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KujiboWest VancouverSince March 11, 2007127 Reviews
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3 (3)
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Cactus Club Cafe855 Main Street, West Vancouver
I really like this location
Submitted Monday, August 20, 2007 - 2:10am [Dine in]

I had already written a review of the lougheed location and generally only write one review for a chain. However I've dined here many times now and my experience has been better than those days at lougheed and others.

I used to really dislike their hamburgers but either the JD burger has gotten juicier and tastier or I've grown to like it. Other items are usually pretty good too. Not gourmet dining but it's sure better than white spot so 4 stars is deserved I think.

Service is always quite good here. My only complaint recently is that while they have a multitude of hostesses there to greet and seat you, they can't seem to deal with more than one customer at a time. In a fairly empty restaurant 4 hostesses were all helping one customer with some reservations or something while we stood there for a few minutes wondering when we'd be helped. Seemed a bit silly and awkward.

The ambience is what really keeps me coming back here. The bathrooms are AMAZING. I mean I don't know what most restaurant bathrooms are like because I avoid them like the plague. But these are so nice I might look forward to a visit to them. Other restaurants could really learn from this and I hope the trend catches on. When not going to the bathroom there is the usual eye candy to look at as well. I think they've done about as well with the decor as possible given the location and price point.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Crystal Grille6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby
Outstanding buffet
Submitted Monday, August 20, 2007 - 1:49am [Dine in]

I've come here only for the sunday brunch buffet, but several times. So my review is for the buffet only.

The amount of food they put out is astounding. Some pretty good stuff too.

The price is about $30 so more expensive than some other options but the amount and quality of food put out justifies the price. We do find it can get a bit pricy partaking in this buffet, otherwise we'd probably go more. We go to the ABC buffer for $10 when feeling cheaper but they probably have 1/5 the amount of food put out here.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
New management
Manolis Taverna3877 Canada Way, Burnaby
Solid food, good value
Submitted Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 2:49am [Dine in]

Of all the greek places still open I've eaten here more than anywhere else. I come for business lunches and dinners with the wife.

I like the food here. Your plate is filled with a variety of tasty food. Lots of buttery goodness. The entrees come with rice, potato, greek salad and even buttery veggies. Buttered pita bread too. Yeah I like buttery food. Mmm. I usually get Kalamari and it's great. They serve all the greek classics plus some other less greek things like steaks and deep fried oysters or whatever.

Lunch is a very good deal at this place, I think it's $10 for Kalamari which is the same size as the dinner version as far as I can tell. Dinner is pretty cheap too, maybe around $13-14 for the same dish (can't remember exactly).

Service can vary greatly. They can get slammed at lunch and things can be slow. If they aren't slammed things are good. The servers vary quite a bit in quality too.

This place used to be hilarious because the big wolfman jack clone owner would come out and boisterously ask how everyone was, and you didn't want to say anything bad. He added a lot of charm. It seems he sold it to an Indian fellow a ways back who also seems to own James street next door. I was worried the place would go downhill but other than no wolfman jack I can't say I've noticed any difference, thankfully.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Minoas Greek Taverna3823 Kingsway, Burnaby
OK, but not repeatable for us
Submitted Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 2:18am [Dine in]

It's actually been quite some time since we ate here, but that's because we chose not to repeat. So I might as well write a review as that probably says something.

I remember the experience to just be OK. Nothing great, nothing too terrible. But I really love greek food, and even if it's mediocre, I'll probably be happy with it. So I just remember this being an average place. Knowing many better places there just wasn't much reason to repeat. But I don't think you will go too wrong here.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Pasparos Taverna132 W 3rd St, North Vancouver
Good, but not my favourite greek
Submitted Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 2:06am [Dine in]

I've eaten a lot of greek and the first thing that surprised me is entrees only consisted of potatoes, greek salad, and the item. I'm used to getting pita and most often rice and perhaps some other veggie. Now I know that I need to order pita separate. The greek salad (lots of cheese) and potato (tough on the outside because it's really roasted) were very good though. The deep fried Calamari was average. The menu did have some interesting items on it.

Service was alright. I'd actually give it a 3.5. All male servers that night which is interesting as the greek place I worked in was all male servers too. Wonder if it's a traditional thing.

Ambience would have been 4 but I deduct 1 because smoke wafts into most of the restaurant from the patio. I really have no desire to go out for a nice meal and have to breathe in that crap. The place was loud and lively and the mulit-level layout interesting.

