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HarryburnabySince March 5, 20092 Reviews
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Horizons100 Centennial Way, Burnaby
Nice View, Not so nice Value
Submitted Saturday, June 13, 2009 - 1:24pm [Dine in]

Decided to give Horizons a try on a nice Spring evening because I had heard so much about the spectacular view. I started with the Crab Cakes which were pretty unremarkable to say the least. It wasn't that they were terrible, but they weren't good as well. Just felt that they lacked flavour and the texture was kind of different. You could tell that they weren't using all crab and if they were it wasn't Dungeness. For main course I decided to go with the Rack of Lamb. I don't usaully order Rack of Lamb because for the price at most restaurants it isn't worth the price. It was cooked Medium Well which wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact I ordered it Medium Rare. I flagged down the server and let her know about it and she basically told me that I was out of luck with getting a new one done the way I asked for it. How is that? Didn't make much sense at all to me but didn't want to push it further and it become a bigger deal. Found the overall preperation of the dish to be lacking any sort of imagination at all. Ended up skipping dessert because up to this point I just wasn't pleased overall with the quality of the food. In closing it is quite clear that this restaurant is resting on its view and its almost like the food and service are an after thought. The menu could use a major overhaul as well. It just seems very, very dated. This restaurant I'm sure appeals to the older crowd but I don't think I would recommend it to the 30 and under crowd.

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Hart House6664 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby
Valentine Day= Amateur Night Here
Submitted Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - 5:43pm [Dine in]

What happened to this place? I have eaten here a few times over the last couple of years, both in the restaurant and during events and it was always great. I took my wife here for Valentine's Day because I thought the restaurant would make for a romantic evening. I couldn't have been more wrong. We showed up for our reservation on time only to find that they were running behind in seating tables for our time slot. With no apology from either the lady or the man that were working at the front desk that night. Once we were finally seated we found our server to be gracious and knowledgeable, but seemed to be quite hurried throughout the evening. We were showed the menu for the evening and on paper it looked quite appetizing and thought out. Were we given the same menu as the kitchen? The way the menu was written compared to the way the food was presented was at best wrong. I ordered the Game Bird Terrine and the USDA Striploin followed by some sort of Chocolate Mousse. My Wife ordered the Trio Oyster's and the Lobster followed by what I would like to say was a forgettable Coconut Cream Tart. I only say that because it was so bad I wish I could forget it. The Terrine was not much of a Terrine more a very poor attempt at a Pate. It didn't have much of a distinct flavor of any Game. Tasted like spam that had been left out to dry. The USDA was said to have come with Potato Dauphine. It came with a tasteless Pave instead . My sub par Pave did accompany my under seasoned over cooked Steak to a T though. My dessert seemed to be just lazy. It was basically the same dessert I have had in the restaurant minus the Peanut Butter. My wife's Oyster's were presented nicely, but that was about where the good ended and the bad started with that dish. I wonder if the person running the kitchen had even tasted the accompaniment's that came with the oyster's? Each oyster was so overpowered by the taste of the ingredients that it was impossible to taste anything but the Japanese ingredients. Plus for some reason they were dry? Pre shucked perhaps? On to the main course for my Wife. Once again , did we get the wrong menu? Where was the Gratin in the dish? Was that light brown smear of some sort of puree the Cauliflower? If they assumed everyone liked Asparagus in their food, why not list it on the menu. For a supplement charge I would have expected way more then what she got for a poor executed Lobster dish. Her dessert was by far the worst part of the menu. Coconut Cream tart? The tart was the size of the size of a small cake. Which would have been a good thing if the tart itself wasn't so bad. Does anyone there taste the food at anytime? Just too terrible to put into words. I think my server was keen to our dis pleasure, cause she did mention that the Chef had left a few weeks prior. It is just crazy that the restaurant has come to this after such an outstanding meal back in the middle of January. What ever has happened I hope they fix it as soon as possible, or we won't be back or be recommending it to our friends and family till they do.

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