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karriejdBrampton, ONSince September 3, 20131 Review
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Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant1 Bartley Bull Parkway, Unit 5, Brampton
Decent Food, Awful Customer Service!
Submitted Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 9:35am [Dine in]

I've been to Anjappar Chettinad in Brampton a couple of times and their food is pretty decent - the closest to authentic Chettinad that I have come across in Canada. I am from South India originally and I'd say their food is fairly south-indian although a little on the bland side. They used to be very popular in the past but they seem to have lost favour not because of their food but because of the abysmal Customer Service their clientele receives. The restaurant is a bit on the pricey side to begin with so thats unacceptable in my opinion as you can get cheaper Dosas and other south indian food closeby with people that are way happier to enhance customer experience.
We visited their restaurant on Saturday evening - there were 15 of us in total and each person ordered a Thali - the service was fairly prompt so thats a good thing - the waitress wasn't willing to allow substitutions (like rice for roti etc) and kept telling us that it was 'restaurant policy' so we let it go at that point. For the record, I've eaten at Anjappar Chettinad in India ( the head office) and they were way more accomodating and were more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure customers leave delighted.
The icing on the cake was when we asked for onions and lemons (a standard free accompaniment with a thali at ANY Indian Restaurant ) and we were told we were allowed only three tiny portions and the rest would be charged at $3.99 a portion. The average price for a 10lb bag of red onions at any grocery store is $3.99 - just thought I'd throw that in so you are aware of how ludicrous those charges are.
At this point, i asked to speak with the manager. The manager comes out, a Mr Loghan - who then proceeds to tell me that it is HIS policy to charge for onions and we should be satisfied that he served us three portions free of cost - i asked him if those three saucers of a mixture of sliced onions, lemon wedges and green chillies were a reasonable accompaniment for a table of 15 people, each with an individual thali. He said he cannot speak of people's appetites (!!!) but three portions were what were sufficient for all of us, in his opinion, and we would be charged for anything over and above that. He was very nonchalant and arrogant in his response and was quick to advise me that the franchise owner was in India and i was welcome to take it to the next level by complaining about their service on the Anjappar Chettinad website. I asked then what my response time was expected to be and he smugly responded that he cannot speak for the owner in India as he may or may not return my email/calls.

Our bill came to roughly $300 and here i was arguing with this sorry excuse of a manager about onions as an accompaniment to our meals. I was embarrased by the blatant lack of customer service displayed here. I will not be returning to this restaurant again.

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