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IkoIkoComicNew WestminsterSince August 23, 20102 Reviews
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Hon's Wun Tun House408 6th Street, New Westminster
Cheap and Greasy
Submitted Monday, August 23, 2010 - 3:35pm [Dine in]

I saw "Cheap and Greasy" as one of the review titles for Hon's - and I agree 100%. Hon's is cheap and greasy. The only caveat is that I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes that's exactly what I feel like, and then Hon's is there, waiting for me, with rubbery potstickers and a bowl of satisfying chow-mein, all served with a pot of chili oil. Omm nom scarf nom nom.

Last time I went, I had 12 steamed pot-stickers and a 'special chow mein'. The special chow mein was loaded down with seafood and green beans (I wish they would have mentioned the green beans on the menu. Ugh.) - but wiht a little bit of chili oil and some time to cool down, it was a pile of delicious. The pot-stickers were pot-stickers.

Don't go to Hon's expecting Haute Cuisine, and it'll treat you right. And by 'right', I mean 'cheap, and filling, and you can get a gross of pot-stickers'.

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Boonie's Southern Soul6465 201 Street, Langley
Pulled Pulled Pulled Pulled Pork.
Submitted Monday, August 23, 2010 - 3:15pm [Dine in]

I like pulled pork. No, scratch that, I love pulled pork. I love it enough that it may deserve the all-caps-and-exclamation-mark treatment.

If I could make it at home, I might. Maybe if I bought a smoker, put it on my tiny apartment patio, and spent some time learning how to use it, I could produce for myself a solid pulled pork sandwich over the course of about 8 hours of hard, salty labour.

Or, you know, I could just go to Boonie's. The PULLED PORK! sandwich is pretty damn good. The best I've had in a restaurant in B.C., at least. ( Admittedly, the other alternatives I've tried are ABC, a casino buffet, and Memphis Blues, but those were all terrible for one reason or another. )

It's located in ... a Quality Inn... in a Home Depot parking lot. Not a great location. Boonie is friendly, though, and the live music really gives the place a 'feel'.

Me and my friend went, he had the ribs, I had the pulled pork. I've tried the ribs before - they're pretty good, but they're no PULLED PORK! Also? There were... yam fries? I think they were yam fries. Okay, they were okay, kinda spicy, but a side note, next to the PULLED PORK! I also had a sweet pie. It was like a pumpkin pie, but filled with something that wasn't pumpkin. Not sure exactly what it was. Yam again, maybe? It was good. I'd have another yam pie.

Well, long-and-ultimately-pointless-story-short, the next time the PULLED PORK! craving strikes, I'll probably head to Boonie's. Or, you know, invest a ton of money in a smoker.

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