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JD022BurnabySince April 15, 20114 Reviews
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3.5 (3.5)
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56th Street Bakery & Cafe1256 56th Street, Delta
Changed Hands - Still Cafe but now also Thai
Submitted Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 2:36pm [Dine in]

This storefront has changed hands this last month (it possibly had changed hands from last review).

I went in with my elderly grandmother for a sandwhich, she just really loves sandwhiches. If you do too, you'll be glad to know they still bake bread fresh on site and make nice cafe sandwhiches, soups and also omelettes and breakfast (all day I think, or at least into the late afternoon).

She had the egg salad sandwhich, my brother had grilled cheese and ham, and I had the 56th street special: 2 eggs, 2 bacon, hashbrowns and toast for 6.45(or something, under $7 anyway). Crazy deal! And the bacon was not cheap thin stringy bacon.

Anyway, prices seemed reasonable. But they are also offering Thai food now, and they've changed the decor a bit. I really liked it, nice casual little local spot. Will definately come back to try the thai, as the few dishes I saw around looked really good. But if you're looking for a sandwhich and coffee or a cheap good breakfast, then it's still a good place to go.

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Niagara Falls Restaurant4879 Delta Street, Delta
Baked Pasta like no other
Submitted Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 9:01pm [Dine in]

I partly grew up in Ladner and I still come back often. Whenever I do I have to have my Niagara fix.
Sometimes its Pizza (which is probably not the best in the lower mainland, but definetly the best in the area and one of my favorites) but usually its the baked pasta. I don't know what they put in their meat sauce but its amazing and, through all my travels around the province and into the 'States, I have not found a better baked pasta!
Seriously, get the baked pasta.

As for the atmosphere I only rated it mediocre because it hasn't been updated and some people will find that boring but I find it nostalgic - good greek/pasta places have always had that like early 80's look to them when I was growing up, and I like that they still use the same printed paper placemats that they did when I was a kid! I know its not for everyone, but just get take out in those amazing tinfoil square/round dishes then!

If you're in the area and want good comfort food, go. There's a reason this place has been an institution in Ladner since I can remember (about 13 years, and I'm sure they were around before I was).

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South Ocean Seafood Restaurant4751 Garden City Road, #150, Richmond
Pace Yourself!
Submitted Friday, April 15, 2011 - 3:02pm [Dine in]

First off, I suggest only getting ONE thing from each cart that goes by first, because otherwise you'll fill up and miss out on the other delicious foods the ladies bring by.

We got there at about 11 and were promptly seated. Don't be afraid if the guy looks like he's walking you into the back corner of the restaurant, through a door is the other "L" of the seating. This looks like a place where you would go for a big wedding reception or something, they had massive tables tucked into a corner. The decor was well past worn but I didn't come here for pleasant atmosphere I came here for cart dimsum (which I've only found in one other place in Vancouver, and that wasn't very good dimsum) and good food!
We weren't dissapointed. They had all the standards that you're used to (shumais and bbq pork dumplings and those other shrimp and beef dumpling...) and some others that I hadn't seen before, too.
We didn't pace ourselves and regretted it (also the BF wasn't feeling well so his appetite wasn't up) but we will definetly be coming back with a group of hungry friends - soon!
-Those flat thick rice wrapped shrimp dumplings - BF said they were good (i'm not a shrimp fan...I know, I know)
-Those shrimp round dumplings - apparently also good.
-BBQ Pork buns - Nice! I normally don't like them that much, finding them too sweet or over sauced, but these were really nice, with lean pork.
-some sort of soggy veggie egg wrapped thing - it was delicious! (useful, I know).
-Mango Pudding - HUGE bowl with the option of milk or no milk (incase you care) and was awesome! Wasn't that horrid fakey fake stuff (still might be fake, but was high quality? I am no expert). BF normally hates the stuff but was stealing some of mine!
-Gai Lan - we asked for it and they brought us out a fair sized plate of nicely steamed (slightly al dente - perfect!) gai lan. It was perfect and gave the sick BF some veggies!
$18.50 with tax

Now, we saw the whole steam cart go by with dumplings of chicken and beef and veggie and pork and shrimp etc (all in those bamboo steamers), a congee cart meandered by, a cart laden with the adventurer's plates (some sort of strip meat, either squid or a fish? hard to tell. Also some beef cuts, chicken feet, jelly fish and more), and then they rolled out the one with all the deep fried things (caught my eye). The cart had baked buns (not steam), sesame topped fried balls, sesame topped fried, uh, triangles and a few of those cakes made of jelly or something. Most of the fillings were bbq pork, so if you're a fan you'll be in love here!

Will add more review when we go with friends - I am really hoping someone wants to try chicken feet with me! Never got the fabled egg yolk buns (maybe I have to ask for it?) but they sound delicious. The service was always friendly and the ladies were happy to explain something. If their english was poor they still told you the name, usually mentioned pork or beef etc and showed you. No problems at all!
When we left the place was packed and waiting out the door, so definetly show up before 12!

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant7997 Westminster Hwy, Unit 250, Richmond
Variety and Quality
Submitted Friday, April 15, 2011 - 2:49pm [Dine in]

Wanted to have a nice, foodie night out somewhere we haven't been before the BF and I decided to try Charcoal based on the reviews. We feel like we've eaten at every sushi place in the city, so this sounded like something more original.
I found the selection of chef's rolls smaller than at Tomoya (my local fav, in Burnaby) but there were some different ones so I was happy. Some of the "different" appetizers were again also found at Tomoya, but there were a few we hadn't seen. So OK we got adventurous.
-Crunchy Roll (Chef's roll) because of the recommendations on here. Boy were you guys right! I never thought mango could be savoury in a sweet way (does that even make sense? Because that's what I tasted). It was mushy, yes. It had mango which is mushy and raw (spicy, I think) tuna on top. But there was also the crunch in the middle just to add this battle of spicy, savoury, sweet and soft and crunchy all dancing around in your tongue. Its pretty awesome.
-Sea Snail Salad because, well its sea snails! Honestly if you've had jelly fish there isn't much difference. They're really chewy to eat and they are pretty tasteless. I don't think this is Charcoal's fault I just didn't find anything thrilling about these guys. The ONLY thing they did was further enhance whatever flavours I had just eat (like, eat them after a crunchy roll to prolong your experience). Weird, but not really worth ordering.
-FireBalls (haha) YES! Lightly battered avacado and crab balls, and they are even better than they sound! Don't miss these!
-(Forget the name) fish and cheese sticks. They were VERY cheezy, tubes of fish. Deep fried. Gourmet? No. Delicious like only deep fried cheese is? YES! I'm a poutine kind of girl so this is right up my alley.

I can't remember what the bill was but it was certainly reasonable. Never once had to ask for tea, they kept up pretty well. Our server explained some things on the menu for us (they have some different kinds of sashimi, for you sashimi lovers. We couldn't try any because of the situation in Japan right now, so definetly will be coming back...next year.) and she checked in to make sure that not only everything was OK but also that we were enjoying it!
It was busy at about 8pm on a Thursday night which is a good sign. We only had to wait 15 minutes though (there is no where to wait so you'll want to come back). We wandered the London Drugs because it was rainy, came back and there was another group waiting for a table. They crammed themselves right in and were eyeing our table but as soon as we walked in our waitress led us right there. Pretty awesome service!
That other group only had to wait maybe 3 more minutes and their table was ready too. I would definetly come back here again, just to see what other seasonal specials they had.

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