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JiaoziRichmond, BCSince December 26, 20102 Reviews
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No. 1 Shanghai Cuisine4200 No. 3 Rd., #120, Richmond
Sour food, refused refund
Submitted Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 11:27pm [Take-out]

Today I ordered several items for takeout from Shanghai No. 1, including Eggplant with Chili Garlic Sauce. ($6.50) When I arrived home, I discovered that the eggplant was too old (not prepared today) and had already gone bad (sour.) I returned to the restaurant one hour later after eating the other food. I was already full.

I asked the staff for a refund but she refused. She offered a replacement item. I said that I was already full. I asked for a credit for next time. She refused. I argued a bit more. She gave me back the food. I became very angry that they chose to cheat me with bad food and threw the food in the garbage and left.

The restaurant's food is generally very good, although a bit too salty. The other food I ate tonight was good: Dan Dan noodle, gluten with mushrooms, veggie dumplings, wild vegetable with diced bean curd.

I have previously eaten at the restaurant about six times. I probably go there at least once a month. Before today I was there last week.

If I had eaten in the restaurant today and complained about the food, they would have let me cancel. But since they already have my $6.50 they have a policy of not refunding the money.

They can prevent money from leaving the restaurant, but they can't force customers to bring money in. I know they really hate to give money back after they have it, but it is a good way to keep customers as repeat customers. They were willing to throw away my future money over $6.50 of sour food.

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HML Seafood Restaurant5890 No. 3 Road, #200, Richmond
Attitude from manager propogates to staff
Submitted Sunday, December 26, 2010 - 3:51pm [Dine in]

I've eaten here about six times.

The food is quite tasty especially the durian pastry.
The pea tip/ginko/bean curd skin uses chicken stock.
The veggie dumplings have huge pieces of oyster mushroom inside.
Food arrives from the kitchen slowly.
The food is not very refined.

As with most dim sum restaurants it is extremely noisy, so it has poor ambiance. The tables are too close together.

The service is not very careful. It is well organized but not disciplined. Waiters work so fast and nervously it scares me. Waiters do not have any respect for patrons and is is apparent that the manager does not place customer service or happiness as a priority. You are expected to come in, eat what you get, pay tips, and leave. It is very hard to get replacement dishware if unsatisfactory so you may need to help yourself.
If you have a dispute, the manager will have no respect for your argument. No graciousness, no wish to keep you as a customer.

Value: with the 20% discount this restaurant is moderately priced - the closest competitor charges more.

Let's examine the structure.
This restaurant has one financial controller at the front.
There are two hostesses who seat people at their tables; they will give you a number at the front and write your number (and size of party) down on a paper sheet on a lectern at the entrance. If you attempt to pressure them, the reward for your impatience will be an insult, such as "do you want to sit in the big chair?"
There are two guys who enter orders into computers.
There are about six waiters who mostly clear tables, at least one of which is a senior-waiter.
There are about three food-deliverers who come from the kitchen.
There is one manager.

When seated, you are given a paper sheet to choose what you want. The pen is left on the table. Sometimes there is no pen on the table so you need to flag a waiter down to get one.

The staff don't mind to hold a dish between the inside and outside of the dish.
The tables have a red under cloth which is not changed between seatings and a white tablecloth on top is changed between seatings.

Recently I chose to drink tea out of a bowl instead of a teacup. One of the hostesses took away my bowl without asking.

On my last visit I was unsatisfied with the contents of one steamed dumpling. I had ordered two trays containing three dumplings each. I asked for a refund for one tray. I opened another dumpling of the other tray and discovered the same issue. Although I had lost my confidence in eating that food, the manager refused to offer a refund for the second tray.

So, I chose to leave. Although I had not yet received one item, they would not believe me until they had checked with the kitchen.
When paying, the financial controller will complain if you haven't tipped. She has no authority or ability to pass on complaints. Neither does the senior waiter.

This restaurant has excellent chefs and food and reasonable prices. However, the insufferable attitude of the manager prevents me from ever returning.

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