area thus far (the best in Victoria is the White Heather - you can check out my review on Dine Here).

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Five Elements Cafe1046 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Good Eats - good start, will find their groove
Submitted Monday, December 30, 2013 - 5:18pm [Dine in]

Saw a couple of good reviews on dinehere and, being a Pho and noodle soup lover, had to try it out.

First, this is more of a cafe than a full service restaurant. You order at the counter and then someone will bring the food to you. You get your side plates, smaller bowls at the front and serve yourself water from the water jug at the front. There is no free tea, which was surprising as most noodle places offer this (whether full service or partially self serve).

My kids, (age 8 and 6) noticed a "weird" smell. It was strong of lemongrass and a few other elements. It was a little offputting. I am pretty easy going regarding aromas - but it was not entirely pleasant. The kids hemmed and hawed and wanted to leave - but with a promise of a cold can of ice tea - they settled down.

It was a good thing that I checked out their menu on-line before going there. The on-line menu is much better presented than the one in a the restaurant. There were no pictures or good descriptions. I ordered a bowl of the Peanut Satay Pho with chicken for $9 to split between hubby and I. I ordered a Lemongrass Chicken with rice to split with the kids. I ordered 3 cans of ice tea. With a couple of dollars for tip - the bill came to just under $24. (Note - I only tip a full 15 to 20% for a full service restaurant. My tip is smaller when I order at the counter and pay first, hence the smaller tip).

Speaking of service - I had to rate it mediocre. I wasn't warmly greeted. The two women at the counter seemed to be busy talking between themselves. There was no water offered - the jug had disappeared. I only knew about because I read reviews on Dinehere and Yelp. When asked, she brought it out again. Also, when our soup came out - there was no serving spoon. I just used the large spoons and chopsticks at the table to dish out our meals. I noted that other empty tables with bowls still needing clearing had large serving spoons in them. I guess they just forgot ours.

Anyways - onto the food - the soup was as good as any Pho I have had in the city. Excellent broth - if there was any MSG in it - I certainly didn't taste it (and i have pretty good taste buds). The lemongrass chicken and rice was a generous portion, perfect for the kids to share. I tried a bite - it was flavourful and tender.

The women's washroom was clean and well stocked.

I think that they could make the experience better by offering a clearer menu with photographs at the counter (like they have in their on-line menu). Also, keep the water jug on the counter and let patrons know they can help themselves. Invest in a tea urn and keep some hot tea availalbe for patrons to self serve. Do something about the exhaust to help clear the front area of the strong smell. Finally - make sure that all the serving utensils needed to dig into the fantastic food are available.

Notwithstanding these few quibbles - I would return and recommend.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Cattle Cafe3510 Kingsway, Vancouver
Good soup on a budget
Submitted Thursday, November 28, 2013 - 2:17pm [Dine in]

Been at this location twice with a friend.

We both enjoy the Laksa with fish noodle. The fish noodle is made from a white fish paste, which is sqeezed out and boiled in the soup. It has great texture - like a noodle - but without the carbs.

The fish noodle costs an extra $4 on top of the $8.50 soup. So $12.50 all together. The combo comes with a hong kong style milk tea or coffee and a nice cold glass of water on request. I like beef tendon and rolled bean curd with my soup. It's tasty and oh so good on a cold day. My friend and I can usually split a soup. Sometimes we order one each and have a nice lunch for the next day as well.

The first time I was there - the male server was very helpful. The second time I was there, a female server left a lot to be desired. There was a small, dime sized amount of soup on the table left from the previous diners. She cleaned the spot. Literally - cleansed ONLY that dime sized spot on the table! LOL! I took my trusted Clorex wipes out of my purse and gave the table a thorough wipe down. Yeesh - clean the friggin table between customers - really! She also forgot to bring enough spoons and we had to remind her to bring some water (twice). Hence - I rated the service as two star.

The ambiance was fine - the restaurant was otherwise bright and clean. It is not fine dining - but I find fine dining overrated and overpriced.

This is a good meal on a budget.

I'll be back (with my clorex wipes if necessary ;)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Crepe Escape123 Carrie Cates Court, #133, North Vancouver
Watch out - extra charges abound
Submitted Friday, November 22, 2013 - 4:23pm [Dine in]

Took the kids to Lonsdale Quay. They wanted some ice cream. Looked around and decided to have the ice cream at Crepe Escape.

The sign with prices indicated that one scoop of ice cream was $3.30 plus tax. There was an extra 0.60 charge for a waffle cone. I bought each of my kids one scoop in a regular cone (not waffle). Daughter had cappacino. Son had chocolate.

The male clerk made the ice cream first, then set about taking my money. It is a good thing that my kids were right there and could hold their ice cream, because it is difficult to hold ice cream and handle money and change. The clerk should know this.

The clerk plunked the change (from a $10 bill) into my hand. I guess counting back change has not been taught in schools for a looooong time. I looked at the coins in my hand and thought it looked a little short. I put the change on the counter and took out my IPhone calculator. Let's see $3.30 x 2. Multiply that by 1.05 (for the GST). Hmmm. I was short $0.40. I mentioned this to the clerk. He advised me that "it's twenty cents for each cone." ??????

I asked for the forty cents back.

He repeated that it's 20 cents for the cones. I asked him if I was suppose to have the ice cream served directly into my children's hands. I advised that the sign stated the price of the ice cream and that it stated that a waffle cone was an extra 60 cents each and that the ice cream needed to be served in SOMETHING - either a cup or a simple cone and that it needed to be included in the price.

He reluctantly refunded the forty cents.

I read the other reviews - it sounds like nickel and diming patrons is a regular thing for this business.

I thought the scoops small and the flavour was nothing to right home about.

I would not return.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Bestie105 East Pender St, Vancouver
A Casual German Place in ChinaTown!!!
Submitted Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 7:26pm [Dine in]

Went for a walk to Dr. Sun Yet Sen Park (ChinaTown) and had some tea at the Ten Ren Tea Company. My friend and I were getting hungry. We walked east on Pender and stumbled upon a little (as in 25 person capacity) eatery that serves German street food.

I have some German background and I am ecstatic!!!

There are no antlers, no shield of arms, no laderhousin (sp?). It is a young crowd, friendly host and waitress, casual place.

My friend and I note the small menu (good - we'd rather have a small menu of good stuff than an extensive menu of mediocrity). We order a Pretzel Platter and a Beet Salad to share. We order a Sourkraut and Sausage Platter each. The Sourkraut and Sausage Platter comes with fries, sourkraut, a bratwurst and mustard. We shared an order of curry ketchup.

The food was excellent!. The Pretzel was soft, chewy, still warm and just salty enough. It was served with two types of mustards, onion jam, an interesting homemade relish, some garlic sausage and some salted pickle and a warm, homemade cheese dip. All were tasty.

The fries were perfect. Hot, not a trace of grease on the plate or our fingers. The curry ketchup was a perfect dip for the fries (we also dipped them in the cheese sauce from the Pretzel plate :) . The sourkraut tasted fresh (not the harsh, wine sourkraut one gets in a can). The sausage was DIVINE! Perfect texture and flavour.

The beet salad was yummy as well and we ordered a perfect amount for two hungry ladies.

We will go again and I want to take my Dad (who is from Germany) to try as well.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Araxi Restaurant + Bar4222 Village Square, Whistler
Excellent Lunch!
Submitted Monday, July 22, 2013 - 4:25pm [Dine in]

Family of four (two adults and two children, ages 8 & 6) were eager for some better quality lunch fare.

At first we thought, "Oh, I don't know - we have kids and this appears to be a high end kind of place." We decided to give it a go and sit on the patio. The kids behaved perfectly and there was no problem.

I ordered the open faced, smoked salmon on broiche with a side salad. Hubby ordered the a sliced pork open faced sandwich. Son ordered a burger with fries. Daughter ordered the carrot soup from the children's menu (so kids were welcome after all...)

The food was outstanding!. Fresh ingredients and a chef who knows what they are doing!. It wasn't cheap - but it wasn't outrageous either. I paid around $18 for my sandwich and had an ample amount. My daughter's soup was around $8 and she enjoyed it. My son's burger and fries was around $18 as well - but that was probably the best quality burger I have tasted in a long time!!

The food was masterful.

The waitress could have been a little better. She wasn't bad - but she just didn't nail the professionalism that I would expect from a restaurant of this calibre. At one point, someone was passing by the patio who made eye contact with her. She interrupted her service to us to say "Hi and have a very brief conversation." This was not acceptable. Then again, the staff at Whistler and it's establishments need a little work in this area in general (they need to be reminded that work is work and they can party together later).

Notwithstanding this quibble - I would eagerly return to this restaurant!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
La Brasserie4324 Sunrise Alley, Whistler
That was some damn good Poutine!
Submitted Monday, July 22, 2013 - 4:14pm [Dine in]

Went to Whistler for the weekend with hubby and the two kids (ages 6 and 8). My son, the poutine expert wanted to try some of Whistler's offering.

We went to La Brasserie. Hubby and I both had the Harmony Burger with a side salad. My son had a burger and my daughter had the spaghetti and meat sauce from the children's menu. We shared a pulled pork poutine.

The service was good - not outstanding, but not poor either. The ambiance was very casual. The food was really good, especially the poutine! The pulled pork was sweet, juicy and good texture. The gravy was ample and tasty and the cheese curds sqeaked (the waitress confirmed they came from Quebec!).

The burgers were good and the 6 year olds pasta was okay/good (she liked it and ate most of it - so for a kids menu item - they seemed to ace it).

I would return here again for a light meal. I would definately order the poutine again!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ric's Grill4154 Village Green, Whistler
Very Disappointed. After This - I'm "Done" with Rics!
Submitted Monday, July 22, 2013 - 4:06pm [Dine in]

My family arrived into Whislter on Thursday. We unpacked at the hotel and were looking forward to a nice meal. I was attracted to Rics because I remembered they had an extensive kids menu, as well as excellent choices for the grown ups all in a nice environment.

We got to the restaurant at approximately 5:10 PM (dinner starts at 5:00). The waiter was okay - he took our order and then waited. And waited. And waited. He re-approached us to inform me that they did not have the steak that I ordered (it took 20 minutes in an empty restaurant to find this out??). I ordered a different steak. We waited. And waited. The kids were getting restless. The restaurant was still empty.

I noted that we all had bread plates, but had not received any bread. I had remembered receiving bread at other Rics locations. I asked the waiter if we could get some bread as we were quite hungry and the kids were restless. He apologized stating, "it's kinda embarrassing. We don't have any bread today." Um - yeah - right. There are bakeries in Whisler and this was a full service, three star restaurant. How does one run out of BREAD??!!!

About 5 to 10 minutes later - the waiter appeared with a small basket of white french style bread and butter. He stated, "We found some upstairs." Huh - "Upstairs?" Like in the attic or something??

The bread was completely devoid of taste. It was not fresh. Even the accompanying whipped butter was tasteless.

Finally, my steak arrived. It was serviceable. The twice baked potato was dense. The side of vegetables were undercooked. After a few minutes - the kids meals arrived - they were serviceable. The kids ordered the strawberry shake with ice cream - it was the most anemic thing I ever tried. I don't think even one whole strawberry went into that thing.

My husband ordered the linguini with seafood. The seafood part was fine. They served spaghetti instead of linguini. I found the sauce to heavy and didn't like it.

The kids had chocolate cake as part of their "kids meal" - it didn't pack much taste. I ordered a creme brulee. The waiter told me to wait a moment and he ran back to the kitchen. He came back to advise that the creme brulee was not ready yet (by this time - it was between 5:45 and 6:00 PM - we were well into the dinner hour and the restaurant had been open for at least 45 minutes). I just ordered a specialty coffee - it wasn't the best tasting. I had a sip of my husbands black coffee and it was the worst coffee I have had in a long time.

My husband ordered a New York Cheesecake. He offered to share it with me. I found it gawd awful tasting. It was not dense - like a good New York Cheesecake should be. It was not sweet (although New York Cheesecake should not be too sweet - it should have some sweetness). It was devoid of taste and seemed to be missing an ingredient or too. The crust was also poor.

All ine all - it was the worst meal in Whistler. The venue was dark, and the windows overlooked some parking.

I had one (1) good experience at a Rics at the Inner Harbour in Victoria. I tried going back once - where I had a so-so experience (see my review). I tried going back again - but the Victoria Inner Harbour Restaurant was closed because their oven was broken. The next time I tried to go - the whole restaurant was closed down (although their ads were still published in the touriest rags). I went to the Whislter Rics hoping for a repeat of that one good experience. Sadly - incompetence seems to be their normal.

I will never return no recommend.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Zougla Restaurant2021 Estevan Road, Nanaimo
Good for Intergenerational Lunch
Submitted Monday, May 13, 2013 - 6:33pm [Dine in]

Went for lunch on Mothers Day. There with in-laws (in mid to late 70s), hubby, sister-in-law and I (40s) and our kids (age 6 and 8).

The restaurant is very clean with spacious layout. There was a rose in a short bud vase on each table. Pretty.

The waitress was very, very good. She interacted well with the children and was patient and helpful with my in laws (who sometimes have difficulty expressing their needs). She was highly professional throughout the meal (changing our tablecloth when someone spilled water and patient when my husband and sister-in-law were discussing how to split the bill).

The food was good. It was attractively plated. Ample portions and fit the description on the menu. There were no surprises. I had the lamb skewer. It was cooked perfectly and the skewer was removed for easy eating. The rice was pleasant and the greek salad tasty. It came with al dente vegetables. My daughters kids menu pizza was well done. It certainly wasn't a frozen product, but good quality. My son's salmon was cooked perfectly and his vegetables were all eaten. My husbands shrimp pasta was loaded with plump shrimp. My in-laws burgers were tasty, with a nice bun and well presented. The burgers came with a choice of fries, salad or a little of both.

The prices reflected the quality.

Again, there were no surprises. There was something for everyone. It was a comfortable room. It wasn't cutting edge, artisan or a place for a foodie destination, but a comfortable room and tasty meal to enjoy with family.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill536 Yates St., Victoria
Good Food - Slow and Uncomfortable Service
Submitted Monday, May 13, 2013 - 5:32pm [Dine in]

I don't live in Victoria and was visiting with my two children (ages 8 and 6). I had been to Ferris' years ago and wanted to visit with my kids one evening while on a weekend trip to Victoria.

I called the establishment to make sure that a) they were open; b) there was room and c) it had not changed into an adults only establishment (i.e. pub) before I walked the 10 blocks from our hotel.

The person answering the phone was a little unhelpful. They asked if I wanted "upstairs or downstairs" - I asked the person what they meant. They seemed put off by my question. I explained I was "a tourist and do not know how 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' differs". They impatiently stated that the upstairs was more upscale and the downstairs was more pub like. After a clarified that my children were welcome in either, we decided to trek out.

The host, an older man wearing sandals (in a restaurant??!) offered to seat us. I asked if there was room outside. He said, "not for three." I asked him if there was a table for four. He gave me a stink eyed look and said, in a condescending tone, "I'm a little confused. You said that there were THREE of you." I wanted to explain that a table change mid meal would be difficult for my son (who has high functioning autism). I just took the poor table by the front door because the attitude of the host made my skin crawl!!

A few minutes later, we were given a table outside (probably the host saw me watching closely where subsequent patrons were being offered seating....). We went outside to the courtyard patio where there were SEVERAL suitable tables. Hmmmmmmmm....

We ordered the poutine to start. The kids ordered chicken strips off the kids menu and I had jambalaya. The food took a long time to arrive. I was very proud of both my kids (especially the one with special needs) because they behaved themselves very well, considering the slowness of the service.

When the food finally arrived - it was very tasty.

I like the food and the building of Ferris' - their service definately needs work though.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop, The718 Fort Street, Victoria
Need a Quality Control Check
Submitted Monday, May 13, 2013 - 5:21pm [Dine in]

A had submitted a review a few years ago, this review is an update from a recent visit.

Went for some lunch with my kids (age 8 and 6). I knew that this was a retro place, with the same dishes and decor as when they had for decades. I knew that the food would be classic, not cutting edge or amazing.

I ordered the beef pie with potato salad. Daughter had the waffles with fruit and whipped cream. Son had the burger with hash brown potatos. I had a cup of tea and split a dollar roll between us.

The beef pie was very, very small. It was also devoid of flavour. It had little beef, mostly floury gravy. It was served cold. Bleh! The potato salad was potatos and mayonnaise and some sort of sweet flavour. There was no minced celery, carrot, onion or pickle. It was like the cheapest supermarket no-name brand. The waffle was okay. The whipped cream - meh. The fruit was part fresh and part canned. There were canned pears and pineapple, only the cantaloupe and strawberries tasted fresh. It was poor value for over $7. My son's burger was the worse. Absolutely flavourless! Even the fried onions (which I removed for him as he doesn't like onions) were completely devoid of flavour. Bleh!

The tea was Red Rose. This is the cheapest, shoddiest tea available. Twinning or any other brand is a much better product. There were no 'creamers' only little cups of 2% milk.

The dollar roll was also of poor quality. The marizipan had a sandy texture. The cream wasn't fresh. It was just not a good effort.

The service was polite and very good. The waitress was good with my kids and I noted they were very respectful and helpful to the older patrons (it was mostly older people in the place - probably there out of habit or nostalgia). I was impressed by all the staff.

I gave the ambiance a three star because of the retro feel to it. On the other hand - one would think that they could concentrate on better quality food and baking since they are not spending money on updating the decor.

I wouldn't bother returning.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Togo Sushi650 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Overpriced and Uninspiring Dining at Oakridge
Submitted Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 5:56pm [Dine in]

I have mentioned in my past reviews that I generally dislike shopping malls. I also generally dislike the food in shopping malls - as I find mall offerings overpriced and uninspiring. Togo Sushi was no exception.

I ordered a plate with 2 salmon sushi, 2 tune sushi, a dynamite roll and a California roll. The total cost was around $14.00.

Like others have mentioned - the wait was long. It was not a busy time of day.

Finally, my order number was called. The portion size was quite small. The dynamite roll did not have a crispness to the prawn tempura - it was cold, dense and a little soggy on the outside. The california roll was okay - I liked the crab that they used. The sushi portions were adequate - but nothing to write home about.

The ambiance is where Oakridge mall in general is lacking in all their eateries. Togo Sushi had all the checkpoints: No artwork/design - check. Noisy - check. Uncomfortable seating - check.

I sometimes wonder if the mall simply charges too much in rent so that an eatery cannot offer good food at reasonable prices.

In any event - this will not be a "togo" place for me.

I actually prefer my little neighbourhood sushi place in Champlain Square (Sushi Go) over this. Better decor, better service, better product and better prices.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Moxie's Classic Grill6750 Island Highway, #102, Nanaimo
Good Food, friendly service - but they need to work on the environment and process
Submitted Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 5:43pm [Dine in]

Our party of 7 made reservations and were quickly seated for dinner.

The servers and what appeared to be a manager were all friendly and helpful.

The food was tasty - I will not be daydreaming about it - but I enjoyed my meal. I had the 1/2 rack of slow cooked ribs with a baked potato and mixed vegetables ($19.99). My daughter had the baked chicken with penne alfredo and mixed vegetables ($8.99). My son had a burger with fries (can't remember exact price). My husband had a penne dish and I can't recall what the others had.

The food was good and, again, the service was good. I appreciated the server listening to my order and omitting the lettuce, onions and pickle from his burger and serving the mayo and ketchup on the side so he could dress it the way he wants (he has a sensory disorder and this peculiar ordering is really important). I also thought that she interacted well with both the older adults and the children.

I had some issues with the process. After we ordered - the waitress returned after at least 15 minutes and advised my husband that they were out of his original pasta choice. I have always had a problem with this. The serving staff need to be advised of shortages BEFORE serving the guests. This can be accomplished by communication between the kitchen and front staff (faciliated by the manager).

Also, the sun was moving west and shining through a window. It was quite a glare. The manager was quick to try to correct it (putting blockers in the window to prevent the sunlight from coming in and shining into our faces). I appreciated his effort. However, it would be nice to have blinds or drapes that can be drawn to prevent it from happening. The manager admitted that the blinds weren't working. Maybe it is time to get them replaced...

In general - I enjoyed our meals. It was good for families with a nice kids menu. There was something for everyone and the price point was reasonable.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie2539 West Broadway, Vancouver
Chocolates good - but overall service was poor
Submitted Friday, March 22, 2013 - 3:32pm [Dine in]

Hubby was told that Thomas Haas serves "the best coffee in Vancouver" We decided to give it a try.

The shop is a little small and crowded. We went to the display case and checked out the confectionary, pasteries and macaroons. We decided to split a raspberry financier, 6 truffles and 6 macaroons. We also had two Americanos. The total bill was over $25. Yikes. Expensive!

The counter server was barely audible. I had to ask her several times to repeat herself. I am only 40 something, but with an aging population, I wish servers would learn to SPEAK UP. Why are they whispering?? I indicated several times that I was having difficulty hearing her - she didn't clue in.

Our single pastery was packages in an awkward carrying box. Crikes. We were going to eat it there. Our coffee was also served in paper cups. Again, why were we not offered ceramic cups. Who knows! Our macaroons were placed in a box. Our truffles were placed in a small plastic bag.

We eyed the place, looking for a table. We asked another party if they were using all the chairs - they were not so we sat down and divided up our goodies.

The truffles were very good. But very small and expensive. The cake was good. The macaroons were disappointing. I found them gummy on the inside (I have had macaroons before and know that they should have a more crisp texture). They also did not have a particularly nice texture for ganache or buttercream.

It was the busy lunch hour. I was surprised when I heard the staff singing "Happy Birthday." I thought they were singing for a customer. Nope. They were singing for a fellow staff member and giving the staff member a little cake with a candle. Now, don't get me wrong. I am ALL for staff appreciating one another. However, this should not have occurred at the front of the house and certainly not over the busy lunch hour. There were customers cleaning their own tables and plenty of people to serve. Also, it was not particuarly customer focused. I expect more from a shop that charges so much for their product.

Finally, there was no bussing tray. Again, I saw many customers removing plates from the tiny tables available. Without a place to put these dishes, they brought them to the front counter, where people were making their purchases. Yuck! I don't blame the customers. I blame the shop for not being conscientious about clearing and properly cleaning the tables or at least having a dedicated place to put the dishes.

The coffee was indeed good and the treats were tasty - but I would not make a return trip.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Nuba3116 W Broadway, Vancouver
Seriously - you've got to be kidding???
Submitted Sunday, February 10, 2013 - 5:57pm [Dine in]

Went to a pre-planned function at this restaurant with my hubby and a club he belongs to. The tickets (without any profit to our club) were $35 each ($70 per couple). This did not include beverages/alcohol.

We arrived at the restaurant expecting there to be a section for us. We were directed to an upstairs area. There indeed was a section for a party - another party. We were essentially told to sit at tables of four on either side of a stairwell - completely separated from each other. There was a band playing. They played well, but in this non-section which felt more like an after thought - the music volume was unbearablly loud - making conversation almost impossible.

The waiter came and took drink orders. I ordered a cocktail which was both overpriced and poorly executed.

The waiter plunked olives/feta/pita and other appies in front of the parties. I explained all the food as no explanation was offered and most members at my table had never had Middle Eastern food before.

The waiter came back after around 30 minutes and took our orders. I ordered the "lamb chop", hubby ordered the "chicken skewer". About 20 minutes later, a bowl of salad was brought to the table. We all shared from the plate. Then, about 20 minutes later, some pita and hummous arrived. After about 30 more minutes, my husbands "protein" arrived. Indeed - it was a single, small chicken skewer on a side plate. I got my "protein" about 15 minutes later. I single "lamb chop" on a side plate. We all had a good laugh at the portion size. I guess what we thought was appetizers were actually the side dishes!! How would we know - the waiter explained nothing.

A little later, what looked like large steak knives were brought out. I asked the waiter what they were for, as we were already served our "protein". The waiter advised that they were for a "vegan stew." We waited about 15 to 20 minutes more. My husband and I had to get home as it was getting very late and our babysitter would need to leave. I am still unsure what type of vegan stew requires a steak knife - LOL!!

The service was slow, disjointed and confusing. The food, although tasty, was not served with any consideration of tasteful flow. The venue should have been set up properly for our large party as they had PLENTY of notice and it was a table d'hote type of arrangement.

I felt badly for the club organizers as I know that they tried their best to put on a good dinner where there would be a chance to relax and converse. It was the restaurant which really dropped the ball on this one.

I won't be back.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
T & T Supermarket Deli179 Keefer Place, Vancouver
An Asian Supermarket Deli that epically fails to provide decent Asian food
Submitted Monday, January 14, 2013 - 7:48pm [Take-out]

I used to get some BBQ pork or some steamed sticky rice here.

I wanted to pick up some dinner after work and wandered by before taking the Skytrain home. I chose the BBQ Duck on rice, and cello wrapped Soya Chicken on rice. The duck was $6.99 plus tax. The chicken was $5.49 plus tax.

I brought it home and noted a very small amount of duck. Just a leg piece, some very overcooked brocolli and some very overcooked rice. I have never been to an Asian deli or restaurant that screwed up white rice!! It was mushy! Also, no duck sauce was included. It was very flavourless. The chicken was very bony and had little meat. It was also flavourless. It was served on the same mushy rice and had some weird seaweed vegetable which tasted just gross.

I will NEVER go to the T&T deli for anything ever again. It was overpriced and the poorest quality Asian food I have ever come across.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Penang Delight Cafe3885 Rupert Street, Vancouver
Excellent Food, but there should be better value in Renfrew/Collingwood
Submitted Sunday, November 11, 2012 - 5:57pm [Dine in]

First, a bit about the 'hood. Renfrew Collingwood is an eastside neighbourhood in between the Killarney/Champlain (which is to the south) and Hastings(which is north). It is a mixed neighbourhood - mostly residential and small business and some public places (such as Renfrew Park Community Center and Library). It has middle income and working class people. It is not an entertainment destination - there are no theaters, cinemas or galleries. There are a lot of "ordinary" dining establishments, but also a lot of gems in this type of neighbourhood as one gets away from the pricey rents of the West Side and Downtown peninsula and samples family run places.

So, I enjoy Malay, Thai and other Asian foods and we decided to check this place out - located just off 22nd Avenue on Rupert Street.

The service was cordiale and prompt. The only complaint was that the staff taped the receipts to the dining tables - this was a little tacky looking - but not a deal breaker.

The food was served hot and tasty. Hubby and I shared a Seafood Curry Laksa - mildly spicy curry with shrimp, squid/cuttlefish, fish ball and vermicelli at $11.95. We also ordered Sambal Green Bean Prawn for $14.95, Mongolian Chicken Chop for $10.95, Basil Chicken for $10.95 and Nasi Nanas (fried rice with pineapple) for around $8 and change. We also had two cans of gingerale for $1.50 each.

All the food was very tasty. I would have preferred spicier - but my kids were fine with it the way it was. The food was not overly greasy and we all enjoyed our meal.

I rated the ambiance as "mediocre" due to being seated in a drafty part and getting a blast of cold air every time the front door opened. Also, the tables were rather close together, making us feel like we were encroaching on our neighbouring diners. Also, the aforementioned taping of the order form to the table took away from the feeling of fine dining. Other than that - the decor was tasteful and enjoyable.

I also rated "mediocre" on value as this is a "cash only" establishment and located in ordinary old Renfrew/Collingwood. We were charged an extra "$1" for each noodle and rice dish due to it being the supper hour. Although the food was indeed tasty - I thought the price point should have been a tad lower considering that it is "cash only" ergo no debit/interact/credit card fees and the rents are lower in this neighbourhood. Some of these savings should be passed onto the customers to encourage people to partake in establishments in their own neighbourhoods (and to encourage others to hop on transit and enjoy the neighbourhoods outisde the West Side, Main Street and Commercial Drive - really folks - Vancouver does go beyond these 'hoods" ;)

Notwithstanding my little rant about the price point - I will probably return for some good eats.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance