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lavreviewWest End, VancouverSince November 10, 20092 Reviews
Average Rating
3.5 (3.4)
  • Food4.5 (4.5)
  • Service3 (3)
  • Value3.5 (3.5)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.5)


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Baguette Time1231 Davie Street, Vancouver
I've been converted
Submitted Monday, November 9, 2009 - 11:20pm [Dine in]

I'm not really a deli/sandwich type of person, however one of my friends insisted I try Baguette Time. Seeing as I live in the West End it is convenient for me, and I tried it out a year or so ago for the first time. Since then I can't stop myself! Firtst off, the servers there are excellent... and when I say that I don't mean just one of them. All of the servers I've had (owner included) know what sandwich I like and how I like it prepared as soon as they see me come in the door. I don't like to eat out all the time, so they see me about once per month... but they each remember me.
The sandwiches are prepared using fresh bread and top quality ingredients. I think that at approx. $7 for a large baguette it is reasonable priced - you have to keep in mind that this isn't a fast food restaurant... the meals are delivered quickly but the ingredients are quality. I am continually impressed by this place, it's a shame that more people haven't tried it - once is all it took for me to become hooked on it! I don't understand why it's gotten some 3-star reviews (food ratings)... I haven't heard a bad thing about their food or service yet. The quality of the food, the service, and the cleanliness of the restaurant are the most important things to me in terms of rating an establishment - and as far as I'm concerned this place excels in all three categories.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Cactus Club Cafe1136 Robson Street, Vancouver
Good food, terrible service
Submitted Monday, November 9, 2009 - 11:06pm [Dine in]

I thoroughly enjoy the food at cactus club, especially the quesidillas (there are 2 on the menu, they are both great) and the lava cake. I've also gone for drinks there, and I think that they have the best bellini I've ever tasted. Their service, however, has been sliding for quite some time now. Last time I was there I was so disgusted by it I decided I wouldn't be going back.
To set the scene for you, I asked for vinegar, and it was brought out to me in a small dish. It wasn't enough, so a different server brought me some more, and let me know that it was the last of the vinegar, as they were all out. I poured it on my fries, and after consuming a bunch of them figured out that whatever I was eating wasn't vinegar. The manager comes out, crouches beside our table, and says “What seems to be the problem, ladies?” I felt her sarcasm right away, but thought that I was just being defensive… I explain what happened, and I ask her what mystery liquid I’ve ingested. She explains to me that they haven’t had vinegar for “a while”, and that there must have been some other liquid in the bottle that both servers had brought out to us. I asked her again what I’ve ingested, to which she informed me that condiment bottles are placed in the dishwasher, and there must have been some leftover liquid in it when they put it back after. She was obviously irritated, and her tone was very snarky and defensive. She saw my obvious reaction to eating stagnant dishwater (keep in mind, stagnant dishwater is a best case scenario) – and was quick to counter with “It’s just water”… followed by “I guarantee you it’s water” and “it won’t make you sick”. She then let us know that she would “take the fries off the bill, but other than that I don’t know what I can do”. I told her that I understand that it would be an easy mistake for a server to make, and that I didn’t think it was their fault, but that it wasn’t ok. She then got up and left. That was the last straw for me... however the food is quite good, and it's possible that there is great service to be found at other locations.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance