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katehVancouverSince April 11, 20102 Reviews
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Charlie Don't Surf15011 Marine Drive, White Rock
Charlie don't SERVE??
Submitted Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 8:08pm [Dine in]

Why is this place still in business? Today was a seriously nice mid-spring Saturday in April. Of course, Whiterock is pretty busy, but this isn't summer yet. We were sat at the most broken down table I've seen in BC (cheap plastic patio table from many seasons ago, all cracked and uneven on top, covered by a worn and filthy square of vinyl... they can't even get new vinyl for $4 each season????)

The waitress completely FORGOT to order a guiness for my husband even though they had quite a conversation about it. I had to go inside to ask her if she had any intention of bringing it (after like 1/2 hour!) and she had forgotten to order it. She brought out the Guinness in a frosty mug. Who is their bartender? Every bartender should know a guiness is not ice cold. Keep that frosty for somebody else.

The table next to us had ordered mussels and clams (and some other items). Eventually they were brought mussels only, so returned it. I'm not kidding you, it took them at least 45 minutes to replace that dish with the right one. They brought the other portion of their food and that was all gone by the time the new mussels came.

At our table, I finally piped up to tell our server that it was approaching an hour now, and we had no food. That seemed to help, it came about 15 minutes later. All in all it was a two hour experience for one beer, one coke and two simple fish and chips (one of their most popular dishes). You know, it was a nice day, and I wasn't in a particular hurry, but that's for me to decide, not the restaurant. Good thing we could ONLY buy one OR TWO hours parking in town... now I know why. We had just enough time for that, no walk on the boardwalk for us. I was friggin BORED by the time the food came.

SO MEDIOCRE! All about the view. Nothing more.

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Beach House, The150 25th Street, West Vancouver
It's all about the view.
Submitted Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 7:58pm [Dine in]

I've been to The Beach House twice this year and had the same ho-hum response both times.
First time I was there was last summer in August for my birthday so we got a nice outside table for a good sunset view. Very nice, except for one patron's little doggie tied up right on the other side of the gate, and their two little kiddies running around teasing it while the parents ignored them. Sure it's a patio, but this was more than a bit distracting from a "romantic" dinner.
the food was okay. Smallish portions, quite a high price, but you're paying for the view, and this is the same as everywhere else in the world. It being summer, I ordered an Arugula salad. I LOVE arugula and it's my Birthday! They bring me a spinach salad with like four leaves of Arugula and think I'm not going to care or notice? Not. I returned it and they apologized saying they didn't really have a reliable arugula supplier. So, why is it still on the menu, and why are they serving me a substitute without giving me the choice? Not to impressed with that.
We were there again last night with a larger group. My husband ordered Oyster appetizers and sat with no food while everyone else had their starters for quite a long time. We eventually had to eat our hot items and were pretty much finished before he received his (non-cooked) appetizer. No real apologies were offered.
My friend ordered a Beach House Salad: "mixed greens, sprouted grains, toasted almonds, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, red beets,carrots, pomegranate honey vinaigrette." She got several handfuls of bag lettuce and no obvious other ingredients. She had ordered it because she was attracted to the beets and couldn't even find ONE piece of beet. Hmmmm I thought, bringing back memories of my arugula salad, this place doesn't really respect it's customers.
Some table mates ordered the Black Cod which came with a strangely sweet gooey white concoction of "Vanilla Mascarpone Risotto" which seems more like a way to mask a poor risotto.... I wouldn't recommend it.
I ordered the duck and our server mistakenly ordered me lamb, even talking me up from rare to medium rare, which I thought was odd at the time. A different server brought it, put it down saying "lamb", and I said "duck??" so she agreed, yes, "duck"... of course, the server had made a mistake and came back to correct it. Fine, but it took about half an hour to bring a replacement. For heavens sake, I would rather have had lamb than make every one at my table uncomfortable while they finished my meals before I received mine, and making me eat alone.
The server did bring us a sampler plate of all their desserts as a make up gift, but I'm not that interested in dessert, and two or three bites didn't really make up for it.
Anyway, it's a nice place, the food is decent, the decor is fine, the view is beautiful and it's still a cut above the usual chain places, but they have made it hard for me to want to return.
They're banking on their view.

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