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I Likey FoodVancouverSince August 21, 20102 Reviews
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Fish House In Stanley Park, The8901 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver
Why Would Anybody Do This To a Potato?
Submitted Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 4:16pm [Dine in]

Here is how you ruin a potato----put it in the deep fryer. Here is how you ruin brunch-----put six deep fried potatoes on a plate. We now live very close to The Fish House in Stanley Park and it had been several years since we had been there, so this morning we thought we would try brunch. I ordered the croque-monsieur and my husband the west coast benedict. Both dishes were very bland. Okay, I know there are very few restaurants that make an amazing benedict so it's not unusual to be disappointed with a benedict but mine could have been a lot better. Basically I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with some deli meat thrown in on stale white bread. All that for $16! $16! Are you kidding me? I felt like a chump paying that much for a grilled cheese. Also a note to all current and all hopeful restauranteurs ------- a big pile of deep fried potatoes a good brunch does not make. Nothing disappoints me more than deep fried potatoes. Potatoes are so easy to make tasty! I don't want a deep fried potato that tastes of everything else that's been in that deep fryer in the last week on my plate for brunch. The coffee was very good though and so was the service. The room is beautiful so I would recommend a coffee or beer on the patio in the afternoon. With tip we paid $46 for brunch. Waaaaayyyy too much. If you want good brunch in the west end go to Rain City Grill. They know how to do brunch!

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Central Bistro & Lounge1072 Denman Street, Vancouver
I am sad
Submitted Saturday, August 21, 2010 - 2:05pm [Dine in]

I am sad! We have been going to Central since it first opened and now I doubt we will ever go again. We went so often that we formed friendships with all of the staff and keep in touch to this day! Buuuutttt we went there this morning and I just can't handle the disappointment anymore. This will be my last terrible meal at Central. The food was really good when it first opened! Never outstanding but for a local joint close to home it was great and the service made up for what the food might have lacked. Now all of the servers have left (which is a sign people!) and this morning we went in for breakfast and it was just terrible! I ordered the egg white omelette which comes with a side salad. The salad was just a pile of not so fresh lettuce with a few sparse blobs of unidentifiable dressing here and there and the egg white omelette was just a few chunks of blackened greasy egg whites. This dish was previously a nicely dressed salad with nuts and dried fruit and fluffy omelette with sauteed mushrooms, onions, spinach and cheese. They attempted to remake it but still was quite inedible. My husband ordered the organic turkey sausage benedict (which we must have had a hundred times) and it was a big greasy mess. Homemade tasty pan fries have transformed into deep fried potatoes from a bag. The yummy hollandaise was bright yellow and highly suspected to be made from a package but the eggs were cooked properly! But the table beside us, there eggs were not. Anyway I am tired of reliving the experience so I won't go on much more. Only one more thing, when we mentioned that the food just was not as good as it used to be we got a big shoulder shrug and 'sorry we try our best' and that's it! Our bill was $30 and I didn't even eat my food. They could have cared less. So after 4 years it is time to say good bye to Central! I hope they get shut down soon and something good opens up.

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