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iceclymbrrPort Alberni, BCSince January 18, 20171 Review
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Solda's Restaurant4850 Beaver Creek Rd, Port Alberni
Save your Money
Submitted Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 10:38pm [Dine in]

Realistically, this place should just cut their loss and do the area a favour and shut down if this is what they are offering.

The food has just a touch more taste than cardboard left outside in the rain. I had to ask for garlic... GARLIC! in an ITALIAN RESTAURANT!!!! We decided to give it another chance and returned a few days later for breakfast. It was lackluster at best. My wife ordered a breakfast sandwich, and it came out between 2 pieces of white bread, and had the taste of something I can't put my finger on, but smelled reminiscent of rancid butter. I had the skillet, and while it had a generous helping of hollandaise sauce, there still wasn't a lot of flavour to it.

Now onto the service... When we showed up for supper there were 3 servers on, and I guess we drew the short end of the stick. We had an older blonde lady who seemed as if she was trying to run the show whilst she was serving, but doing a very poor job of accomplishing any work herself. She was late on our table, and aside from actually taking our order, we didn't see her again until it came time to get the cheque. Even then we had to ask one of the other ladies to send our "server" over (who by the way, threw us so much attitude it was appalling and completely unprofessional) Incidentally she (server 2) must have been a younger, much bitchier version of the elderly blonde server woman.

The saving grace was when we came in for breakfast. The young lady (Charlie was her name) that was on shift, was prompt, courteous, and very friendly. If the food wasn't so terrible, we would have overlooked the previous visit.

All in all, we will never ever set foot inside Solada's again. I strongly urge you to avoid it like the plague and go somewhere else. I can't believe that place has been open since the 60's.

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