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kmkavath81 columbia street west, waterlooSince April 27, 20121 Review
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Chen's Restuatant170 West University Ave, #19, Waterloo
Never go to this restaurent
Submitted Friday, April 27, 2012 - 10:08am [Dine in]

I was around when this restaurant started. In fact, we used to go here a lot. But, as they started getting more people, they became very bad. Before, there were hot sauces (i like spicy food), and i used to take 3-4 small packs. Now, they give u 1-2. Also, their food quality started degrading. Once, my friend had a hair in a plate, and the person working there took it out and was about to leave, when we had to ask for new food because no1 wants a hair in their food. We still go once in a while now and then. One of their worker doesnt understand english either, we tried to order 1 order of egg fried rice, and 1 order of just fried rice. She started saying S**t, and other things and she did not understand what we were trying to get for 3-4 mins, and became very frustrated and eventually called someone from the back.
Yersterday (april, 26th), me and my friend were there. We usually get just fried rice with nothing in it since i am vegeterian and there arent a lot of options. They usually charge us 5$ for it since there is nothing in it. They charged us 6.87$ yersterday so we were like, u usually charge 5$. Instead of being sorry, he is like oh, probably someone did it in mistake and lied to us that he was the one who charges us 5$ everytime we order it. He denied the fact that it is 5$ and made us pay 1.87$ extra for the same food.
All I can say is, I would never go to this people again, and make sure none of my friends go here either. They are bunch of liars, please dont go here so it can close down.

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