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JHCvancouverSince June 10, 20072 Reviews
Average Rating
3 (2.9)
  • Food3 (3)
  • Service2 (2)
  • Value5 (5)
  • Ambiance2.5 (2.5)


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Uncle Willy's Restaurant6411 Nelson Ave, #100, Burnaby
Uncle Willy's ROCKS!
Submitted Sunday, March 15, 2009 - 9:50am [Dine in]

First this is a Basic buffet for $10 at lunch. So Don't complain about the service because there is minimal service...i remind you of the $10 price and no tipping required! Don't complain about the food because if you went to the metro town food court you'd be spending $8 for crappier food! The food is actually quite decent. The fried chicken was the best thing there. They actually had chicken breast and it was quite tasty. The shepards pie was pretty good as well. The salad bar was quite extensive with fresh veggies and salads. They also have a great soft serve machine with apple crumble sauce (really good), hot fudge (weak) and butterscotch. I'd say the ice cream is almost as good as Dairy Queen.

Remember this place is a glorified cafeteria. Don't expect 5* food at 2* prices. It's great value for Decent food!

After I made the rookie buffet mistake of drinking too much pop I felt a little unwell. After that passed I was eager to return to Uncle Willy's for dinner! Uncle Willy ROCKS!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tojo's Restaurant1133 W Broadway, Vancouver
Submitted Sunday, June 10, 2007 - 12:32pm [Dine in]

After hearing all the rave reviews we finally went to Tojo's. Lets start with the good. The Sashimi was some of the best i've had. Very fresh but for the price I was paying it had better be. Now for the bad. We ordered some chicken Teriyaki, the grilled halibut, spider rolls and spicy tuna rolls all of them were rather bland and average. You can get the same quality from other restaurants for half the price. I was expecting much better for a so called "fine dining" restuarant. To top it off we ordered the Shrimp Tempura for I think $22+ or so. It came out soggy!!! Not to mention we only got about 5 shrimps! Even my local cheap sushi place will have crispy tempura for less than half the price!

The service was sub par as well, very slow and not very attentive!

The sashimi was excellent but give me a break there is little preparation involved with sashimi. They just have to pay through the nose to get quality fish that is really fresh. So I can't give them too much credit for that! Any restaurant can have good sashimi if they are willing to pay the price for top quality fish.

So in conclusion good sashimi, everything else is sub par and over priced!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance