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LeeBeeKits, VancouverSince June 28, 20093 Reviews
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2.5 (2.4)
  • Food3 (3)
  • Service2 (2)
  • Value2 (2)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.7)


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Transylvania Flavour2120 West Broadway, Vancouver
Automatic Gratuity for lousy service!
Submitted Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - 2:52pm [Dine in]

An acquaintance and myself went for dinner here and the service was useless. We waited at least 10 minutes from when we sat until someone came to offer us a menu or drink. Finally the waitress came and both of us just got water to drink (i prefer drinking neutral flavour when eating). About 20 minutes later she came to ask our food order and when we both ordered the same thing she tried to talk us into getting different dishes! That would be fine if I was with my mom or someone who I would share plates with, but we are practical strangers! The waitress seemed a bit irritated by us only having the main course and no starter.
When the food came it was nice, we had the lamb shank. There was a decent amount of meat on the bone but not worth the price. Once the bill came the waitress had added 15% gratuity onto the bill- we had now been in the restaurant for an hour and forty minutes! What was supposed to be a quick bite to eat and a socialize, took almost 2 hours, due to the constant waiting for service. The food itself took the usual 20min or so, but getting the server to our table was difficult, she would rather wipe down another empty table (when the restaurant was half empty) then come take our payment. Eventually I went to the front and asked that my credit card be run through. While the gentleman was putting it through I asked if 15% automatic grat for 2 people was usual, he commented that it was because we had a Groupon Coupon. While waiting for my companion to return from the washroom, the waitress came over with a really bad attitude asking why I questioned the tip. I told her that I certainly didn't think that the service was worthy of 15% gratuity, and at the very least they should inform people before they order. The waitress then said "Why? Would you not eat here then?" I was slowly making my way to the door because I found her attitude and demeanor embarrassing, but I said that yes I might not have eaten there.
Her actions were appalling and how dare she confront me, in front of other patrons and my guest about the gratuity.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Temaki Sushi2156 W. Broadway, #2, Vancouver
Favourite Sushi
Submitted Sunday, June 28, 2009 - 12:50pm [Dine in]

Temaki by far is my favourite sushi joint. The restaurant is clean and well organised with a bit of ambiance- unlike most sushi dives where you usually want to order take-out and don't want to drink from the glasses.
The service is attentive and fast with very friendly servers.
The food is divine, the fish is fresh and good value-for-money.
I really enjoy the bento box- it has the best teryiaki chicken in Vancouver- not too much sauce, crisp and perfect. the gyozo, tempuru, salad and rolls are delish too.
I recommend Temaki to anyone wanting good quality sushi.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Trattoria Italian Kitchen1850 West 4th Ave, Vancouver
Submitted Sunday, June 28, 2009 - 12:44pm [Dine in]

Excited to finally try this restaurant, my partner and I were not surprised that the wait for 2 on the patio would be 'about 30min.' Unfortunately the waiting area was full and so we stood around waiting. 45 minutes later, the manager called us and sat us in the restaurant. Before we sat we told him we had requested the patio, "Well, that will be another half hour, do you want to sit here, or not" was his rude response. After we spoke to the host she said that there was a 'miscommunication' between her and the manager.
We then returned to our standing position and waited for a table outside- the inside is far to noisy for a romantic dinner, and besides- sitting next to others on bar stools isn't great.
Whilst we were waiting, I noticed the bartenders/baristers making the coffee/drinks. As I am a server myself I notice these things, and couldn't help but realise that on numerous occassions, hot drinks were being left on the counter for 10 minutes, or more. Someone's espresso and Americano were not even steaming by the time it left the station! The fact that hot drinks were left to go cold, numerous times in the hour that I waited, while the managers/bussers/servers simply walked past is ridiculous! Where I have worked the hot drinks and hot food are priorities to be taken out by whoever- no matter what you're busy with.
We eventually were sat, over an hour later and I must admit that our server was nice, fairly knowledgeable and good at up-selling. We ordered the Pasta-platter and when we were told that it comes with nothing (no measly garlic bread/small greens? anything!) i ordered a salad to go with. The server suggested a more fancier salad, but i said no i just felt like a basic green salad-lettuce, tomato etc... He proceeded to tell me this salad of his is the greatest and so i thought, why not try it! cheese and bread, tomato and grapes. Well, the salad came 10 minutes later- although i had said that i want the salad with the main- only to realize that it was a WARM salad! How could the server fail to mention this important detail? It was tasty although not with my meal or anything I wanted.
I was surprised that we didn't get a bread-basket or anything to snack on since the wait is always so long and we were starving by the time we sat down.
When the main came, it looked absolutely drab. The lasagne was good, very plain. The meat-balls tasted like my mothers meat-loaf, the 'al-dente' penne was raw and the pesto spaggetti was flavour-less.
I commented that it felt as though I had gone over to a friends house for dinner and was eating out of obligation and not because I enjoyed the meal.
In all fairness the chocolate-brownie dessert was delicious, but not what I had gone out for.
I will definitely not be returning here, for 2 people with 2 drinks (another 2 while we waited), one main and dessert (no coffee because I like mine hot!), the bill was close to $100- definitely not worth it.
I presume that the restaurant is getting by on their name and who the owners are, but all in all- no value, mediocre food, bad management, poor organization.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance