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Grandma PegasusNanaimo-LadysmithSince March 30, 20121 Review
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Gryphon's Lair13230 Trans Canada Hwy, Ladysmith
Wow...second chances do exist
Submitted Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 8:08pm [Dine in]

Please don't judge until to read the whole story...as it gets better...I assure you! Whenever I visit a restaurant, I like to meet the chef cooking my meals, and never hesitate to ask the server if the chef is available for a quick discussion! Several months ago, my friend and I had stopped for dinner on one of our outings, and had a real mediocre experience with a supposed chef Neal, who assured me during our conversation that I'd be blown away by his creations! I even let him select a chefs choice, roast beef dinner, and trusted his taste as he was very convincing....but my taste buds had to dis-agree. I was not impressed at all, and believe that dishwashing was probably the best position for the supposed chef Neal. The service was also lacking, as our server began a lengthy discussion about how many hours she works, and how her poor child is stuck at home as she dedicates so many hours to working...child services anyone? Anyways, another friend of mine, mentioned how they had been to the Gryphon's Lair just weeks ago, and couldn't believe how amazing her meal was. I was shocked and filled her in on my experience. She convinced me to give it another try, as she had heard that the dishwasher chef Neal had finally been replaced....SOOOO...glad I did! The new chef Scott Bland...hope I spelled that right, was extremely personable, and promised much of the same that dishwasher Neal had, but Chef Scott blew us out of the water! I tried to stay safe by ordering the Halibut & chips platter, (WOW...to DIE for!!), while my friend ordered a roast beef dinner like I had on my previous visit. I was dumb-founded by the freshness of the halibut, and home cut fries, the best I've ever had by far, not to mention the roast beef simply fell apart, was loaded with flavour, and the vegetables were not over cooked and mushy! Our waitress, who's name I will probably also mess up ( Bronsan?), was outstanding, fast and friendly! I was blown away, simply put! I'm sure I feel the same way, and know for sure that the negative reviews won't be posted while chef Scott is working his magic! Ask for Chef Scott...you will be blown away!

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