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irenekristineBurnaby BC CanadaSince October 2, 20102 Reviews
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4.5 (4.3)
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Akasaka Japanese Restaurant15110 101st Avenue, Surrey
Will always be a life-long favourite.
Submitted Saturday, October 2, 2010 - 2:51am [Dine in]

Every time I go to an Asian restaurant, I notice that almost 98% of the time, the staff is the worst kind you will ever come across. They’re rude, they’re snotty, they don’t give a damn. They drop off your food and when you ask for something, they’re always so impatient about something. Sure, the food is delicious but even if I tip, that money isn’t even going to the chefs.

Akasaka is different. My family and I have been going to this restaurant for YEARS and they have never let us down. The specialty sushis are out of this world. Whoever decided to put crab meat and cream cheese in a sushi AND deep fry it is a bloody genuis. The gyouza’s are definitely to die for. These are a MUST for appetizers. The complimentary dipping sauces are great too. The tempuras are also worth the buy and they come in huge portions. I’ve never had salami in my life but my dad likes them very much. You must also try the Aspharagus and Bacon with teriyaki sauce. Those are genius. Hands down, genius. The udon noodles are a bit blad but after some salt and chili, they’re quite good. Make sure to give the mango ice cream a try after your meal too!! The BBQ & Sushi combo are great for huge group. I always get the chicken bulbogie (or however you spell it) and it is absolutely amazing.

The serving staff are very kind, patient and are always ready to serve you with a smile. They are mostly older women (not seniors; just not teenagers) but recently they have some new addition to their team and they are a bit younger. Nevertheless, they carry out the similar attitudes and excellent customer service as their higher-ups.

Upon entrance to the restaurant, not only will the serving/host staff greet you but so will the chefs working behind the sushi bar! And then again on your way out! There are tables in the restaurant as well as private tatami rooms that can hold up to 10 people (but I believe they are more!) and each tatami room are separated by a sliding door. Also, there are bells on each table that you can ring if you need something from the staff and they usually reply right away (again with a smile each time!).

I never hesitate to give a 15% tip at this place, sometimes even more! A lot of their menu items are, unfortunately, a bit overpriced but I personally don’t care because they’re always worth my money. If I could, I would come to this place every weekend. They never once let me down. Great job, Akasaka. God forbid you ever close down without my knowledge while I’m in Burnaby!

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Cactus Club Cafe1136 Robson Street, Vancouver
Cactus Club, you've redeemed yourself. Just a little.
Submitted Saturday, October 2, 2010 - 1:53am [Dine in]

I've never really been a fan of Cactus in the past but a couple days ago, my boyfriend and I were cruising around downtown and we decided to try something new: Cactus Club (we were getting tired of sushi and pasta LOL). I was a bit reluctant because I personally have something against Cactus Club after they wasted my time and effort a couple months ago when I applied there as a server but that's not the point. We were really hungry so we decided to stop by.

We ordered the dry ribs to start which, literally, were very dry. Not to mention bland. My boyfriend and I practically used up the entire salt shaker on the dish. It would have been delicious with a dip, like a sweet chili or plum. ANYTHING. It was still good though... after a couple tablespoons of extra sodium LOL. My boyfriend ordered the chicken quesadilla & I had the chicken tenders. I didn't try my boyfriend's meal (it had cranberry inside and I'm not a very big fan of it unless it's in juice cocktail form) but I absolutely LOVED my tenders. The fries were delicious and extremely fresh and hot. After adding salt and vinegar to them, it was even better. The chicken was delicious too. They were fresh off the fryer, absolutely tender (some places sell chicken tenders but they turn out to be rock hard and dry!!) and just awesome.

Our server, surprisingly, was a young male. He was really nice and it was a nice change because everytime you go to a place like Cactus Club, you get some chick with her boobs practically hanging off her low-cut shirt and that's basically what drives customers to give a 15% tip even though the service was practically shit. Not only was our server a decent looking guy, he was very prompt. We gave him a decent tip but after noticing that he didn't punch in my Coke, my boyfriend decided to give him a bit more (in cash). We were just that nice :)

Okay so you won me over that afternoon with your awesome chicken tenders and free Coke, Cactus Club, but you will still always be the last restaurant I will ever consider going to while on a day/night out in Downtown Vancouver. I'd rather go to Shabusen... even though a lot of Asian restaurants I go to ALWAYS have shit service and snooty servers (except for Akasaka Sushi in Surrey; the staff there are ridiculously kick ass <3)

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