The main reason it doesn't get 4 stars is because of the smoke and that the value was a bit out of line with other greek options available. A "large" pop was $3 and if that was a large I'd like to see what the small looks like. While the entrees are priced fine the lack of extra with them reduces value. If you don't mind this then no problem. I'd give it an overall 3.5 stars.

I'll probably be back but I prefer Manolis in Burnaby or Cosmos in White Rock.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Duffins Donuts4898 Main, Vancouver
Awesome donuts, scary customers
Submitted Thursday, August 9, 2007 - 12:15am [Dine in]

I'd go to this place way more often if the place wasn't always surrounded by creepy looking people milling around outside. Not sure why this place attracts the crowd that it does. I'm sure some people will find it charming though.

We've gotten donuts here countless times. They are really good, they get a 5 star rating. Tried the subs once and I think they were pretty good.

Service has always been good and speedy. I usually avoid going in the place but my wife told me the girls working there are hot so I had to check them out. Yeah she was right =).

We now mostly go to the Knight street location because it has less scary customers and is less of a dump. We've tried the chinese food there a few times and can't say we've liked it that much.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Cockney Kings Fish & Chips6574 Hastings Street, Burnaby
If only I loved fish and chips
Submitted Monday, August 6, 2007 - 12:54am [Dine in]

OK if I really loved fish and chips, I'd give this place a 4 or 5 star rating. I don't mind fish and chips, but I'm not sure I could love the best fish and chips as much as I love other foods. So I can only give 3 stars here. But if you love fish and chips, this is the place for you!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Bella Candela109 West Esplanade, North Vancouver
Almost great
Submitted Monday, August 6, 2007 - 12:09am [Dine in]

Was greeted by what I assume was the owner/manager, a friendly charming fellow. So service started really good but devolved into slightly sub-par by the end of our meal, so average in general.

The food was pretty tasty, though I felt some dishes undersized (I could have eaten 3 of their pasta dish, but that's no different than Earls). I used to work at Bella Pizza a long time ago and ate many a pie of theirs. They still make them the same way, although the crust did seem a bit thinner now. While they tasted great at first, I eventually grew to dislike them due to the dry crust, I became a true fan of a greasier pie (which I never get sick of). The pizza I had here tasted great to start but by the end I actually started to get a bit sick of it as the sauce started to overwhelm the dry crust. Still pretty good though, I just wished they would use a bit more oil to help really pull it together.

The room and music was probably my favourite part. The decor is made up of cheap materials but it ends up looking pretty good. The music is latin, which is a bit weird but it works and I like it. The place is loud and festive, even when only 1/3 full. It's an open kitchen which is nice.

I waffled between 3 and 4 stars, I'd really like to give 3.5 here. If the service was a bit better and the pasta portion larger I'd have been happy go at least 4 stars.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Continental Seafood Restaurant11700 Cambie Rd, #150, Richmond
It's not for me
Submitted Saturday, August 4, 2007 - 1:29am [Dine in]

I've been here 2 or 3 times now for large chinese banquets I've been invited to, so thought I would write a review as I sat down to eat the last one.

I'll have to say right away I'm probably biased toward the style of chinese food. I really love some chinese food, but not this style. I don't like my food served with the head on it and the eyes looking at me. Why are half the dishes served in a disgusting goo (agar) sauce? And why does it have to be so bloody hard to eat? Yeah, give me plastic chopsticks, then chop up all the dishes with the bones and make the all slippery. Yeah put slimy sauce all over the prawns that I have to peel. Ugh. Other than that about 1/3 of the dishes are pretty tasty.

I would have given the food a higher rating but I bit into something hard while having a taro dish, and found what looks like a good sized piece of steel wool in it. I started to think how does that happen. What else is sitting at the bottom of the pot before they throw the taro in? Yuck. Pretty much lost my appetite there. I know poop happens but I'm always questioning how clean chinese restaurants are as I've had other bad chinese restaurant experiences well above par for the course for the amount of dining out I do.

The room and service were OK. It's reasonably fancy and a good place for large weddings and such.

Anyway you can probably tell this just isn't my kind of food. It is what it is. If you like it, great. I would never go back even before my bad experience.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Nishiki Sushi1377 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Food good, room blah
Submitted Friday, August 3, 2007 - 2:49am [Dine in]

Tried this place only once.

Ordered a love boat ($45 for 2 people). One of very few combination dinner options that offer a variety of food that they offer. The menu is more traditional ala carte style, which I usually find tedious to order off of.

The food was good. The robata prawns and scallops very good. Beef and chicken teriyaki were served over dry noodles instead of the typical bean sprouts, with carrots that were soft instead of hard. In other words things were a bit different and in a good way I think. A nice variety of sashimi and sushi. What I liked most was everything was in small bite sizes, including the tempura. There was plenty of food and we left stuffed.

Service was pleasant but the place was a little bit disorganized, no soy sauce or eating utensils ready when food arrived, etc., which we had to ask for.

My biggest problem with the place was the room. I almost wanted to leave when I walked in. That said it very much resembles some low end family run places I have been to in Japan. This was just a small room with tables set in such a way that you kind of felt like you were eating beside someone if you were sitting at the wrong one. Wallpaper was rubbed off the walls at the top, not sure if this was intentional or what (it didn't look good). Tables were left dirty for longer than you might like. Normally maybe not a problem but you can see every table in the place from wherever you sit. Washrooms were clean though. Most interesting thing about the ambience was the variety of people in there. I guess I'm used to eating sushi in burnaby/vancouver where 90% of the diners are asian people under 30. On the north shore there is always a wide variety of people eating at places like this and it was really varied here. Kind of cool.

In summary the food is good, but I probably won't be back because there are options with equal food with a better room and cheaper prices (hint, walk half a block west to Sapporo).

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Marcello Pizzeria1404 Commercial, Vancouver
Didn't meet expectations
Submitted Thursday, August 2, 2007 - 2:30am [Dine in]

A coworker of mine orders takeout from this place every week and swears by it. So I had to try it out. I had high expectations because of this and maybe my review is a bit harsh because I expected much better.

We ordered a pizza and a lasagna. The pizza was OK, not great, just OK, typical thin crust pizza. There are a number of pizza places I'd prefer quite a bit to it. I'd give it 3 stars. The lasagna I personally thought to be bland as hell. Maybe it's authentic, I dunno. If you like bland lasagna and that's authentic, go for it, but I don't. All I know is I'd never wish to eat it again. I'd give it 2 stars. The Anton's lasagna is 100x better in my mind (you gotta try it if you haven't).

Keep in mind it was a few years ago I ate here. But I determined at that time I'd never go back, so this is my feedback. I'd actually sat it's more like 2.5 stars. I can't give it 3 stars as I would probably go back if it was, and I won't.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Neighbourhood Noodle House1352 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Variety, Value, Tasty
Submitted Saturday, July 28, 2007 - 8:12pm [Dine in]

Dropped in here at lunch for our second visit in two years.

They offer a large menu of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese food. Maybe some other types of Asian food too.

The Wonton soup was excellent (shrimp based I think), as was the beef and green beans (garlic and black bean I think). What is most amazing is the large bowl of soup was only $2.75 and the green beans only $4.88 as they were one of the eight half price items available for lunch on sat/sun. Wife had miso Ramen which she said was OK. Our four year old daughter had salmon sashimi as she always gets when possible. After two pieces she refused to eat anymore and said it was yucky because it tasted like smoked salmon. Turns out she was right, it did taste a bit like that. It just wasn't right unless it's some new kind of salmon, but at the same time I'm not sure if it was bad. It was just wrong. If it wasn't for the salmon I'd give a 4 star rating for food. I noticed the table beside us ordered one of each of the 8 items on special. That works out to less than $30, and they left with boxes of food, probably good for another two meals. In other words the best thing about this place is the value for money.

Servers were pleasant enough, but little things were not perfect like not getting a dish for soy sauce, and they never check up on you. Bill never came or table cleared after a long time, had to go ask for the bill. I don't normally mind waiting but most of lonsdale is 1 hour parking which makes it irritating to try and take your time enjoying a meal.

I give it high overall marks because we had some tasty dishes that were incredible value. If I want cheap chinese food this place will probably be at the top of my list.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Tomahawk Restaurant1550 Phillip Ave, North Vancouver
Not as good as I'd hoped
Submitted Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 9:52pm [Dine in]

Heard lots about this place and all the history around it before trying it.

