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LallenVancouverSince September 24, 20073 Reviews
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3 (2.8)
  • Food2.5 (2.7)
  • Service3.5 (3.3)
  • Value3.5 (3.5)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.7)


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Morton's of Chicago, The Steakhouse750 W. Cordova Street, Vancouver
Grand service but food only OK
Submitted Saturday, June 14, 2008 - 10:15am [Dine in]

Morton's has offered a $119 coupon dinner for two (check out the Morton's website) for months now, it ends June 30, 2008 so you can still catch this deal. You get a choice of Caesar or Morton's salad; one of three seafood appetizers; an 8oz filet mignon (no other cut choice); one green, one potato, and choice of dessert (Key Lime pie or Chocolate Molten cake).

We finally took advantage of this deal for our wedding anniversary. We booked it through OpenTable.com and mentioned on the booking it is our first wedding anniversary.

Upon arrival we were greeted with congratulations on our anniversary (which was great, it meant they actually read the booking reservation, not like some other restaurants I have booked through OpenTable.com). We were even more surprised when we saw the menu - they printed it with a Happy First Year Wedding Anniversary heading! It looked like we were off to a good start service-wise.

Our server was very attentive (it was a weeknight so they were not super busy).

On to the food... we both had the Morton's salad, a romaine lettuce/blue cheese concoction topped with a sprinkle of egg and two slices of anchovies. This was edible but didn't excite my taste buds that much, as the blue cheese dressing could have been more flavourful. I was expecting the egg and anchovies to be mixed through the salad, which would have probably helped with the taste. The size was meal-size so I ate just half of it to save my stomach for the main event.

One of the seafood dishes we chose was the Colossul Shrimp Alexander - 3 jumbo shrimp in a white sauce. Now this was heavenly. The best seafood dish I've had in a long time. The other was the Scallops Wrapped in Bacon - this was less tasty, scallops were a bit too overdone to our liking.

The filet mignons were cooked as requested, but not very tasty at all for what would be a $40 steak. The texture was also a bit strange, almost mushy but not quite. Having said that it was still edible; but I had a better steak last week at Monk McQueen's.

We chose Asparagus with balsamic glaze. This was a strange tasting combo and we wouldn't order that again. We also tried the Lyonnaise potato, which was described as "very good, with bacon and onions". It sounded good but came out burnt and oily tasting, I couldn't taste or see any bacon. I wanted to send it back but there was already so much food that we wouldn't have eaten much more anyway.

The desserts - we had one of each - were fantastic so that saved the meal at the end. The portion sizes were huge, and the chef went to to the trouble of writing Happy Anniversary on the plate using the chocolate cream! Then the server took our photo, and soon afterwards presented us with a photo card of our picture. A very nice surprise and wonderful memento of our anniversary!

A small note about ambience. This place is in the lower level of the building and therefore has no windows. The decor is like a "gentlemen's club" but was lacking something - the walls are white with just a smattering of pictures in the main dining room. Rather plain booths line the walls. The lighting is a bit brighter than expected. Compared to the grand ceilings and plush red high-backed booths at Gotham's, the decor here was quite dull.

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Mr. Pickwick's Fish & Chips8620 Granville St, Vancouver
Expected better for the top rated F&C joint in Vanc.
Submitted Saturday, June 14, 2008 - 9:46am [Dine in]

This was a bit disappointing, considering it is supposed to be top rated for its fish and chips by Vancouverites.

We both had the 2pc cod+chips. The order was quite large, we'd share one next time. The order was not piping hot nor crispy as I would have expected, considering that it is a small takeout place (see the ambience notes in other reviews, yes it is a small place). It wasn't too greasy so that was good. The tartar saved the meal for me, I could not have eaten it without the tartar - the cod was bland and the batter only slightly better tasting. I also had deep-fried oysters, which were good (not the best I ever had). I enjoyed them more than the fish; but I did get one bad one out of four (can't blame them for that really). We also had the bangers and mash - this was excellent.

We might go back and give this place another try, but the best F&C I've had in Vancouver is still Tony's Fish & Oyster Cafe at Granville Island.

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Victoria Chinese Restaurant1088 Melville St, Vancouver
Disappointing downtown dimsum
Submitted Monday, September 24, 2007 - 5:51pm [Dine in]

Being downtown, and this restaurant having been around for many years, I was hopeful for some good dim sum.

We did not order much standard fare, as I had an out of town guest. Our dishes included Jellyfish with Braised Beef, Chicken Salad with Seaweed, Stewed Beef Tripe, and the Deep Fried Chicken Knuckles. We did have some standards, like the steamed beef rice roll (which they call beef cannelloni) and Pork Spare Ribs. The Chicken Salad was more like jellyfish with some chicken and seaweed. The rice roll was on the mushy side. The chicken knuckles were too greasy and didn't have all the usual spices nor the crunch.

Dishes start at $4.95, and you do get a decent portion - a bit too much actually, as we struggled to finish all the dishes (and never did). Isn't the idea of dim sum to have a little bit of each and more variety? At the end of the day our bill came to about $20 per person for 5 diners - a bit high for dinner. Everything was palatable, but pricey and not too satisfying. The best item we had was the mango pudding. At least we saved the best for last.

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