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jamcregina Since September 3, 20151 Review
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Smitty's2965 Gordon Road, Regina
The worst Smitty's I have ever eaten at.
Submitted Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 3:11pm [Dine in]

My partner and I were seated right away in a booth by a young girl who was pleasant. I clean off my seat in front of her because my side of the booth was covered in crumbs and bits of food. She doesn't say anything about it, asks if we want coffee and that the server will be right with us. The server arrives and has an over the top friendly voice (think Karen from Will and Grace) then asks what we'd like to order. My partner and I get the same thing every time we go to a Smitty's chain, I get the spinach and swiss omelet NO mushrooms with pan fried potatoes not the hash browns. He gets a skillet, and we always get a side of hollandaise sauce. She didn't know what I was talking about with the pan fried, so she said she would have to check with the cook if he had baked potatoes (at this point I wasn't 100% sure why she would ask that) and both my partner and I explain to her what it is. She never comes back to the table to confirm, just brings the food and immediately leaves. I spot the first problem, my omelet has more mushrooms than egg basically. The cook not only fills it with mushroom but then scatters mushrooms on top. My pan fried potatoes are literally just a baked potato cut into cubes. I apologize to my partner (I hate sending back food) but had to say something. So I call her over and let her know, her reply "ugh, I told him no mushrooms" and takes it away. Then we come to problem two, the hollandaise sauce on the side. It was white and tasted basically like heated up milk. She comes over and he let her know that this isn't the right color or taste and she cuts him off (My partner works in the food industry and we eat/make this all of the time - we know the ingredients/texture/color) she then lets him know that he's wrong and says that yes, it is hollandaise sauce and that this is the color it is everytime and that they get it out of a package (ew?) so he asks her to remove it from the bill and that he doesn't want it. She takes it away. I get my omelet back mushroom free and she let me know that she watched him make it. Now my meal comes with hollandaise sauce (I know, back to this) I try to eat it and cannot get through two bites. It is literally chunky to the point of being like cottage cheese. My spinach omelet only has two pieces of spinach. It just wasn't a good meal. For my partner's four pieces of toast he was only given 1 strawberry jam (haven't seen this in a smitty's) and instead of individual creamers for tea/coffee they had a little container with room temperature milk/cream that had been there for god only knows how long and you could open the top so anyone could have done anything to it.

Basically it was an awful experience, we will never be going back and the cook should not be allowed to run any kitchen.

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