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jaythordyMt PleasantSince February 14, 20102 Reviews
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Friendly Banners Restaurant1690 E 12th Avenue, Vancouver
Rude, bland and never again
Submitted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 4:06pm [Dine in]

I've been going to this restaurant for breakfast mostly because of the location - convenient and not much of a commute. My experience today was the last. Here is why:

- I asked two questions about menu items and after asking the server immediately assumed I was not ready to order and walked away.
- the coffee is so terrible and watered down - makes me wish I was a tea drinker.
- water glass had a big chip on the rim. I politely asked for another glass and the server took the glass, brought another and rudely slammed it on the table when brought to me
- I ordered the corn beef hash. the eggs are so cheap and tasteless
- I asked for replacement eggs - the cook is 'gone for the day' but they still have their open sign on
- the washrooms are so gross worse than a gas station washroom at the worst of times
I'm seriously done with this place. Not the first time I've felt like an unimportant customer at this place and most certainly my last. Not at all recommended.

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Bean Around the World2528 Main Street, Vancouver
Free Coffee Stamp Cards
Submitted Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 11:18am [Take-out]

You know the coffee cards, you collect several stamps or hole punches and then you get a free one after all the $$ you've spent. It is gratifying and makes one happy to know that you have a free coffee for when you don't have a lot of money. they come in handy.

so i had one for bean around the world. i had 'bean' to this location a few times and had used my card to collect towards a free coffee. After it was finally filled up, a few months later I decide to go to the cafe to redeem my free yummy coffee.

Was I ever in for a shock. the lady who was working behind the counter insisted that the card was not stamped at her store and that i had several stamps from other stores. So she was not going to award my free coffee. So I said thanks, I would take the card up the street to the other bean around the world as THEY will honour the free coffee. So instead, reluctantly the clerk offered me a 'small' coffee for the freebie. well sorry, small is not enough for this big boy. I asked for a large, she said no so I started to leave and suddenly her mind changed to yes, here is your coffee.

Then the kicker. She stamped the 'free' coffee on my card but decided to ask me AGAIN to see the card to make sure that she validated the free one so I wouldn't be able to 'scam' and use it again at another location. there were customers in line and she was doing it simply to mess with me.

so here goes messing with bean around the world. i have been a valued customer for over 20 years. i had 3 coffee cards in my wallet. before leaving the cafe i decided it was better to tear up the coffee cards and sprinkle them in the coffee shop like confetti.

I made my entrance for the last time and my exit for the last time at any bean around the world location. This same company (different store location) had the audacity to attempt to charge customers more $$$ during the olympics - joining the rest of the scavengers who tried to rip off people who were here for the celebrations. they didn't succeed as the media pounced and that was the end of that.

needless to say, find another coffeeshop - there are lots of them Kafka just opened and far better. going there in a few minutes and will wave through the window to the rude lady from Bean Around the World 12th and Main.

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