The food sounded great reading the menu. Giant tasty breakfasts. Organic burgers. Etc. But honestly it didn't taste that great. In particular I was dissapointed with the burger. It sounded much tastier than it was. Don't like the way they served the lettuce on it (shredded, ugh). Made what should have been a savoury greasy burger (my favourite) taste like grass. I think some people might love the burger, I certainly didn't. The breakfast dish was better but not spectacular.

The ambience you will also probably love or hate. From the outside to the inside it is fairly unique. A bit tacky. I didn't love it, but it is interesting and different and there is a lot of history. So I give high marks for being something different. Really without the building this place would not be much at all.

I'd almost give it 3 stars overall but I actually go back to 3 star restaurants. I have no urge to return so can't give it that. I might someday if convenient but no immediate plans.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Samurai Sushi House5888 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Submitted Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 9:36pm [Dine in]

I've never been in the place. I've seen the lineups though. I have however been the recipient of takeout many times.

Their sushi tastes OK, but what it really comes down to and the main reason for my low rating is the ridiculous size of their rolls just makes me angry. Japanese food is intended to be prepared so that everything is bite sized or is otherwise simple to eat. This place is an egregious violation of Japanese food as you can't just eat their food with chopsticks easily. There is absolutely no way you can eat their larger rolls with one bite. You have to pick the pieces up off the plate (not great when you are sharing). You have to somehow cut through the nori with your chopsticks to get it into small enough pieces. Meanwhile the crab is falling all over the place littering your soy sauce. UGH. Can it be any more STUPID?

The sushi is also poorly constructed. Compounded with the large size, it's a miracle if you can get a roll off the plate without it falling into pieces.

I know some people love the schtick of the large sushi and feel they are getting a great deal. Honestly if they change to small rolls they would probably lose half their business. If you like it, great, but I don't. If they want to give good value for money, why not just give more sushi for the money? I'd certainly be fine with it then.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Ricky's4820 Kingsway, 259, Burnaby
Fills a niche
Submitted Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 1:48am [Dine in]

We eat here occasionally. Last time to Metrotown we wanted to eat food fair but it was packed, so ducked in here as it's just below it and we knew it wouldn't be packed (never is it seems).

The thing I am liking more about this place is it is starting to fill a niche that is kind of dissappearing as similar restaurants try to go upscale or change (white spot). I'd say it is most similar to IHOP or Denny's, but a bit more upscale, more like how white spot used to be years ago. I would say they do also seem to be trying to go further upscale and are offering trendy items like "forno pizza".

The food is better than I think it should be as my expectations are not too high as it's a place that serves a wider variety of food than it probably should. It's a good place to get breakfast food and I often get my pancake fix in here. A lasagna wasn't bad and was surprisingly huge.

Service is usually good. Last visit there were several attractive young waitresses which was a bit surprising as that's not usually the case as in the past it was more a greasy diner type experience.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
James Street Cafe & Grill3819 Canada Way, Burnaby
Varying levels of goodness
Submitted Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 3:29am [Dine in]

Eaten here several times now.

The food is a bit interesting here as a lot of it has a twist on it. For example the souvlaki is spiced with curry or whatever. You may be in for a surprise in what you get compared to what you might think you get, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The owner does seem to be Indian. I think he also owns the greek place down the street. So the menu items may become interesting because of this. The menu items are well priced, probably tastier than equivalently priced restaurants, but not as tasty as say Earl's or Cactus Club overall.

Service levels can vary. They don't have too many servers so when it gets busy things can get a a bit strained. The quality of each server varies as well. So you may get great service or you may get sub par service.

Ambience is nothing special but there is a fireplace, some TVs to watch, and the place is fairly new.

We often go here for a work lunch as it doesn't get lineup busy, is well priced, and tasty enough.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Cosmos Greek Restaurant14871 Marine Drive, White Rock
Solid food, friendly service
Submitted Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 3:00am [Dine in]

Eaten here several times over the years. My family eats here somewhat regular and like it quite a bit and are friendly with the staff. Never seems to be a dissapointing experience.

Food has been good. I found their greek salad a bit bland (I like lots of dressing) but that's probably a personal thing. Everything else I've had is great though. Prices start at about $15 for a Kalamari dinner with most items hovering just under $20. Not the cheapest greek but not too expensive either.

We last dined on a Friday night and they had a lot of servers working, so service was pretty fast. Even with a full restaurant food came pretty fast. Service seems quite personable, when it's less busy many of the staff seem to be mingling with customers in a friendly way.

On a Friday night the place was lively and festive. It's a fairly large restaurant. Lots of lively conversation, I don't think they even bother trying to play music as it would be too loud. A belly dancer appeared for a few songs though.

Overall it seems to be one of the most popular spots on Marine drive and deservedly so.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Pepitas Restaurant2015 Burrard, Vancouver
OK, but not as good as I hoped
Submitted Friday, July 20, 2007 - 8:34pm [Dine in]

Dined here over 10 years ago and recall it being the best mexican/spanish I'd ever had in Vancouver. Always wanted to go back but it's not convenient. Finally just tried it again but it wasn't as good as I remembered.

We ordered the combo for two. It looked a bit bland on paper but wanted to try a selection anyway. Well it was a bit bland. Not terrible, just nothing to get my taste buds going. I think there would probably have been some tastier menu items, we should have tried them instead.

Service was good enough, our drinks were refilled in a timely fashion.

We arrived in the early evening so were the only ones dining for most of our meal. Obviously the place wasn't too happening from that standpoint, but as people came in things got a bit more party like and the servers were injected with some more life. The view of the street is kind of OK as it's on the second level of a building.

I think the most dissapointing thing is our combo, two pops and tip added up to $50. For that money I can think of so many tastier options I could have had. I guess I just don't like the bland mexican food, or maybe not traditional mexican food in general. I've eaten at tex-mex places in Texas before and it was 10x better than this. As others noted, it's just bloody hard to get spectacular mexican food in Vancouver.

If it was closer I would go back and try some other dishes before passing final judgement.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Denny's2050 Marine Dr., North Vancouver
This was the worst Denny's I've been to
Submitted Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 1:03am [Dine in]

I've eaten at all sorts of Denny's over 30 years of my life. I loved this place when I was 10 years old. I know what to expect. I don't expect much, but I have to say I was quite dissapointed with the last visit to this location.

I pretty much stick to breakfast food here no matter what time of day it is as entree's are usually not so good. Service is usually not bad at Denny's, and ambience is that of a diner, which sometimes is OK.

On my visit to this location, the place seemed really messed up. I think probably the cook must have quit or something. Our food was taking forever and they came back and asked us to order something else as what we wanted wasn't available. I think they were in the back drawing straws between the dishwasher or manager or whoever to figure out who would cook or something. Anyway after forever our food comes, and it wasn't so great.

Needless to say we haven't been back. You'd think a Denny's in North/West Vancouver might be a bit better than your average Denny's but this one was just terrible.

I'm giving it a generous 2 stars as the experience was more incompetence on their part than malicious, and I don't want to paint the whole Denny's chain as bad because it's not this bad.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant1615 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
Conflicted says ...
Submitted Tuesday, July 3, 2007 - 1:08am [Dine in]

I've eaten here just now, and once a couple of years ago.

I'll preface this review by saying I don't dine at chinese restaurants very often due to a myriad of poor service and cleanliness experiences at most of them.

So on my first visit to Yum Yum I was very pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and friendliness.

The food I've had so far has been good enough. Nothing mind blowing, but that's probably just me not finding the interesting items on the menu yet as I'm not a chinese food expert.

Service, I am conflicted about. The staff are friendly, especially what I am guessing are the young owners. They don't seem jaded and seem to be putting a lot into the restaurant. That alone means a lot to me as most chinese places I visit make you feel like you are inconveniencing them with your visit.

Service on the first visit was great. Service on the second visit started out well but deteriorated as the evening went on. They present the dishes in a friendly way, pour your pop, your soup, place the dishes right in front of you, etc. My drink ran out and nobody came by for a while to check. We started dining a bit after 8 and were done by about 9:30 when the restaurant was winding down to close. While a number of people were still eating service seemed to grind to a halt as the staff all seemed more interested in counting up their tips for the night. After about 30 minutes with no bill in sight had to go up front to pay. You could see the other diners in the place wondering what was happening too. My advice is don't come near closing time. I think we were also overcharged but by that time just wanted to get out of there.

Ambience - the room is an open square but the decor is nice and it's clean. I'd give it 4 stars but have to take one off because it was way too hot in there. This was on a cool 20C summer day too. I'm not sure if they have A/C, if not, this place would get ridiculous on a hot day.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance