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ileannkneelKelownaSince March 22, 20085 Reviews
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3 (2.8)
  • Food3 (3.2)
  • Service2.5 (2.6)
  • Ambiance3 (2.8)


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Taisho Japanese Restaurant4700 Kingsway, 15E, Burnaby
Pleasantly surprised
Submitted Friday, March 28, 2008 - 10:02pm [Dine in]

After reading all the negative reviews on this particular restaurant I had my doubts about going to Taisho. However, as my son was turning six we decided to go there as he would be enamoured by the "conveyor-belt" gimmick. The warning bells went off when I called to make a reservation and they informed me of the mandatory 10% service charge for large groups (we had nine). I immediately informed them that I would not pay it as I feel fully justified in paying a tip if, and only if, the service warrants. Thankfully, they backed off.

From then on the event was positive. The decor is open, clean and inviting. The AYCE was sufficient. Mind you for the more exotic dishes they charge extra but if all you care about is the rolls, tempura, sashimi, etc., then there is more than enough. Note: in the past, I have not received everything I ordered for some unknown reason. I paid particular attention to everything that I ordered this time out and am pleased to report that everything came in a timely fashion.

As for service, yes the servers could add some personality and pizazz to their job (placing dishes on our table and continuing on without breaking stride is a skill). On a positive note, for our birthday boy we asked for some mango ice cream with a lit candle to be placed on the conveyor belt for him to "discover", and they were quite happy to comply. It was even comped.

Don't misunderstand me; this is not a classy joint. But it is a great place to take a young family (we have three boys and they didn't flinch). As for the tip: we did... more than the 10% they were originally asking.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Jade Seafood Restaurant8511 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Great restaurant except for the price
Submitted Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - 5:37pm [Dine in]

If you're looking for an up-scale Chinese dimsum restaurant, then Jade is in the ballpark. Great service, food, ambiance, decor, linens, cutlery, etc. However, it is pricey. At the dollars they are asking, you may choose to look elsewhere (Kirin, Mandarin, etc.) However, if money is not a concern, The Jade is a decent place to lay down the plastic.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Bamboo Grove6920 No. 3 Rd., Richmond
Pleasant surprise
Submitted Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - 11:49am [Dine in]

It's not uncommon for a restaurant to spruce up the outdoor frontage to try to entice customers into an otherwise below average experience. Not so the Bamboo Grove. Get past the faded, grimy, 30 year old green awning, through the non-descript entrance and you enter a renovated space full of class, faux-teak, white linens, and servers dressed to the nines ready and willing to serve you. They even have private rooms for larger parties (which is what we had). The room was a blessing for the restaurant was packed... obviously, their reputation is well-known in the neighbourhood.
The food was fantastic: all seafood fresh, cooked to perfection and tasty; the singing beef was tender and actually "sang"; the gui-lan crisp and green with a lot of flavour; the coconut pudding and green bean soup was a perfect end to a great meal.
The service is very good... the food was prepared quickly and served in a timely fashion. Everything that we needed was taken care of quickly and with a smile. My only pet peeve: because of the popularity of the restaurant parking is at a premium.
Overall, find somewhere to park, disregard the outdoor facade and be prepared for a great evening out.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Ebei5701 Granville Street, #112, Vancouver
There are so many others...
Submitted Saturday, March 22, 2008 - 11:24pm [Dine in]

Pros: For the price, you get a lot of food. And the food (a la carte during the lunch hour) came very quickly. Servers were efficient and certainly seemed intent to get you on your way... which is also a negative.

Cons: Firstly, the restaurant is very small. One can easily feel claustrophobic. Add to that the abhorrent state of cleanliness... sticky feel on the rust stained floor, window coverings that are covered in dust, empty bottles in cases piled at the front door, bathrooms in a deteriorating state, signs posted with scotch and packing tape... I could go on...
As for the food, the quality is mediocre at best. The beef was overcooked and tough; the maki sushi was poorly made; the salad was watery, even the tea was little more than hot water. Finally, to add insult to injury, when presented with the bill there is a printed `reminder` that the staff expect a 10-15% tip. Very tacky and I for one will tip if and only if the service warrants it. The `reminder` was the nail in the coffin. My first clue should have been the fact that the staff of this Japanese restaurant spoke Cantonese.
If you want quick, cheap food to fill you up on a lunch break then by all means. However, if dining out includes an experience over and above the cuisine then take a pass on this one. I for one will remember that there are so many other great Japanese restaurants in Vancouver and will give them my business before I go back to Ebei.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Dinesty Chinese Restaurant8111 Ackroyd Road, #160, Richmond
Great food... sub-par service
Submitted Friday, March 21, 2008 - 7:05pm [Dine in]

Went there on the advice of family. Initial impression was quite favourable. Classy decor, clean, functional. Really like the ability to look into the kitchen and observe our food being prepared. Unfortunately, the bathrooms (as in most Chinese restaurants) have been neglected. Regarding the food, quality was very good, very authentically Shanghai (or at least non-Cantonese). Prepared and served right away. Presentation is mediocre... but one doesn't go to a Chinese restaurant for the presentation. Alas, my major criticism. The servers were at best, amateurs. The young lad running the till was wearing a baseball cap and a t-shirt; very unprofessional. And the female servers looked like they were dressed for the club (one was wearing leopard-print stilettos... I cannot imagine serving tables wearing shoes such as those). Although, the ladies were young and attractive I'm not sure they are best suited for the job. Hence, service suffered. Had to asked numerous times for an extra place setting, water... even a chair which I ended up getting myself.

All in all, a decent place for dim sum... just hire knowledgeable front of house staff.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance