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kaymm2vancouverSince April 21, 20072 Reviews
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Morton's of Chicago, The Steakhouse750 W. Cordova Street, Vancouver
I'm rich, but not that rich
Submitted Sunday, September 9, 2007 - 11:55am [Dine in]

$57 for a steak! Okay I have to admit, it was pretty good. I had a NY strip steak and I asked for medium but there was a little part of it that was burnt. cause it was so dark there, I could only taste that it was charred. Other than that, it was nicely cooked. For appetizer I had jumbo shrimp alexandra. 3 huge shrimps and it was the best shrimp I've eaten but was it worth $6-$7 each? I say yeah.

Now for the sides, we had mushrooms, beans, hashbrowns and cream of spinach. The spinach had too much cream. the mushrooms were overcooked and had too much butter, same with the beans. The hashbrowns were way too oily. The worse hashbrowns I've had ever. I swear. McD's makes them better.

We had martini's and it $15 each? and did it taste any better than what I can get at Fogg and sudd's? hell no.

For desert we had the cheese cake. The waiter tells me it was flown fresh from NY (or was it Boston?) everyday. And it is really good cheesecake. I'm a huge cheesecake fan (i make my own too). And I have to admit, it was good. didn't taste too "cheesy" and not too sweet.

For a fine dining place, I thought it would be quiet, but we had to almost yell at each other to talk cause it was so noisy. It was a friday night so, lots of people. It was dimly lit and I really couldn't give a visual inspection of my food, just going by tastes.

Our waiter was good, they replaced our used forks/knives, filled our water, never had to ask once. So service was good and it better be for that price!

So in short, the steak was good (other than the burnt part), the shrimp was fabulous, the drinks were overpriced, the sides were oily, and it was as noisy as eating at Hon's.

I have mixed feelings about Morton's. good steak, good shrimp, disappoint side dishes, so so drinks, fantastic cheese cake. Overpriced? hell yeah, but nice to splurge a little.

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Granville Room957 Granville Street, Vancouver
Salty Fries!!
Submitted Saturday, April 21, 2007 - 11:54am [Dine in]

Service was so-so. We waited a long time before someone took our order. Then when they did, it took a very long time for us to get our food. Our drinks came quick though :)

My GF and I ordered some ahi tuna spring roll, yam fries, regular fries and some crab cake/shrimp with rice. There was a theme going there. Everything was salty! We had other people with us and they said their food was salty too. I mean salty! like our fries were deep fried it in salt. So we asked to get another batch with less salt and it came back just as salty. We gave up. I know it's not a restaurant, but if you wanna go there for food, forget it.

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