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Joe and TraciVancouver (Fairview)Since December 8, 20116 Reviews
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2.5 (2.3)
  • Food2.5 (2.5)
  • Service2.5 (2.3)
  • Value2 (2)
  • Ambiance1.5 (1.3)


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Legend House Restaurant1169 Pacific Street, #140, Coquitlam
Good Sauces, otherwise Meh...
Submitted Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 7:28pm [Take-out]

Not very good quality. Small portions. Chicken (all thigh) had too much gristle bits, as did every bite of beef. Noodles seemed fresh, but not to our liking. Szechuan and Kung Pao had good sauce flavour, but everything else was... Meh. Sweet & sour chicken was all soggy breaded thigh (not crispy with sauce, as per the menu)...probably 1/4 of each bite was meat. Not worth a 2nd chance... Especially as they seemed over priced to start.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Boathouse Restaurant, The2770 Esplanade Ave, Port Moody
Not so "Appy" about "Appy Hour"!!!
Submitted Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 8:51pm [Dine in]

Glad that we didn't stay for the dinner... We wouldn't have thought it to be so badly reviewed, but here I am reading about nearly our exact experience, written over and over again...TERRIBLE!!!

We spent the day at beautiful Rocky Point and walked around to the beach across from the Boathouse. Had a look back and decided that some poached prawns and cocktail sauce were in order. Upon our arrival, we discovered that it was still Appy Hour and we could order a few Appy's to try at a decent price. Prawns, Halibut bites, and Calamari and yam fries...Great!

Service to start was slow (servers were chatting at the end of the bar). We ordered a couple bevies and some ice water. The drinks came but no water, so I asked Crystal (our server) again.

Food came and we dug in. After one bite our she asked how everything was... we did just get it, so we said good. Flagged down someone to get Crystal back to order more prawns before 6pm. She came and said that it looked like we were looking for her (because I was!! Why not come on over to the table to be sure?! This was 5 mins to 6 and our drinks were empty, and nearly out of water. Didn't see her again for 20 minutes when she came out with our second order of prawns.

During our drink-less wait, we ate through our other appys and discovered that the bottom half of the calamari was a bunch of dark brown crumbles, which to my pallet (had more than my fair share) tasted burnt. I brought it to our servers attention when she dropped off the prawns and she told me that those are the bits and were ok. I reiterated that they were charred and inedible. I asked why it took over 20 mins for our prawns and that we would have ordered drinks 20 mins ago had she asked. She said they were busy (not really, most people came in that we saw at 10 after 6). She filled our water and slammed down my Wife's water glass and walked away shaking her head. She came back with the bill, we paid, and I asked for the manager.

Denis the manager came over and listened to what I had to say (all of the above). His first words came out with a stink like he just ate a cigarette butt. Ewww! He seemed to listen and said he'd bring this to our servers attention. I guess he's heard this often enough...because he didn't seem to care if we came back or not.

Funny thing is (Denis), tomorrow is our Anniversary (which we celebrate monthly), and this was going to be our go-to place as it has such a beautiful patio view! Oh well, 2 appy's, 2 dinners and a bottle of fine wine will be purchased elsewhere every month!! They won't see our $200 every month!

This place isn't worth a second try, especially after reading how many people get sick and have had such terrible experiences. We just moved from False Creek and frequented the Kits and Downtown locations, and will miss them dearly... We are not happy with our new, local Boathouse! Grrrr!!!

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  • Ambiance
Best Neighbour's Restaurant3838 Oak St., Vancouver
What a waste...of time, money, digestive aid, etc.
Submitted Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 3:21pm [Dine in]

I'm going to do my best to try and keep this relatively short... I could really go on and on about this dive.

My Wife and I ordered a lunch that we thought would be relatively safe...oops. I ordered the Hawaiian burger and she had a clubhouse sandwich with lentil soup. First, the burger: The patty was what you'd find in a school cafeteria...right out of the box frozen. The first bite took me way back, I almost spit it right out. After forcing myself to swallow I finally got the waitresses attention (5 minutes later). She asked if everything was alright. Well, no I said. The burger patty was frozen and it's terrible and dry. She asked if I wanted to order something else. Hesitantly I said yes. She brought me a menu and returned after about 5 minutes again and took my "safe" order of a Rueben sandwich and the lentil soup. Back to my Wife's meal now. Her Clubhouse (as the waitress originally explained it - as obviously it's an issue) came without either chicken or turkey...that's a first, but whatever. Really what she got was a BLT with ham. Well, the soup was ok...maybe it was out of a big ol' can or a bag? She only attempted half the sandwich (I'll explain below) and finished the soup. I ate most of my Rueben as the meat was ok, and the sauerkraut and ample mustard took away from any other flavours. After we paid I was going to say that we wouldn't be back, but I don't think that the waitress would have cared so why bother right?!

Oh, the ambiance...next to us sat a nice older couple that kept asking her husband, "what's his (me) problem...why's he sending that burger back? What's wrong with him?". Excuse me, but we're right next to you...we can hear you!! GEEZ! Oh, and half way through my Wife's meal, he politely blew a couple uncovered sneezes right at our table...That's why my Wife only ate half her sandwich. My second meal hadn't even arrived (about 30 minutes after we entered), so I was safe...whew! A pleasant little hole in the wall that we will never go back to again. EVER!!

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  • Value
  • Ambiance
Oyaji Zushi1542 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver
Finally...Great Sushi in our hood!!!
Submitted Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 9:08pm [Take-out]



We've tried many sushi places, and mediocrity has become the norm. Waterfall Sushi is priced right and delivers! Literally, they also deliver (after 4pm)!

Our first experience was a take-out order of our favourite go-to choices, Wild Sockeye Salmon Sashimi (8 nice sized chunk pieces - not lox sized like I've been seeing lately) 10/10, Real Crab Cali Roll 10/10, Spicy Tuna Roll (spicy sauce is mixed in with chopped tuna, and delicious with crunchy green onion and maybe some tempura bits?) 10/10, chopped Scallop roll 10/10, Pork Gyoza with soft succulent outer shell and super tasty veg and pork mixture for filling 10/10, Premium Sunrise (most are only 8.95 for 8 pcs) and Victoria rolls...both are 10/10.

Oh, and the great thing here is that they offer the option for brown rice!! AND, it's not an extra $1 a roll...only 50 cents! And, it's only 25 cents for sushi... Not as bad as most everywhere I've been! I mean really...it's only rice!! Paying a buck extra per roll for brown rice is ridiculous, seriously!!

We wanted to try many things to get a flavour for this new sushi place just around the corner from us...and we're super happy with what we've had! We're lovin' this place and we'll be back whenever we get the need for fantastic sushi! We just finished all we could eat, and I'm already craving more :-)

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  • Service
  • Value
Maurya Indian Cuisine1643 W Broadway, Vancouver
Our Compliments! Best Indian Cuisine Ever!!!
Submitted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 7:04pm [Delivery]

We have ordered from Maurya a handful of times and each time we are astonished by the unbelievable flavour of their dishes. Hands down this is not only the best Indian cuisine we’ve ever had, it’s one of the best meals we’ve ever had period...and delivery at that!

We wanted to take a moment to express that we are thrilled to have happened upon this establishment, and we will be loyal customers for a long time to come. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND!.

Also, it was a nice touch that they gave us two complimentary mint chutneys (after we asked through our online order for this item which didn't come with anything we had ordered, but we've had it once and we wanted it again).

Also, the Butter Chicken - "Hot" was absolutely perfect, as was the Vindaloo - "Medium". Garlic Naan is a must have! Enjoy!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Splitz Grill4242 Main Street, Vancouver
Nothing like the Whistler Splitz
Submitted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 6:51pm [Dine in]

Looking for the best burger joint in Vancouver is a challenge. My Wife and I LOVED Splitz in Whistler, so this should have been a no brainer. Unfortunately, to our dismay, the Main Street location is terrible!

We were greeted politely, but could barely hear anything being said to us as there were a few guys making enough noise to irritate children on a playground. Once our order was done we added our toppings (as per the norm) and waited in anticipation of what was to come our way.

First bite was ok, then it deteriorated from there. My Bison burger tasted like char and Traci's wrap and the chicken in it carried what appeared to be yesterday's greasy burger bits from the grill top. It even tasted like grill top bits from the day before! The bacon was no different and the fries looked like greasy little bits from the bottom of the fryer! I'll remember not to tip before the food comes again! I was considering asking for the 12% tip back after the terrible food they provided. Maybe that's just what you get there when you show up between lunch and dinner.

Seriously NOT IMPRESSED at all, and we'll never be going back to that burger joint! I'd much rather drive to Whister to experience the delicous burgers at Splitz there (where obviously they have pride in the product they serve - and they were a lot of fun to chat with as well)!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance