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lanofice3Commercial, VancouverSince September 8, 20094 Reviews
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4 (3.9)
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Jamaican Pizza Jerk2707 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Great food with Great Flavor
Submitted Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 3:20pm [Dine in]

I'd like to start this review off by saying that the sum total of my Caribbean food experience has been 1 week in Aruba, and a few times at Reef. I have heard that Reef is not considered authentic Caribbean food, rather some sort of fusion. That being said i do enjoy eating at Reef, regardless of authenticity.
Other posts on this site have said that Jamaican Pizza Jerk is the most authentic around, and as I cannot vouch for that one way or the other, I will only comment on the food.

The food at JPJ was great. As others have noted, the location is a small hole in the wall location with very few tables. The menu is not large, but the flavor is. I went with my wife and English mother-in-law, and we ordered the 3rd combo. This consists of 2 mains, chicken wings and a pizza for about $45. This was plenty for the 3 of us.

We chose the Red Snapper and Rotti. The Snapper was just great. Amazing flavor and spices. I would say that I eat a decent amount of ethnic food, but the flavors in this dish were not like anything I've had before. I would say that I am a fan.

I have also never had Rotti before, but was very impressed by the filling. I would say it is like a mild curry, but full of flavor. The "shell" of the Rotti was a bit hard to cut, but was fine to eat. I'm not sure if this is my design, or perhaps a flaw? Regardless I would recommend it.

We had the Jerk Pizza (has another name) with Sun-dried Tomatoes and it was spot on. Great mix of sweet and spicy.
The wings were also very good. Seemed to be a honeygarlic/jerk sauce on them, and they are cooked in a way that gives them a great BBQ (off the grill, not the sauce) flavor.

Unfortunately the place is not licensed, so not beer, but it did allow us to try some drinks straight from Jamaica. I had the Ting (a Grapefruit pop) and the others had a champaign soda (sort of like cream soda).

I am a huge fan of hole in the wall restaurants, because if they exist for a long time, they must be good. This one absolutely follows that rule. Our experience from a food/flavor point of view was excellent, and I'm very happy that we stopped at this little restaurant. I would recommend this to anyone whether they are a fan or Caribbean cuisine, or simply wanting to try something new.

If you go expecting fine dinning, you will be disappointed. If you are looking for great, interesting, and flavorful food, I think you will be pleased with your choice.

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Bowen Island BakerySnug Cove, Bowen Island
Excellent for Breakfast
Submitted Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 2:32pm [Dine in]

I had to add this little bakery to Dinehere. Stayed on Bowen Island for 2 nights over the long weekend, and would recommend this place to anyone for breakfast.
If you are on the island for only one breakfast, you will want to try out Artisan Eats (by the people that own Tuscany) which is very good. If you are staying for 2 days, or just can't make it to Artisan Square, this place fits the bill.
I was staying just by the marina and wanted something to take back to the cottage for breakfast, and had seen this bakery while on a walk. It is just up the hill, in the main square, next to the movie rental shop.
Was going out to find a muffin or pastry of some sort for myself and wife.
While waiting to order a customer at the counter commented that that was the best breakfast sandwich ever. I had to try it.
Breakfast sandwich was amazing. Great, fresh, home made break. Bacon, egg, tomato, mayo, and cheese. Nothing fancy, just the product of good fresh ingredients going into a made to order (not prepackaged/assembly line) meal. It was on the pricy side though at $7, but well worth it.
I also got a cinnamon bun for my wife which was fresh, light, and very tasty. Excellent quality.
This is a place where locals and visitors alike sit outside, drink coffee, eat excellent food, and tell stories.

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Bowen Island Pub479 Bowen Island Trunk Road, Bowen Island
Where the locals go
Submitted Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 2:20pm [Dine in]

From my experience there are 2 pubs on Bowen Island. Doc Morgan's and The Pub. Doc's is right by the water, has a great big patio, gets most of the tourists, and is generally over priced and not great.
The Bowen Island pub is just up the hill, about an 5 minute walk from the Marina. Smallish outdoor patio (about 7 tables) and a real local feel inside. This is the place that the locals eat and drink at. It is your true home town/small town pub and many people in the place are regulars.
They have about 6 beers on tap.
I had the fish and chips, which was fine, but not great. I like a thick beer batter on my fish, where this was quite a light batter. The chips though, were very very good.
My wife's burger was excellent (mushrooms and brie), tasted flame grilled. Good size.
Food came out fast and fresh.
If you are looking for fine dinning, or a trendy place to be, this is not for you. If you want good food, at good prices, and a bit of local flavour, you should enjoy. It is worth the walk up the hill.

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Tuscany Restaurant451 Bowen Island Trunk Road, Bowen Island
Great Place for Great Food
Submitted Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 2:08pm [Dine in]

Excellent Restaurant on Bowen Island.
Make sure you make a reservation. While the Island is not exceedingly busy, the restaurant can be.
Food comes out fast and hot, and the quality is just excellent. Great wood fire pizza. Simple ingredients, but incredibly tasty.
The a pizza with potatoes and capicola, which was amazing. Next time I think i'll try the all meat pizza.
Also had a mixed pot of fresh scallops and clams. They were very well cooked and done in a chorizo and white wine sauce. Amazing.
Very highly recommended.

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