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JudeMount PleasantSince August 25, 20085 Reviews
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Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant4136 Main Street, Vancouver
good Entertainment Book outing
Submitted Friday, May 1, 2009 - 3:51pm [Dine in]

This place is actually called Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant (in phone book as such) and is located just past 25th & Main. I'm just sayin'...

We used the Entertainment Book coupon this week and had a combo plate. Both came with vermicelli; hefty pork skewer (alas, overcooked, quelle disapointing); roll dip; and crepe rolls (with ground pork inside.)

My combo came with the Prawn Imperial and my husband had the prawn skewer. The Imperial roll was nice, but nothing fancy, I should have gone for the plain prawns which were anything but...huge, grilled and tasty. My husband gave me one (he likes me he really really likes me!) His fancy combo was $13.99 mine I believe $10.99.

We'll probably go back if we have another coupon, or for lunch, but gadzooks the place is odd and the service fairly atrocious. The menu is vast and the food is above average but things are a bit hinky.

Service (for lack of a better word) was surely by the owner's son who put the lack in lackadaisical. He really did not want to be there and it showed.

Dad-the-Owner showed up and was very friendly to the many three people who showed up for pickup.

A huge WTF at this restaurant is the seating. Egads I have never been more uncomfortable in my entire life. The bench seating which exists in 90% of the place leaves a HUGE gap between where one is sitting and the edge of the table. I swear it was a foot deep. It was too absurd for words.

Anyhoo, I would visit again. Probably. At least to see if they have a lunch combo at a good price. But I'll try to sit at one of the few tables that seat 12 which have actual chairs.

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Red Onion2028 41st Avenue West, Vancouver
viva Cobb salad
Submitted Friday, May 1, 2009 - 2:44pm [Dine in]

Heading out to Kerrisdale only happens when the husband and I have the use of a car (or I'm solo on a long bike ride.) This week we did indeed have a rental so we planned a visit to The Red Onion. As always I got the Cobb salad. asYUMMY as ever.

Now only a real dummy would consider a Cobb salad diet food, I just get it as it's moderately healthy and tastes great. The Red Onion Cobb consists of Spinich and mixed greens; egg; bacon; chicken breast; and, natch red onion slices. Topped by their delicious "red dressing" which is like a French vinagrette. Coming with this is a serving of bagel chips, toasted mini bagel slices (somewhat less than a zillion calories and oh so worth it) which will keep coming if you wish.

The husband had a burger and fries, the consensous we agreed on was "meh" just okay, burger a bit dry, fries clean tasting but dull. Next time he should get the double hot dog thingy which is supposed to be very good.

Washed both dishes down with a few bottomless cokes. Cobb $9.95 Burger/fries $9.20 Pops $1.95 and, of course, we got a nice sized red onion to take home, always a nice, useable bonus.

Friendly waitstaff and nice room. I look forward to a stop here during a long bike ride from Mount Pleasant, around UBC and back home again later this Spring.

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One Saigon979 Hornby Street, Vancouver
dependable baguettes!
Submitted Monday, March 23, 2009 - 12:32pm [Dine in]

It's hard to find a place to snag a good old fashioned Vietnames baguette sandwich these days. Most pho shops just can't be bothered (clearly the amount of work versus profit margin is lesser on a sandwich.)

I was pleased to discover One Saigon downtown on Hornby 2 blocks from where I work. Also on the block you can get sushi, falafel's, "French" sandwiches, and even Tim Horton's.

It's $4.50 for a baguette (a buck less for just veggies) which really isn't too stiff. I like the grilled chicken. I usually eat in to get a few cups of their very fine tea. Luckily I can set my own lunch and usually arrive before the noon rush.

I go once a week on Monday when the $7.50 lunch special is one baguette, salad roll and pop of choice. I sometimes bump the pop up to a V8 juice for 50 cents and save for a snack later.

The shop is pretty narrow, the staff are young and friendly. The clientele are ESL students and local 9-5er's.

For first-timers interested in a sandwich I'd go on Thursday's when 2 baguettes are the special for $7.50.

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  • Ambiance
Cannery Seafood House, The2205 Commissioner Street, Vancouver
A Happy Anniversary
Submitted Monday, March 9, 2009 - 10:10am [Dine in]

18 years of happily wedded bliss. So far so good. .

Upon realizing we had a Entertainment Book coupon for the Cannery the choice was a no brainer. I had never been before, but my husband attests he had his best meal ever there. I think it was also one of his most romantic but we haven't talked about that

The choice of appetizers didn't really thrill me. [Well of course that seafood medly sounded great but at $18.50 x 2 it was too pricy big date night or not.]

To start we shared the lobster bisque which was a perfect portion as it's very rich. Our pleasant waiter, Gardie, suggested we might like to split it before we had a chance to tell him, which was appreciated.

I had read a review in which the soup wasn't warm enough and that was the case here. This could have been avoided had the soup plate been properly warmed prior to serving. The only food complaint of the evening.

The lobster & balsalmic oil with bread was indeed excellent, and a second round of bread was brought mid meal upon request.

The husband ordered the salmon wellington which was excellent and a flippin' huge portion. The pastry shell was "to die for" the salmon outstanding and the pinot noir sauce a nice touch. A small server of the sauce was left tableside. It was truly delicious. $24 of the $30 cost of this dish was deducted from our bill per the coupon.

I went for gold and had the $46 seafood trio: lobster tail, prawns, scallops. It was my first time having lobster and it was just delicious. The 4 scallops were perfect and a fair size while the 4 prawns were huge. The butter dipping sauce was decadent.

Both meals came with a mixture of vegetables, including carrot, grilled red pepper, bok choi, my dish also had a barley risotto which tasted rather eggy.

To drink we (er, mostly I -- money saving tip marry a non-drinker) had a 1/2 liter of Peller Estates Chardonnay a good dependable, if not exactly jump up and down with joy, white. At $23 it worked out to $8 per glass.

To finish we had coffees and the waiter brought a complimentary chocolate mousse. Nice!

We came early, arriving by 5:15. This ensured a few things: a prime window seat on the second floor and a quieter room. I also feel that most establishments are most with it food-wise earlier in the evening. The wait staff are fresh and orders haven't piled up.

I'll definitely be back, and with luck I'll get my mitts on another Coupon.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Papa's Gourmet Pizza3030 Main Street, Vancouver
too bad no delivery!
Submitted Monday, August 25, 2008 - 1:20pm [Dine in]

Papa's is awesome. Their pizza by the slice is a great deal (cheap!) and they heat it up for you. The woman/owner at the counter is just terrific. Super friendly staff. [Of course, the BEST pizza in the city, let alone by the slice is 2001 Flavors on the corner of Seymour & Pender but that's another story...]

The dough at Papa's is the biscuit sort, not too heavy, and somewhat of an aquired taste but yummy (and maybe less calories than regular heavier dough?)

Real shame they don't deliver.

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  • Ambiance