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HighPlainsDrifterEast VanSince September 16, 200911 Reviews
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4 (3.9)
  • Food4 (4)
  • Service4 (3.8)
  • Value3.5 (3.6)
  • Ambiance4 (3.8)


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Sweet Tooth Cafe, The2404 East Hastings St., Vancouver
Our go-to place for Thai AND Cinnamon Buns!
Submitted Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 9:56am [Dine in]

Don't know what some of the other reviewers are talking about. The Thai food is NOT bland! If it comes out bland then you only have yourself to blame, as they specifically ask you what level of heat you want. I am a spicy food addict and always order the Thai food "hot" and it does not disappoint; it will make you sweat. Of course, Thai food is about much more than mere heat and this Thai food does not disappoint, with the flavours all coming together very nicely, hitting all the notes of sweet, sour, salty, and hot. We have tried the pad thai (delicious, not bland at all!), chicken in basil sauce, various curries, papaya salad, salad rolls. All delicious.

The cook is a Thai women and she actually catered an informal wedding at our house where two of our Thai friends got married. Our Thai friends (yes, actually from Thailand and now in Vancouver) chose this Thai cook to cater their wedding; that says something right there in terms of authenticity and quality of food.

Service at Sweet Tooth has always been friendly and yes it does take a bit of time for the Thai food but that is because they are making everything fresh for you! Definitely worth the wait, just allow yourself 15 or 20 minutes for them to prep the food. You could always phone ahead and pick up the Thai food for takeout, as well.

The value on the Thai food falters somewhat since the portions are on the small side and after ordering a few dishes the bill gets up there; accordingly my wife and I consider this Thai food to be a bit of a "treat" since it does not come cheap.

THEN, the amazing thing about this place is that it is ALSO an awesome little cafe with high quality Thai fair trade coffee and the BEST cinnamon buns in the city. Seriously, I challenge anyone to find better cinnamon buns anywhere. I've tried them all and these are the winner. No joke. They are moist and have a generous amount of all the gooey cinnamony sweet stuff. Come just after 10am to get the cinnamon buns when they are fresh and hot out of the oven. Take home a warm bag of these cinnamon buns for a weekend brunch and your family and friends will love you for it. The coffee is also delicious.

Atmosphere is very nice. The space inside is large and funky. A place where you can sit and chill with your coffee; you can linger and no-one will bother you while you watch the action outside at the intersection of Nanimo and Hastings.

This place really is a "hidden" gem with its unique menu and funky east van vibe. Try it -- you won't be disappointed!!

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Five Guys Burgers & Fries728 Main Street, #510, West Vancouver
Hey, if it's good enough for Obama.....
Submitted Monday, January 23, 2012 - 3:13pm [Dine in]

Dined here twice, both times with my wife and two small kids. One of those times we were accompanied by my sister in law and her small kid. The consensus? This place rocks! And we ALL couldn't wait to come back! So much for the intro, now onto the review:

Food: Burgers are delicious, juicy, tasty, and fresh. Pretty good selection of toppings, but not as extensive as what you get at Splitz Grill. The buns are gummy white bun, super fresh and offers little resistance as you bite into your burger --- just as it should be. This is no time for your fancy-pants artisanal ciabatta. These buns are perfect for me, but if you don't like this style of bun then stay away from this place. The fries -- delicious, hand cut, peel-on, deep fried in peanut oil. Others have complained that they are not "crisp" enough or something. Well, for starters, I always dine in as fries (from ANY place) will suffer during ANY length of time in a closed paper takeout bag. Yes, the quantity is ginormous, but guess what? We've never had any leftovers! My recommended burger is the regular (two patty) with bacon and cheese. I'm a 6-ft tall guy, 180 lbs and I can easily finish one of these, but I wouldn't have room for much more. This place does a brisk business, lots of happy customers, everyone enjoying their food, positive vibes all round, obviously no-one who posted some of the more lukewarm reviews on this site. Is this the best "fast food" burger in town? Probably not, but it's pretty damn good, definitely a cut above Triple O's and miles ahead of Wendy's, McD's, A&W, and the like......but possibly below Splitz Grill on Main Street or at Whistler. There's no point in drawing comparison to your $25 Lumiere foie gras burger or what-have-you since that is not in the fast food category and is like comparing apples with oranges. Four stars.

Service: Five stars for a fast food joint? Yeah, you heard me. This place is a well-oiled machine. All of your toppings are punched into a computer so they get it right every time. If you have multiple burgers in the same order they number the burgers so you know which is which, a nice touch. The cashier is always friendly and enthusiastic. The staff at the grill (all in plain view) are likewise upbeat. There is a positive energy in this place which really makes a difference. Even when the place is packed, the burgers never take very long as there is tons of staff behind the counter. Remember, that I am keeping things in context here: it ain't Bishop's but for fast food service it is as good as it gets, and that's what matters. Five stars.

Value: For people who think that $8 for a burger is too much here is my advice: build yourself a time machine and go back to the 1980's when burgers were $4 since the pricing at 5 Guys is very typical for Vancouver in the year 2012. Deal with it. Also, good value in the fact that things like sauteed mushrooms and sauteed onions are standard toppings, not extra like at most other establishments. The patties are fresh (not frozen) and the fries are awesome and also fresh. These things all factor into value. Four stars.

Ambiance: Four stars for a fast food joint in a shopping mall parking lot? You betcha. My rationale: the interior of this place is spotless, bathrooms are perfectly clean. The red and white motif just somehow "fits" with the 5 Guys aesthetic, and I mean that in a good way. Heck, once you have your burger and fries in front of you, you're not going to care about the "view" out to the parking lot. And, to reiterate earlier comments, both the customers and the staff seem to love this place, and that all contributes to good ambiance. Four stars.

......oh, and just one more thing: Obama's burger of choice? (in the States, not at Park Royal, duh): cheeseburger with lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, mustard. SOLID!


  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Red Wagon, The2296 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Frickin' Sweet!
Submitted Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 3:11pm [Dine in]

Went here with the wife on a date night on Saturday night. It was after 9pm and there were only a couple of other tables.

Food: I had the pulled pork sandwich with fries and my wife had a squash soup or something or other. She reported that the soup was very good. Meanwhile my pulled pork sandwich was piled about 2" high with coleslaw on a fresh white bun. The pork was delicious, but a tad on the greasy side. The fries were perfect; hot and fresh and hand-cut. I love the menu selections and would love to go back to try some of the other sandwiches. Excellent (but small) selection of carefully picked beers; and the waiter also indicated that they were currently working on getting R&B beer on tap, which would totally rock. Five stars.

Service: Sure, the place was almost dead but that should not come to bear upon how we rate the quality of service. Our service was a young female hipster. Very friendly, prompt, gave good advice about what to eat. Five stars.

Value: Others have commented that the food is expensive. I don't think so when one considers that a lot of the meat and eggs are organic, free range, non-GMO. I know from personal experience that purchasing healthy meat and eggs can be expensive. Plus, the prices really are consistent with similar offerings elsewhere in Vancouver. Yes, folks, $12 or whatever is the norm for a good quality sandwich and fries. Deal with it. Four stars.

Ambience: Yes, it is a diner in East Van, but it is not without its charms. The interior is clean and I totally enjoyed the eclectic selection of music, which even had a bit of dub reggae thrown in. Three stars.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Narrow Lounge1898 Main St., Vancouver
Cool and funky little spot with NO gigantic TVs!!
Submitted Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 11:29am [Dine in]

Went here for drinks and snacks with two of my buddies. It was my first time there and it was exceedingly difficult to find, but this turns out to be part of the allure.

Food: Well, we primarily sat and drank draft beer but one of my friends ordered food and it looked good. Until I judge for myself the quality of food we'll give it a somewhat neutral three stars for now. Good selection of beers on tap.

Service: Service was actually very friendly. Our waitress was all smiles and the service was prompt and efficient. No complaints whatsoever. A solid four stars.

Value: Drink and food prices were fairly typical for a place like this. Four stars.

Ambience: Here's the good part. I heard the owner speak on Steven Quinn's afternoon show on CBC. She was actually brave enough to say that she doesn't give a damn about the Canucks and that there would be no gigantic TV's showing the game in her lounge! I know that it is incredibly difficult for some people to wrap their heads around, but there are actually many Vancouverites who also don't give a damn about the Canucks or hockey in general. The owner had a very good sense of humour about the whole thing and freely acknowledged that her opinion would be unpopuar -- but that is the beauty of free speech, isn't it? I don't recall her saying that people were NOT allowed to talk about hockey in her lounge. I'm sure she wasn't serious since she had a good sense of humour about everything else when interviewed on the CBC. I have no doubt whatsoever that there will be plenty of patrons who would love to hang out in her lounge without the mesmerizing opiate effect of gigantic TV's showing a bunch of millionaires skating around after a tiny black puck. A solid five stars for ambience.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Displace Hashery3293 West 4th Ave, Vancouver
I want me some of that "glutton"-free beer!!
Submitted Monday, May 30, 2011 - 3:21pm [Dine in]

I've heard of gluten-free beer, but man, I could really use some of that new "glutton"-free beer that the previous reviewer spoke of! ;-)

"What a great experience! When I walked in I felt like I was back in Australia at a pub by the beach. The waiter was friendly and attentive, the atmosphere was great, felt like I was on vacation, great chill music, not pretentious just relaxed and positive vibes.
The prices were great and the food was delicious, I'd recommend the crab cake burger and the poutine! We also tried a glutton free beer which was really different, very refreshing and enjoyable...we've been looking for glutton free beer at every beer store since then!
Will make sure I have more time to spend there next time, great place to spend an evening with friends."

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Jules Casual French Bistro216 Abbott Street, Vancouver
A nice time was had by all....
Submitted Monday, March 14, 2011 - 1:11pm [Dine in]

Went here with the wife and a friend at 8:30pm on a Saturday night. Had to wait 20 minutes or so at the bar for a table, but no worries. The atmosphere was upbeat, people seemed to be enjoying themselves, and we were content to sip drinks at the bar while waiting for a table.

Food: None of us had a ton of food since we had all eaten a dinner of sorts at home earlier in the evening. I had the duck confit and my wife had the french onion soup, we shared a plate of fries and our friend had asparagus. Yup, just asparagus.....well, she's vegan and wasn't that hungry. But no worries! The server gave us no attitude and didn't care that we all weren't ordering full meals. She was all smiles all the time. Don't know what others are talking about with rude service.....I can't help but think, "you reap what you sow". But I digress..... The duck confit and salad were delicious, the fries were excellent, the french onion soup was fairly standard. For dessert we had the pear clafouti and the melting chocolate cake; both were yummy, I think I hoovered up my chocolate cake in about 10 seconds flat. Other entrees at tables around us looked really good and I would love to come back to enjoy a full, three-course meal.

Service: As noted above, there was no attitude and our female server was all smiles. A basket of yummy warm baguette and pitcher of cold water were placed on our table in a timely manner. Only gets three stars, though, since she didn't check up on us during our meal or to see if we needed more drinks, etc.

Value: Pretty good value. I've seen in other reviews people complaining about prices, which seems pretty de rigueur for whiny and ignorant Vancouverites. Listen, try dining out in London or New York City and talk to me again about high prices. Comparatively we have it pretty good here. Also remember that you are not just paying for the food itself, you are paying for the full package. So my duck confit was $18 or whatever; big deal. The ambiance was great and it is a small price to pay for a night out.

Ambiance: Loved it. A nice, cosy room with lots of exposed brick that reminded me a bit of some of the places my wife and I used to dine when we lived in Montreal. While the room was full and bustling, we never felt too close to any of the other tables and we could easily carry on a conversation.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Rehanah's Roti & Trinidadian2518 St. Johns St, Port Moody
Best. Roti. Ever.
Submitted Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 11:29am [Take-out]

As someone who is originally from a certain, un-named, rather large city that rhymes with "Shmoronto", I have missed quality Caribbean food since moving to Vancouver 13 yeas ago. Until discovering Rehanah's, that is......

The Food: I only ever get roti. I've tried the chicken and the goat, both with varying degrees of hotness. If you are a hot food junkie like me, order your roti either "hot" or "extra hot".....you won't be disappointed! The meat is all free range. Do not be "scared" by the goat. Trust me, you have never tasted anything so tender and delicious, not gamey at all. And it is healthy, not like the GMO crap beef that you get in Safeway. Yes, you pay extra for the high quality free range meats but it is well worth it. Take your food home with you and eat your roti with some Mango Chutney or Tamarind Chutney that you already have in a jar in your fridge. The flavours are so delicious and so excellent and the texure of the roti so perfect that I am salivating as I write this. The reason this place is in business is that the roti kicks ass, pure and simple. There is a legion of hot food roti junkies like me who need to go to Rehanah's every now and then for a "fix".

Service: Rehanah has never been anything but friendly. She calls me "darling". She always smiles and has always been a pleasure to interact with. I always make sure that I go to her restaurant at around 11:30am (shortly after opening) or noon or thereabouts. Accordingly, I have never had a problem with food having run out. And I must say it again: Rehanah truly is a lovely woman and I always leave her store with a smile on my face.

Value: Some other reviewers have grumbled about the prices. Yes, a roti is more expensive than a Big Mac but it is about a million times healthier and a billion times more satisfying. Listen: one roti weighs about 2lbs. and is the size of a chihuahua's head. I'm a 200lb. male with a very healthy appetite, yet one roti does me very nicely, thank you very much. And consider this: when is the last time you saw goat meat in the supermarket? Exactly. This stuff ain't easy to source and it ain't cheap. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Absolutely the value is there.

Ambience: No rating for this since I always get takeout. However, there is no washroom (at least one that is open to the public) and the interior of the restaurant is minimalist and not particularly comfortable. Therefore, I would only give ambience 2 or 3 stars. Yes, 2 or 3 stars because the interior is spotlessly clean and that must count for something. Anyhow, it is really a moot point since I get takeout 100% of the time. Don't worry -- rotis travel well and they will still be hot when you get home to crack open a Red Stripe lager and the aforementioned Tamarind or Mango Chutney from your fridge.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Pizza Garden1042 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Finally! Great pizza by the slice on The Drive!!
Submitted Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 3:43pm [Take-out]

I'm sure native west-coasters get tired of hearing this oft-repeated refrain from transplanted Torontonians: why are there no decent pizza slices in Vancouver?? Why are the crusts all gummy and totally the wrong texture? What is the deal with the sesame seeds? Doesn't anyone know how to make good thin crust pizza that has a nice char, crispy outer texture, yet chewy in the middle?.......

.......Answer: the "new" Pizza Garden on the Drive knows how to do it right!!

Food: Yes, five stars. Almost perfect crust with great-tasting toppings and in the proper amounts. Seriously, after "discovering" this place there is literally no reason to venture south on the Drive where the various slices are vastly inferior. A cautionary note: this type of pizza is really best when it is fresh from the oven. Always go for the freshest slices or, better yet, order a whole pizza and take it home with you.

Service: You place your order. They smile. You give them your money. They give you your food. Everyone is happy. Any questions?

Value: I'm going to give it a five-star rating in part because the real value lies in the fact that almost nobody (aside from Ragazzi; their store, not their mobile pizza truck downtown) knows how to do a "proper" pizza by the slice. If this were Toronto where good slices are far more plentiful, I would probably make it four stars.

Everyone do yourself a favour and try this place out. Hopefully you will agree that this pizza is vastly superior to the weirdly gummy and non crispy slices that seem to be the norm in Vancouver.

Ignore all of the previous reviews as they solely relate to previous management and a completely different style of pizza. In all fairness, the ratings for this place should start over since the average rating is now dragged down by old reviews that are no longer applicable.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
La Casa Gelato1033 Venables Street, Vancouver
"Meh" / "What Happened??" / "Dissapointed (sic)" / "Never Again"
Submitted Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 2:27pm [Dine in]

Years ago when we lived on The Drive, my wife and I used to go here on a regular basis for yummy gelato flavours that tantalized and delighted the senses......but that was then and this is now....

Food: I recently had the cayenne chocolate ice cream and it was virtually inedible. All I tasted was a wave of cayenne heat. It was disgusting and perhaps the only time in my entire life when I did not finish an ice cream cone that I was holding in my hand. Memo to Vince: chilli and chocolate can be a classic combination PROVIDED that the chilli is added in MODERATION. By the way, I am a hot-food addict and put hot sauce on pretty much everything I eat, so sensitivity to heat was not the issue.

Value: I can only repeat what many others have said on this site. The prices keep going up and up and up.....where they will stop, nobody knows. Seriously, I can go out and buy a container of Ben & Jerry's for cheaper than a double ice cream scoop at Casa Gelato and the Ben & Jerry's will have a far superior taste (yes, yes, I'm well aware that I'm comparing gelato to ice cream so don't bother pointint it out....;-))

Ambience: Really loud and really obnoxious Italian whatsa-matter-for-you music that made us want to get the hell out of there as soon as possible, but I guess that's the point. Went across the street (this was in the summer time) to the outdoor eating area and all I smelled was urine and lots of it. Gross. Maybe Vince should take some of his huge revenues and use a pressure washer on that outdoor eating area from time to time.

Service: It's okay, I guess. Maybe I'd give it a 2.5 stars if I could. But seriously, Vince, would it kill you to smile from time to time?

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Go Fish1504 West 1st Ave., Vancouver
Best fish 'n' chips in town
Submitted Monday, February 22, 2010 - 1:00pm [Dine in]

Food: Fish is perfect with light batter, freshly made, delicious. Love the homemade tartar sauce. Great coleslaw. Another highlight are the tacones (i.e. fish tacos). Easily worth the wait to get all of this food fresh. If you want pre-made food, go to McDonalds. Four stars.

Service: Well, it is what it is. Meaning, they are doing their job to the best of their ability given the constant flow of costumers. I've always found them to be efficient and professional, never rude. Be forewarned, you could wait for half an hour or longer: sit down, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors. Three stars.

Value: Again, this is Vancouver folks and you chose to live here. Stop complaining about high prices. Three stars.

Ambiance: It's the great outdoors. The ocean, the mountains, the marina, the fresh air. Anyone who gives ambiance a low rating perhaps doesn't understand what the word "ambiance" means. Five stars.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Burgoo3096 Main Street, Vancouver
Submitted Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 2:00pm [Dine in]

Introduction: I'm the kind of guy that needs a lot of flavour in my food. My fridge is full of condiments. I own about eight different kinds of hot sauce. Suffice it to say that I have no tolerance for bland food whatsoever.

Food: Two of my buddies and I went here for lunch on a weekday. We had draft beer, french onion soup, and toasted sandwiches. The french onion soup was flavourful with a rich broth and lots of gooey gruyere on croutons on top. Very tasty, not something I would remotely consider as being bland. The sandwiches included fresh toasty bread; all very flavourful and well-prepared. Can't comment on the stews at this location since none of us had a stew.

Service: Friendly and smiling waiters. Did what they were supposed to do. Four stars.

Value: Pretty good value. Maybe I would give this 3.5 stars if I could.

Ambiance: Rustic, comfortable, lots of exposed wood beams. Works for me.

I will definitely be back.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance