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idinehereBurnabySince December 22, 20072 Reviews
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1.5 (1.4)
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Dinesty Chinese Restaurant8111 Ackroyd Road, #160, Richmond
Simply Ridiculous
Submitted Saturday, July 10, 2010 - 8:41pm [Dine in]

Just had a dinner at this place, Dinesty and it is simply ridiculous. Most ridiculous food I have tried in my life time.

Every time I passed by this place, it is always pack with people and a long line up. So I thought, well can't go wrong with these many people eating it right? WRONG!

First impression, their service was not too bad but this place is very noisy. I know most Chinese restaurants can get quite noisy at the peak hours but this place seems a LOT noisier than the others. I did not mind too much about the ambiance as long as the food is good. By the way, there decor and style is modern so I give 2 stars for Ambiance.

I had Hot and Sour soup which tasted like light sour taste with peppery. I see some reviewer here like it but for me it was the Worst Hot and sour soup EVER!

Xao long bao was small but the skin was very soft and nice. Except the juice inside was just so so and plain, not much taste and not clear soup, bit oily. You can definitely find a better Xao long bao just around the corner.

Deep fried tofu tasted EXACTLY like those tofu puffs you buy from T&T and the chef simply just heated up for you. Wow! thanks CHEF, I think I can do that too at HOME! I thought deep friend tofu should be DEEP FRIED! not chewy like those package ones that was deep fried in the factory week ago!!

Main dish was a Steamed Talipia in a garlic and black sauce which was not too bad but was not that good for the price. Fish was tender but the sauce was mild and greasy.

Oh and the BEST Part for the last! I ordered a steam rice to go with the fish on the side and guess what? The rice is soooooooooo old and YELLOW!? WTF! For all you people who have cooked a rice in a rice cooker would KNOW what happens when you set that button and forget about there is a rice in the cooker and open it next morning. Yeah, it looks and smells EXACTLY like it, YELLOW RICE! I ate few spoons try to ignore the smell but NO could not handle it anymore so did not finish.

Told the waitress but all she said was we cook rice fresh everyday... Well, more like every OTHER! day to me!!! Dang it!

Anyways, total came about $37 and paid $40 and left the restaurant and yup! I'm never come back. If you are curious about the taste, you should try it and leave some reviews. Oh and don't forget to try their STEAM RICE!!

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Dai Sushi7090 Kingsway, Burnaby
Tip is not included in the Bill?
Submitted Friday, December 21, 2007 - 11:23pm [Dine in]

I just had a dinner here an hour ago and I am quite upset about their service, especially the cashier who looked like a lead waitress or a manager.

My friend and I had some sushi and rolls. After the meal I asked the cashier if we could seperate the bill. She was asking us what we had and tring to figure out the bill with an attitude. She was like annoyed of seperating the bill or something. We had to go through two tries to seperate the bill correctly. And each time she printed out the bill, she just rip the bill as soon as it came out from the machine and said "NOW YOU CHECK IF IT"S CORRECT!"

I mean what's up with the attitude toward customers? Is seperating the bill such a pain in the ass job? I used to come here quite often before but seriously, I rarely saw any waitresses here smiling and giving good service. So I know I do not expect too much from here but this is just treating the customer like sh*t.

After getting the change from her, I did not tip at ALL. Soon as I turned around the cashier said, "You have to pay tips!" So I told her I did not like the service. Then she said, "Tip is not included in the Bill" So I asked her, "Show me where in the bill that says the tip is mandatory" Then she said, "Ok!" She did not even apologize how she treated a customer with an attitude. She just demand the tip.

This Chinese owned Japanese restaurant really needs to learn about Japanese service culture before running the business. Just because the foods you are selling is somewhat like Japanese doesn't mean your service is Japanese too. Seriously, I felt like I was eating Japanese foods in some cheap Chinese restaurant where nobody give a sh*t about the customers.

This is just plain AWFUL!! I will never go back again.

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