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lacyvancouverSince August 2, 20092 Reviews
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4 (3.9)
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Don Francesco Ristorante860 Burrard Street, Vancouver
best place to fine dine downtown
Submitted Friday, August 7, 2009 - 2:59pm [Dine in]

I will make it short an sweet!
I have been here a few times, twice with friends and once with my hubby. ALL the times the service food and atmosphere have been outstanding! The servers are prompt, attentive, and very good at their jobs in general. Everytime i have been here i have had the kitchen create the 5 course dinner for us, so the were no need for menus. The price range is approx $150pp doing the 5 course(not including tip) and it is well worth it. If you can afford to do a nice dinner once in a while, i highly recommend going here, you wont regret it!!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Horizons100 Centennial Way, Burnaby
beautiful place NO Question!
Submitted Saturday, August 1, 2009 - 8:47pm [Dine in]

First off i would like to say that i have taken the time to read some reviews and am appalled at what i have read. I am a frequent at Horizons, and by that i mean almost dine there every week! My family love it and my friends do too! I also bring out of town co-workers during the day for lunch in order to show them what a beautiful city we really live in! Well, I am shocked that someone is saying that they waited for a table for 20min or longer! That is just untrue because i know people get sat within a minute or two,( i watch, i can't help it, I'm in management). The only time people wait either 2 minutes or longer is when its a holiday or just a busy busy sat night, and even then you are only waiting 5 minutes.
Now, there are also comments on service that i would like to address. I have been served by every server in horizons and i believe there are only approx. 12-15 of them. They are all curtious, respectful and genuine. Horizons has had some staff there for more than 10yrs, and one fellow has served there for more than 20yrs, you cannot tell me you are getting terrible, rude service when i know thats just bologne. Have you ever thought maybe YOU are having a bad day, or you are just very hungry and irritable, your hubby or wife is bothering you, maybe a friend has pissed u off or possibly, you just want to be a jerk to get free food. Well, let me tell you that servers all over have to put up with people like that every day and still have to put on a smile, that takes talent and discipline.
The Chef at Horizons puts out nice quality salmon, steak, duck, ribs, shellfish, ect ect. The only reason you may not like it is because of the sauces(by the way he makes from scratch along with all the dressings and all the desserts and sauces). Maybe its not your favourite flavor or pairing, but it doesnt mean the whole meal is terrible. I have been to Earls, cactus, and more fine dining like Don Francescos, the Pear Tree... and know the difference. If you have a problem on the way its cooked, maybe too rare or over done then just say so and the server will always gladly fix it, AND ALWAYS apologize. Know this, if you are going out to a nice upscale fine dining restaurant, you will always be paying more and getting less. The portions are not huge, you are usually paying for the quality, ambience, and service.
Honestly, this website is a terrible way to judge and criticize people and the way they cook and serve you. I mean, how would you like it if your family or friends left your house after you slaved all day in the kitchen and went on some website to anonymously critique you and say mean things about your food and poor hosting skills. Here is where that old saying comes in, "Treat others how you would like to be treated". Come on People, have some manners and some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance