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Il Giardino1382 Hornby St, Vancouver
I'm surprised that someone likes it.
Submitted Saturday, March 24, 2007 - 6:27pm [Dine in]

A few months ago we went to this restaurant, and honestly had the most unedible food ever served to us in any restaurant. The place was empty in the front room, but they made us wait, even though we had reservatins, to give us a tiny table cramped by a pot plant. I found the room to be plain reminessent of a green house stuffed with an aboundance of plants, and at the time we arrived it was packed, again keep in mind that the other larger room was empty. The servers were prifessional, but behaved as if they were serving the best food on Earth. The price was as well promissing somthing unforgetteble, as I can remebre my bill for 3 course meal and a glass of their chippest wine($12), came to over $120 bucks, ouch!

Ok, lets forget the price, and talk about food: for the appetizer I had potato wrapped shrimp, which cane too dry, because the shrimps they used appeared to be previously frezerburnt, and honestly the hole dish was left barely eaten, as not even salad served with that dis was any good.

For pasta I had the described as something increadible by our waiter, the special pasta of the day - spagetty with prawns and pesto sauce, well it was made with the same dry old shrimp I had for the appetizer, and was served with the most blant sause any housewife could make - for only $27.00 it was barely edible, and till this day I wander if our waiter had ever been to MacDonadlds, because food there tastes a hell of alot better!

And after all I had my "fabulous" Grilled venisson tenderloin for as main course for fourty something bucks! Guess what - the meat was overaged, and smelled bad. The seasoning again was non-existent, which they should have used at least to cover up the decaing smell of old meat they were serving!

The only good thing I got there - was wine, which was comparable to $12.00 a bottle wine at store, but I suspect that did not make it themselves...

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Le Crocodile909 Burrard Street, #100, Vancouver
Koudos to Krocodile!
Submitted Saturday, March 24, 2007 - 5:55pm [Dine in]

We were invited by our friends to this lovely French restaurant, and honestly were very pleased with the food and service we receivd. After a few very dissapointing "fine dining" experienced we had at Il Giardino di Umberto and Trafalgars, it was a reasurrance that fine dining restaurants still exist.

The Veal chop vas succulent and came with a nice mushroom sauce, for the appetizer I had quale stuffed with sweetbreads, and I will recomend that dish to everyone. Beutifull presentations and decent portions surely make it worthwile to visit this hidden jem, when you got some free time for a fine dining experience and are willing to pay for it. Also I have to admit that Le Crocodile is nothing like the rip-off priced Il Giardino, for the quality of food and service you get there, it is really worthwile paying the price they charge. We surely be back whenever another special occasion arrives!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Accents Restaurant1967 W. Broadway, Vancouver
What's wrong with you people?
Submitted Saturday, March 24, 2007 - 1:33am [Dine in]

I have been frequenting this restaurant for at least 3 years, and tonight by a sheer chance I have stumbled across this site, which to my very surprise listed my favourite of all restaurants in the city - Accents. I could not belive that there were so many negative opinions, because I've been dining at Accents on average at least once a week, and have never encountered any rudness or unprofessional service there. In fact I find that the service at Accents is very friendly, prompt and simply outstanding. Please keep in mind that Accents is not a fine dining establishment and they do not charge you for a service you would expect in Bishops or Lumiere.

As for the food, I shall say that none of our city's fine dining restaurants can even compare, even though they charge at least tripple price and serve less than a quarter of food you will get at Accents. I have tried out almost each and every dish on their menu, and have to admit that all of them are simply excellent. Especially I will recomend to everyone to venture into their Specialty Entrees section, which appears that none of the negative reviewers have ever tried. The grilled rack of lamb on the sward delivers not just huge chunks charred of meat, but also an anforgettable flafour. For the texture lovers - go for Bison stroganoff. Tonight they had on special Chilian seabass, and I have to tell you - it's to die for.

I'm not trying to brag here about Accents, as honestly I don't care for them to get any busier than they are. It is already difficult enough to get a table there at 7pm on a weekend's night, but I just can not stand when people are so unjust.

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  • Ambiance