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GrinderSurrey , BCSince March 26, 20122 Reviews
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Slainte By the Pier15057 Marine Drive, Unit 100, White Rock
Just not good
Submitted Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 6:53pm [Dine in]

I dont know how this place is still open.

5 reviews.

Three users have only 1 review.

One user has 2 reviews

And one user has 4 reviews.

Hmmmm..... I call BS. Blatant Blatant BS.

The food is terrible, the waitresses just stand around. and it takes forever, three courses took me and my girlfriend close to two hours and we were not eating slowly or anything - the place was empty and the staff seemed to be just standing around the bar. The terribleness of the restaurant became the only source of amusement for the two hour meal. So it was mildly entertaining however for all the wrong reasons.

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New management
Slainte By The Pier15057 Marine Drive, Unit 100, White Rock
Terrible, Terrible, Terrible.
Submitted Monday, March 26, 2012 - 12:56am [Dine in]

My experience at this restaurant was so horrible that it prompted me to open an account on Dine Here and vent. I am a first time reviewer, the same as many of those who have also apparently dined at this restaurant and have given stellar reviews which I find very very suspicious. Looks like someone might be trying to bump the average rating of this restaurant north a bit... well here we go.

Terrible, we had the sockeye salmon bites and the potato brie boxty(?). The best thing about the salmon bites was the tartar sauce, cuz I'm a sucker for tartar sauce, but otherwise they were dry and overcooked. The potato brie boxty looked like a chocolate chip cookie with two small strips of onion baked on it and I could not identify a familiar flavor in the appetizer. Weird.

For the entree I had a one piece sockeye and my girlfriend had the harbor salad. The fries that came with the Sockeye were soft and moist. The sockeye itself was not battered but covered in a breading that I have only ever before seen on fish sticks as a 5 year old and frozen chicken schnitzel. It didn't stick to the fish and fell right off the rigid fillet as soon as it was touched. The harbor salad was topped with a boiled and crumbling piece of cod and was completely undressed although the menu advertised it as a vinaigrette. It did however have chunks of hot dog relish on top of and throughout the salad. Why would you put relish in any salad? much less a salad with seafood. Keep it at the carnival. Oh and the brown lettuce. There was brown lettuce, we told the server and she didn't seem to care. She said she would let the kitchen know and when she returned she simply said the salad was all fresh. I gave her the brown limp leaves on a plate to show her kitchen, she didn't really come back much after that. The food was overcooked, limp and generally terrible.

we were still hungry because the majority of our entrees had been sent back and we figured they couldn't mess up dessert so we flipped to the back of the menu and got cheesecake and apple crumble. The cheesecake had the consistency of Jell-O pudding like it had been sitting out all day and the apple crumble was clearly not fresh with rubbery apples. Most of the dessert went unfinished as well.

Terrible. Our waitress was generally inattentive and claimed to have recognized me but couldn't remember from where in an attempt to build some kind of rapport when she could see the meal wasn't going well. When we arrived there were 4 other tables with people in them in the whole restaurant including the patio and we were asked if we had a reservation, we said that we didn't and were told that we should consider having one for next time. When any concern was voiced it was immediately dismissed and made to be the owners fault and explained as that is the way he does business. During the beginning of our meal one of the waitresses went around and put reserved signs on a few of the tables up front of house and then they were removed about an hour or so later. Clearly an attempt to make the place look like it has bookings when it truly doesn't. She also had the nerve to suggest how much to tip after the meal but this wasnt a shocker considering everything else.

for the terrible food this place is serving anything is overpriced. if it was actually decent food then it wouldn't be so bad.

The interior of this place actually isn't bad considering they're going for that Irish-pub feel. the place has the look of nice wood and the bar looked like it was a comfy place to sit at considering how many employees I saw standing and ordering drinks from the bar. oh and our server was also the bartender and kept hopping back and forth to mix drinks or pour beer. Also noticed the tacky pictures with price tags on the walls. looks like they're not selling enough food to make a profit they have to sell overpriced art as well. The tv with "Irish" pictures flashing was kind of lame and the music was too loud and not what I would call Irish. 2.

The meal was so bad all we could do after was get gelato, because we were still hungry, and laugh about it on the pier. Save yourself the time and headache, ANY other restaurant on the pier would give better quality, value and service.

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