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leelaNorth VancouverSince April 25, 20072 Reviews
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2.5 (2.5)
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Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant1615 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
Yum Yum!!!
Submitted Wednesday, August 29, 2007 - 4:48pm [Dine in]

We have only ordered delivery from Yum Yum, and consistency problems aside (dishes don’t always taste the same), their food is pretty good. We've found it to be especially tasty on Friday and Saturday nights, so perhaps that's when the good chef is cooking!

Usually we steer clear of the appetizers, though their Crispy Spring Rolls are nice (they add a little hint of cinnamon or nutmeg ... not sure which) and their Mooshu Pork is excellent with a noticeable ginger flavor and lots of wood ear mushrooms (not sure why it’s listed as an appetizer, there’s enough to be an entree).

Deep fried prawns are good if you like fried things – definitely a homemade batter. Other standouts are Chicken with Chinese Broccoli, Black Pepper Beef, Double Cooked Sliced Pork with Garlic Pepper and Cabbage, Prawns with Curry Sauce and Fried Green Beans Szechwan Style.

Delivery is always prompt and within the time frame quoted, and phone manner is friendly and courteous.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Samurai Japanese Restaurant1108 Davie Street, Vancouver
Really disappointing
Submitted Friday, May 18, 2007 - 6:09pm [Dine in]

Though Samurai didn’t show up in any of the guides I’ve been using, I noticed frequent lines in front; a brief perusal of the menu and interior showed potential. So, one evening we were psyched to be seated in the small crowded dining room with only a 5 minute wait.

The meal started out with fresh tasting wakame and decent agadashi (tofu had a nice consistency though the sauce was a little anemic), and we were excitedly anticipating our first Vancouver sushi experience. When it arrived, we felt our bubble deflate a bit: which was the hamachi and which was the tuna?!? None of it looked that fresh. The hamachi (I think) was mushy and inedible. The chopped scallop tasted disappointingly fishy as did the ikura (actually we ordered tobiko but got salmon roe). All of the sushi was room temperature, like it had been sitting outside for a long time. In the end we ordered some miso soup and some more unagi (the best sushi we ordered on this visit) and called it a night, leaving half the sushi on the plate.

Coming from California, we were hoping to be really impressed by the freshness of sushi here. I’m always willing to give a restaurant a second chance – maybe they were having an off night or maybe a Tuesday night isn’t the best night to dine there, but with all the other sushi restaurants in Vancouver we won’t be going back to Samurai any time soon. Onward and upward, I know there’s great sushi out there somewhere!

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  • Service
  • Ambiance