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Jeez_LuizRichmond, BCSince July 18, 20074 Reviews
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DJJ's Wedge8053 Alexandra Rd, Richmond
Nice change!
Submitted Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - 2:32pm [Dine in]

I always thought that all take away pizzas were the same. I love the whole wheat thin crust, lack of overwhelming greasiness, variety in veggie pizzas (soy (vegan) cheese is available).
I love pastas as well and ordered the canneloni (spinach/ricotta). Lovely! Also a very nice surprise- totally not greasy, flavourful, fresh (baked in the container it is delivered in- another bonus).
I have ordered a couple times in the meantime and the delivery is good.

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Uncle Willy's Restaurant6411 Nelson Ave, #100, Burnaby
allergic to nuts/peanuts? this is nirvana!
Submitted Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - 2:21pm [Dine in]

I have peanut/nut allergies that are quite severe, and if you are in the same boat, then you know what the word APPREHENSIVE means...
This restaurant is completely safe- I haven't been sick yet! The food is good and fresh enough, not bad at all. The really awesome part is that FINALLY a person with these limiting allergies can also enjoy cake and desserts, something that would be impossible virtually anywhere else. There are a few selections- an allergic person's dream come true!
Read the other reviews here, you will see that the food and prices are decent; this is just the cherry top!

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  • Ambiance
Richmond Night Market350 Gifford Street, New Westminster
Ever been to Bangkok, Singapore, or Bejing?
Submitted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 - 2:23pm [Dine in]

Now you can sample the wares of those exotic cities. I think that the whole point of this market is the food! You cannot beat traditional Asian street food- from pork shui mai to the dragon's beard candy (fun to watch while being made and delicious!). There are tons of vendors hawking fresh foods from Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, it's all there. If you are the experimental type- consider the octopus wheat balls. Look out for the ever-popular waffle vendor at the end corner, amazing vegetable and bean waffles are made fresh. Light and crisp! The dessert waffle with peanuts is to die for.
My personal favorite- the curry fish balls. Yummy! What a great way for Canadians to become acquainted with fast foods that not plain old hamburgers and fries! Enjoy while you can, they are open every weekend from 7pm and it ends October 8.

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Old Spaghetti Factory14200 Entertainment Blvd, #110, Richmond
we have a wiener, folks!
Submitted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 - 1:58pm [Dine in]

I am on a very strict diet and I allow myself a 'cheat day' once in 4 weeks. I plan this day with great care. I really love food! I called ahead and made a reservation, since my partner and I would be going out on a Saturday- want to be on the safe side. First, we showed up on time and were greeted warmly by a well-groomed young lady and were lead to our table about 15 minutes after our arrival. Right at the entrance to the kitchen. A cozy table for 2 in the worst place possible. Okay, well, you have to be a trooper since food at such good prices does not come for free. The menu looked ok. I ordered the Sampler spaghetti plate with 3 sauces, meat, clam, and another indeterminate sauce (mushroom?). My partner had the Seafood Marinara. After having spent time in Spain, he is quite well-acquainted with seafood in sauces and loves a good marinara. The bread arrived with the butter- nice ok. The cute, tiny salads quickly ensued and were ok too. If you like your salad out of a Dole bag from Costco. Yes, I can still taste the pesticide. I love pasta- I am a born-again Italian in that respect. What we were served was OVERcooked to the point of mush. The sauces? Judging by the flavour and aroma, there are 2 big pots on the stove in the kitchen- one with white sauce and one with red, and ground beef, chewy overcooked seafood, and mushrooms all in bowls. Like someone dumped out a bit of each into a microwavable dish a zapped for 3 minutes on 'high'. They simply ladled some of those additions into a bit of red or white sauce and dumped it (and I mean dumped! like a chick who puts out on the first date) on there. The ice cream was atrocious and overly sweetened. The service? Rude little waitress kept trying to take my miserable plate away (I realize now that she was probably trying to help me!) over and over again! Well, we left our crappy food on our plates and enjoyed pork shui mai at the Richmond Night Market. That was gorgeous after what they put us through:)

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