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LilWhite Rock , B.C.Since July 11, 20161 Review
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Troll's at Horseshoe Bay6408 Bay Street, West Vancouver
Awful Hostess
Submitted Monday, July 11, 2016 - 2:37pm [Dine in]

Went on a Sunday afternoon in July. Line up was long but was in the area and looked forward to eating fish and chips with my husband and 4 year old son. When our turn was up, the hostess said we had to go on waiting list. I happily obliged, gave my name and stepped to the side. The family behind us had 4 people. Magically a table turned up and rather than seating in order, the hostess decided to seat that family first. I was confused and said to the hostess, "Um... excuse me...we're 3 people and I believe we're on waiting list?". She just ignored me, walked passed me and the family she was seating looked at me while shrugging awkwardly and said, "oh, we don't know why, sorry about that" and followed the hostess while asking her why they got seated first. When the hostess came back, I asked for an explanation. She gave non responses and said it was the restaurant's policy and that different sized groups will be seated at different sized tables. I told her I was interested to see how much smaller a 3 person table will be from a 4 person table. She continued to be non-apologetic and curtly said there'll be a table for us in 2 mins... as if I was being annoying and impatient. Even the group behind that family asked why we didn't get seated. Our conclusion was that maybe she's very disorganized and frazzled? 15 mins later, we got a table, low and behold it was the same size and in the same area as the family she seated 15 mins before. When I asked her for a proper explanation, she went back to giving non-responses. I said to her, I can accept that she made a mistake/ was frazzled etc. but her non-responses about restaurant policy and different sized groups and tables made no sense because 3 people and 4 people tables tend to be the same size. She pretty much said, 'ok whatever sorry'. Very disappointed that I had to beat an apology out of her and also baffled as to why she was so adamant, despite 3 people approaching her as to why the other family got seated before us, that she was right. Begs to question, was it a racial thing? My family is Asian and the family behind us is Caucasian; she is also Caucasian. Doesn't matter if you waited in line, was polite and pleasant, you'll still be put second if you are Asian? Anyhow, our waitress was great and the food was delicious. We each had fish and chips with chowder. Plates of food covered the whole table. But way to ruin an otherwise cheery Sunday. Extremely disappointed our go to restaurant in Horseshoe Bay has a hostess that operates in this manner.

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